priestess path self-dedication

Priestess Path Self-dedication

priestess path self-dedication

After realising that you have a Priestess calling and taking the first seven steps on the Priestess Path, you may wish to go ahead with a Priestess Path Self-dedication Ritual.

The main reason for self-dedication is that it allows you to commit to your path, practice and service as a Priestess. A Priestess Path self-dedication provides focus, motivation, and a sense of purpose. But most importantly, it is the start of a committed daily walk with the Goddess.

Why Self-dedicate Instead of Being Initiated?

There are three main reasons why you might prefer to self-dedicate rather than allow someone else to initiate you:

  1. There is no unbroken physical lineage that dates back to the mystery schools that honoured the Goddess. In other words, nobody is better equipped to act as a High Priestess than anybody else at this stage of human evolution.
  2. There is a spiritual lineage. The reason you are drawn to the Priestess Path of divine service is that you are already part of that lineage. You have the power to remember everything you need for self-dedication. Following these 7 Steps will help you remember and download the light/rose codes you need.
  3. You won’t get ripped off. Seriously. I have seen people charge nearly £10,000 to initiate others as Priestesses. These women are probably not even more knowledgeable than you. They are just more confident. Overcome your own lack of confidence by working on Step 3 (Gold Rose/Solar Plexus Chakra). The self-styled High Priestesses most likely had someone help them create a slick website and funnel too. But trust me, a funnel doth not a priestess make! You have probably spent your whole life preparing to take this final step to dedicate yourself to the Priestess Path, so take it and spread your wings! Please understand that I’m not saying that everyone who teaches others on a Priestess Path is seeking to rip you off but use your discernment.

7 Steps to Guide You Through the Self-dedication Process

the priestess path self-dedication process

1. Reflection on Your Priestess Path Self-dedication

Take time to reflect on your aspirations, values, and the path you want to embark on. Consider why you want to dedicate yourself to serving the Goddess and what you hope to achieve. Reflect on your relationship with the Goddess and ask her for a sign that now is the time to self-dedicate.

2. Clarify Your Intentions

Clearly define your intentions and set specific goals. Write your goals down, making sure they are realistic, meaningful, and aligned with your values as well as with how you wish to be of service.

Will you serve in the community or just do rituals in your home? What spiritual gifts are you bringing to the table? How exactly will you use them? Are you stepping into your Priestess power as part of your business or are you doing it as a personal path of growth and service?

3. Create a Ritual or Ceremony

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Design your Priestess dedication ritual or ceremony to mark your self-dedication. This can involve lighting candles, meditating, chanting, dancing, reciting affirmations, or any other meaningful practice that resonates with you.

Rituals and ceremonies are both important cultural and social practices, but they have distinct characteristics. Here is a brief explanation of the difference between the two:


Rituals are symbolic actions or sequences of actions that are performed in a particular order. They often have a deeper meaning and are usually performed for religious, spiritual, or traditional purposes. Rituals can be personal or communal, and they often involve repetitive gestures, chants, prayers, or symbolic objects. They are designed to bring about a desired outcome or transformation, and they often create a sense of connection and belonging among participants.


Ceremonies are formal events or gatherings that mark a significant occasion or milestone. They often involve planned activities, speeches, rituals, or performances. Ceremonies can be religious, cultural, or social, and they serve to commemorate or celebrate important events such as weddings, graduations, religious rites, or official inaugurations. Ceremonies provide a structured and organised framework for bringing people together and creating a sense of unity and purpose.

A ritual is more focused on symbolic actions and their deeper meanings. A ritual is what you would create if it is just you and Spirit present. However, there is nothing to say you can’t invite others to take part in a ceremony to mark the occasion.

If you are outgoing, already in a circle of friends with other Goddess devotees and wish to feel supported by your friends, a ceremony might be ideal. It may also encourage others to step into their Priestess power. Additionally, you can mark the occasion with a big party and what’s not to love about that?!

4. Craft Your Priestess Path Self-dedication

Write a personal dedication statement, expressing your commitment to your chosen path of service and the Goddess. Use this opportunity to articulate your purpose, express gratitude, and confirm your dedication to psychospiritual development as well as to being of service.

5. Execute Your Ritual or Ceremony

Perform your self-dedication ritual in a quiet and sacred space. Take the time to fully immerse yourself in the experience and embrace the significance of this commitment. Journal the experience.

If celebrating with others, you may wish to ask for their blessing. Yes, you are still self-dedicating. This is just a way for you to invite support on your Priestess Path.

6. Embrace Discipline

Self-dedication requires discipline and consistent effort. Establish a daily devotional practice that supports your dedication and helps you stay focused on your goals.

The Goddess is big on self-care throughout your dedicated Priestess journey. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being will enable you to continue enjoying being of service.

Seeking support and guidance are forms of self-care. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals or seek guidance from mentors, teachers, or communities who can offer encouragement, wisdom, and support along your path. Self-dedication is not about isolation. It is about taking the hand of the Goddess and facing forward, out into the world.

Remember that self-dedication on the Priestess Path is a spiritual journey that evolves. Embrace the challenges and setbacks that may arise, as they provide valuable opportunities for growth and learning. Stay committed, stay focused, and embrace the transformative power of self-dedication on your Priestess Path.

You already are a Priestess, you just forgot!


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