Raising energy for magic spellcasting when feeling drained

Spellcasting and Raising Energy When Feeling Drained

Raising energy for magic spellcasting when feeling drained

Today’s Magick Monday post is about spellcasting in general and raising energy in particular. It feels right and proper to discuss this on today’s Full Moon in Gemini. If you are anything like me, raising energy is often where a spell falls down.

There are several reasons for this. Some of us have more low-energy moments and are easily drained. If you are a fellow CPTSD survivor, you know what I mean. Being constantly vigilant because that is how you’re traumatised brain is wired, is a huge drain.

But even if you are neurotypical and relatively untraumatised by life, you can struggle with finding the right and organic way to raise energy. And by organic, I mean the type of energy-raising that is the best fit for you and your unique brand of magic. Because, remember, you are the magic. The ingredients, tools and rituals are just extras.

Hence it follows that any form of raising energy during spellcasting flows from you and then back to you from the universe. If you are raising and releasing energy in a way that is dissonant with your own just because some other witch said that is how you do it, the results are going to be mediocre at best.

Basic Steps in Spellcasting

  1. Set your intention: Clearly define the purpose and goal of your spell. What do you want to achieve?
  2. Choose the appropriate spell: Select a spell that resonates with your intention. You can find spells in books, and websites, or create your own. I’m especially fond of creating my own as I find this more powerful.
  3. Collect the materials: Gather the necessary ingredients and tools for your spell. Cleanse and consecrate them if desired.
  4. Prepare your sacred space: Create a peaceful and sacred environment for your spell. Clean and energetically cleanse the area. You can also cast a protective circle for added energy and focus.
  5. Ground and centre yourself: Take a few moments to quiet your mind, relax, and let go of any distractions. Ground yourself by visualising your connection to the earth, and centre by pulling your energy back to your core.
  6. Raise energy: There are various ways to raise energy. Below, I’m discussing some ways of doing this for when you feel drained and not up for dancing, drumming and chanting.
  7. Cast the spell: With your intention clear and your energy raised, cast your spell. This is where you focus your energy and intent towards your desired outcome.
  8. Release the energy: Once the spell has been cast, release the energy into the universe. Express gratitude for the assistance of any deities, spirits, or elements you may have called upon.
  9. Ground and close the ritual: After the spell is complete, take time to ground your energy once again. Visualise any excess energy returning to the earth. Close your sacred space, extinguish candles, and thank any spiritual beings you invoked during the spell.

Low-Energy Ways of Raising Energy

So what do you do if your energy levels are low and you still need to cast a spell? First of all, you keep your spellcasting as minimalist as possible, bearing in mind that lots of ingredients, tools and words are not what make the spell effective.

Secondly, choose the best method of raising energy for you. I suggest curating three different methods that you can use when your energy levels are super low. These would be the methods that feel the most organic to you and naturally make you feel more energised.

Only Fire Raises Energy

What ‘low energy’ means in terms of the Elements is that you are low on Fire specifically. Fire is light and warmth. Without Fire, the other Elements lack colour, speed, direction and movement.

5 Tips for Raising Energy When You Are Feeling Drained

  1. Pull up energy from the earth’s core
  2. Use the breath of fire
  3. ‘Eat’ fire with your eyes
  4. Rub your hands together
  5. Speak light language

1. Pull Up Energy from the Earth’s Core

I have heard witches talk about drawing on the Element of Earth to raise energy. Technically, that is not what you are doing. What you are doing is putting roots down to ground negative and scattered/excess energy. Allow those roots to go all the way down to Earth’s fiery core and then pull up Mama’s Fire through those roots. Grounding is not the same as pulling up energy, though you do get a two-fer this way.

You know you have enough energy to direct toward your spell when you visualise your whole energy field glowing with the golden light of the Earth’s core.

2. Raising Energy Using the Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire (<– video) is a powerful breathing technique that can help raise your energy levels and generate heat (energy) within your body. Here’s how to do it (avoid if pregnant or menstruating):

  1. Find a comfortable seated position, with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.
  2. Take a deep breath through your nose, expanding your belly.
  3. Exhale forcefully and quickly through your nose, simultaneously contracting your abdominal muscles. It should feel like a short, sharp exhale.
  4. The inhalation that follows should happen naturally and passively. You don’t need to actively inhale.
  5. Continue this rapid, rhythmic breathing pattern, with an emphasis on the forceful exhale. It should feel like a continuous pumping motion.

The Breath of Fire generates heat in your body due to its rapid and repetitive nature. The forceful exhales create a strong and controlled release of breath, which stimulates your respiratory system, increases oxygen flow, and activates your metabolism. This increased oxygenation and circulation within your body result in a rise in body temperature and a sense of increased energy.

Remember to practice the Breath of Fire with caution and listen to your body. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, take a break and return to normal breathing. It’s important to be mindful of your limitations and not push yourself too hard. It only takes about a minute to generate enough energy to direct toward your spell but if you find this practice energising, I highly recommend it regularly, even outside spellcasting. With more practice, you can raise a lot of energy this way! The best thing is that even if you are drained when you begin, you will almost instantly start to feel energised.

3. ‘Eat’ Fire Through Your Eyes

Okay, so technically, you will obviously not be eating the fire but you are pulling the energy of the candle flame in through your eyes. At the same time, you visualise your energy field and aura filling with light and warmth. When you are brimming with this energy, you are ready to direct the energy to your spell.

All you have to do is visualise the light flowing through your eyes on the inhale and into your body/aura on the exhale. Breathing deeply will strengthen the effect. It is perfect for candle magic spells.

4. Rub Your Hands Together

This is wonderful for any type of spellcasting because you generate a tingly feeling of heat in the palms of your hands. This means you can literally feel the energy going out of your palm chakras when directing your energy during spell-casting.

All you have to do is vigorously rub the palms of your hands together. Start softly if your energy is very low when you begin. Trust yourself to know when the energy is ready to direct toward your spell.

5. Raising Energy Using Light Language

This is a method I stumbled on by accident. I was outside one beautiful spring day when my hay fever decided to go haywire. Having been hospitalised with anaphylactic shock before, I realised that I needed a miracle since my face had started swelling (never a good sign!).

I sat down in the grass and started softly muttering light language while allowing my hands to express light language too. My hands pulled all the energy into my core and all of a sudden I became still. I reached zero-point alignment and simply commanded the allergy to go. It did. I returned to normal breathing and the swelling/itching instantly disappeared.

Zero-point alignment means you tap into the infinite possibilities of Source. It is not something we automatically achieve when using light language but I have noticed that it always helps with raising energy. Light language is my favourite way of using energy because it aligns me with Higher Will (Will=Fire) and gives me peace about whatever I seek to manifest. With light language, I never doubt that this or something way better will manifest.

Bonus Tip

When it comes to low-energy magic, there is nothing better than Psalm Magic. I’ve been working it daily for just over two weeks and it is already life-changing in terms of the peace and clarity I have gained. This is a way of doing magic that automatically aligns you with Higher Will. It’s 100% foolproof, no matter what your energy levels are.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the methods above to see which works best for you!


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