Unleashing Enchantment: Five Paths to Infuse Magic into Your Life


Do you wish for a more enchanted and magical existence? I think we all do if we are honest with ourselves. Yet magic and enchantment are often the first things to fall by the wayside when family obligations and work responsibilities dominate our reality.

So how can we bring the sense of enchantment back? Because I sincerely believe that we all experienced massive amounts of it in our childhood. And our divine inner child remains forever connected to that magic. In today’s post, we are going to explore five paths to infuse magic into our existence. We will look into bringing enchantment back into our lives without having to wear any labels or witches’ hats (unless you want to, of course).

1. Rewild Yourself

Rewilding ourselves is about seeing nature through the eyes of a child once more. When a child plays outdoors, they inevitably meet up with fairies and other elementals. That is because they do not look at nature as something to use but as something magical and mystical to have an encounter with.

So spend some time outdoors every single day. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and appreciate its wonders. Take a leisurely walk in the woods, watch a sunset, or listen to the sounds of a flowing river. Nature has a way of instantly enchanting us and reconnecting us with the magic of the world as soon as we open up to her essence.

2. Explore a Spiritual Practice

Explore a practice such as meditation, yoga, or visualisation to cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self and the cosmos. Pick the practice you feel most drawn to. Let it be one that can help you tap into the spiritual energies that surround you. Is there a spiritual practice you feel would awaken your senses to the interconnectedness of all things? Pick that one.

Then stick with that practice for at least one month. Start by making a journal entry on your thoughts about that practice and what you hope to gain from it. After one month, make another entry and describe what you have learned from it so far. Then you can decide whether to stick with it or to choose a new practice.

3. Embrace the Enchantment of The Fool

Whatever other spiritual practice you choose, magic depends on your ability to be fully present. Magic happens in the eternal now. Our ordinary everyday setting is to think about things that happened in the past or to worry about upcoming events. And this is actually the real reason why adults lose their sense of enchantment. Children’s brains are in the theta and alpha states much more often.

In the Tarot deck, the childlike Fool represents our soul. Our soul desires deeply to always be in the eternal now moment, free to explore and follow its curiosity wherever it takes. So embracing the archetype of The Fool can be helpful. Our souls are always singing and dancing so when you lose touch with that lyrical quality, you know you are taking life way too seriously. It’s time to take a break, put on some music and shake off the insanity of believing that things only work when we are deadly serious, tense and worried.

4. Create Your Own Morning Ritual

Creating a morning ritual that serves to remind you of the magic that you are is probably the most powerful pathway to enchantment. Because how we start our day is usually how the day turns out. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate and you don’t have to spend more than five minutes on it but it has to feel fun and exciting.

You can, of course, use the spiritual practice you are currently exploring as part of your morning ritual. However, I suggest that you come up with a magical morning ritual of your own. Allow inspiration to flow from the inner sanctum of your heart for this. What kind of spiritual alignment does your soul wish to create? What beings or spirit entities do you wish to feel connected with throughout the day?

Do you adore incense or certain essential oils? Does the simple act of lighting a candle light you up inside? Is having an altar helpful in terms of helping you feel connected? How about music and movement? Having a morning ritual that engages all your senses is usually more powerful than just centring your mind on a certain quality.

5. Create Your Wheel of the Year

Many of us no longer feel a connection with the commercialised holidays that are foisted on us every year. We long for a deep connection to the rhythm and cycles of nature instead. I believe this is one of the reasons paganism and witchcraft are becoming so popular. However, the attempts to recreate a pagan Wheel of the Year may not resonate either.

There can be many reasons for this, such as cultural incompatibilities and/or living at different latitudes where nature refuses to behave according to the script. So feel free to adapt your annual celebrations to suit. You get to decide which ones are important. You may not wish to celebrate the cross-quarter holidays and instead focus on the solstices/equinoxes, for instance, or vice versa. Perhaps you still wish to celebrate Christmas because it is a holiday you associate with enchantment. Or maybe lunar magic is your jam and just observing the Moon’s cycles and phases brings you all the magic you need. Then go for it!

Remember, you don’t need to justify your choices to anybody. Infusing magic and enchantment into your life is a personal journey. Embrace what resonates with you and allow your inner Fool/divine child to guide you towards a more enchanted existence.

Discover 5 paths to infuse magic into your existence and bring enchantment back to your life. Experience the joy of a more enchanted and magical existence.

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