pick a daisy tarot reading

Pick a Daisy for What You Are Giving Birth to Next

pick a daisy tarot reading

Happy Friday and Happy International Women’s Day, curious hearts and mystical souls! For this week’s pick-a-pile readings, we are looking at a theme around your next creative venture and what we are preparing to give birth to. So go ahead and pick a Daisy for what Spirit wants you to know about this today (or whenever you come across this perennial reading). We are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot for these readings.

As always with general readings, only take that which resonates.

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Daisies in Myth and Lore

The daisy, with its simple yet striking form, has been woven into the tapestry of myth and lore for centuries, symbolising innocence and purity. In Roman mythology, the daisy is associated with Belides. She was a nymph who transformed herself into a daisy to escape the unwelcome advances of the god Vertumnus. Her transition into a daisy symbolises a spirit untouched and the preservation of her purity. This myth perhaps explains why daisies are so often linked to children and innocence in Western cultures.

Moreover, Norse mythology holds the daisy in high regard, seeing it as a sacred flower to Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Given such divine connections, the daisy became a symbol of childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. In Scandinavia, it was not uncommon for new mothers to receive daisies. The flowers blessed the household with peace and happiness.

The daisy, also known as ‘bruisewort,’ has a reputation for its healing properties. In medieval times, daisies were often used in salves and ointments to heal wounds. Beyond their medicinal use, the practice of plucking a daisy’s petals to divine one’s romantic fate in the game “He loves me; he loves me not” is a testament to the flower’s enduring role in matters of love and affection.

A. Half-closed Daisy

pick a daisy

1) What is Waiting to be Born: 4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands heralds a time of joyous celebration and a hint of a milestone being reached in your creative journey. This card is a symbol of community and stability. It suggests that what is waiting to be born within you is a project or endeavour that will bring people together, inspire a sense of belonging, and possibly mark a significant personal achievement.

This could be the inception of a special event, a collaborative project, or a creation that garners public recognition. The presence of the 4 of Wands invites you to seek balance in your art, ensuring your work resonates well with others and fosters a sense of harmony.

2) What Action to Take: The Lovers

The Lovers card signifies the need for harmony and alignment of values in your actions. Make decisions that reflect your true self and the deep connections you wish to build through your creations. This is a time for making choices with your heart, embracing passion, and committing to your creative vision with the integrity of The Lovers.

Embrace collaboration and engage with others who share your aspirations. This alignment of energies will help empower your creative process. As you act, remember that the choices you make now will set the tone not only for this endeavour but also for future creative pursuits.

3) What Development to Expect in the Week Ahead: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that change is the only constant. In the week ahead, expect developments that may feel serendipitous or karmically destined. These changes could pivot your creative work into new, possibly unforeseen directions.

Be prepared to adapt and be flexible as the wheel turns. This period might bring opportunities that come from the ripple effects of earlier decisions or from the collective energies of those around you. The Wheel of Fortune encourages you to stay optimistic and to trust in the cyclic nature of success and creativity. Your contributions could link with the grander scheme of your creative destiny.

B. Cluster of Daisies

1) What is Waiting to be Born: The Emperor

The Emperor embodies structure, authority, and discipline. As it appears in the ‘What is Waiting to be Born’ position, it suggests you are on the cusp of creating something with a strong foundation. This could potentially be a project or idea that demands your leadership and organisational skills. You might be looking to establish a new venture that requires you to lay down the frameworks to ensure success. Think about areas in your life where you can apply your authority and expertise to cultivate growth and stability.

2) What Action to Take: The Moon

The Moon represents the subconscious, intuition, and the sometimes disorienting effect of facing our fears and uncertainties. This card tells you to trust your instincts and navigate through any confusion with the guidance of your inner voice. It’s possible that the path you must take isn’t fully clear. It may take a while to decipher exactly what you must do next. Face any fears related to this venture head-on. Slow down and let your intuition direct your actions, especially when dealing with situations that are not what they seem on the surface.

3) What Development to Expect in the Week Ahead: 10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands signifies a burden, responsibility, and the final push towards completing a challenging task. As a development to expect in the coming week, it implies that you may feel the weight of all you are carrying in pursuit of your endeavours. Although the load is heavy, you are nearing the end of a challenging period. Be aware of taking on too much, however, and look for ways to delegate or release some of that burden so it doesn’t overwhelm you and halt your progress.

C. Daisy Mother and Child

1) What is Waiting to be Born: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a messenger of inspiration. This card signifies the birth of a creative idea or a project that resonates with your intuition and emotions. Something is gestating within you that’s connected to the realm of feelings, art, psychic development or relationships. It may be a time for you to tap into your imaginative and artistic side. Allow yourself to explore new creative expressions. The Page of Cups encourages you to embrace your inner child. Now is the time to be open to emotional experiences, and allow your heart to playfully guide your creative birth.

2) What Action to Take: The Chariot

The Chariot signifies determination, control, and the drive needed to steer your creative project in the direction of your choice. Taking action now requires willpower and confidence. Stay focused on your goals and be disciplined. Maintain a clear vision of where you want to go with your creative endeavours. The Chariot urges you to harness all your energy and direct it with purpose. However, it also urges you to find the balance between your ambitious drive and the more playful approach reflected by the Page of Cups.

3) What Development to Expect in the Week Ahead: Queen of Cups

With the Queen of Cups as the development to expect, you will likely grow into a role where emotional intelligence and empathy become your strength. The Queen of Cups represents a nurturing energy and the ability to connect deeply with others. In the week ahead, you may encounter situations that call for you to be compassionate and supportive, perhaps in the context of your creative journey. Trust in your emotional insights and use your mature intuition to guide your responses. This card suggests an environment where your creativity can flourish.

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