pick an egg for what is being resurrected in your life

Pick an Egg for What Is Being Resurrected in Your Life

pick an egg for what is being resurrected in your life

Happy Friday, Angelorum fam! We are taking a peek at what is being resurrected in our lives for today’s perennial ‘pick an egg’ readings. Besides the obvious Easter theme of resurrection, we are also in Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow phase. In 2024, we will spend much of the spring under the influence of Mercury Rx and the eclipses. Mercury retrograde tends to put more of an emphasis on themes beginning with the ‘re-‘ prefix. We get to go back over something from a new angle.

We are working with the Gilded Tarot for these readings.

Despite the Easter theme, these pick-a-pile Tarot readings are for whenever you happen upon them and will bring you the message you need. However, as always with general readings, only take that which resonates.

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Myth and Lore Surrounding Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth, with roots stretching deep into history and springtime rituals. Historically, the use of eggs in celebration can be traced back to pagan times when the egg represented the rebirth of the earth in springtime. Hens started laying eggs again as the light returned. The egg became a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, representing the tomb from which he arose, with the chick breaking out of the shell symbolising his emergence from the grave and defeat of death.

We also find the Christian Easter egg tradition in the story of Mary Magdalene, the wife of Yeshua. According to legend, Mary Magdalene went to the court of Emperor Tiberius to announce Christ’s resurrection. At this time the authorities did not recognise Christianity as a religion. To illustrate the concept of resurrection, she presented a white egg to the Emperor. Tiberius then stated that resurrection was as likely as the egg turning red. Miraculously, the egg turned a vivid red in the hand of Mary Magdalene. This became the origin of dyeing Easter eggs, a tradition that spans continents and cultures.

Over the centuries, the decoration of eggs has evolved, bearing intricate designs and diverse practices in different Christian denominations. From the intricate Pysanka eggs in Ukraine, which have complex patterns and symbolism, to the simpler tradition of colouring eggs in a single colour, the practice forms a core part of many countries’ Easter festivities. These practices create a tangible connection to the spiritual rebirth and hope that Easter represents.

A. Periwinkle Egg with Daisies

pick an egg tarot reading pile 1

1. What Is Being Resurrected – 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles in this position symbolises the resurrection of balance in giving and receiving. It is a reminder that generosity and fairness are making a return in your life. This card can represent a time when you may be on the receiving end of help or perhaps you are in a position to offer assistance to others. It’s about the flow of resources, be they time, money, or knowledge, and ensuring that what you give is in a spirit of kindness.

2. Revitalising Energy – 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands speaks of a revitalising surge of determination and courage. It signifies standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in, despite opposition or competition. It’s about assertiveness and not compromising your values, which injects new energy into your pursuits. This card suggests that by maintaining your stance and demonstrating resilience, you will revitalise your projects or personal endeavours.

3. Opportunities Emerging – Justice

The appearance of the Justice card in the context of opportunities emerging indicates reaching an equilibrium that will bring about significant opportunities. This card suggests that fairness and balance are being restored in a way that will favour you, as long as you have been fair and honest in your dealings. It could imply legal matters resolving in your favor, or a karmic reward for past good deeds. The Justice card encourages you to remain ethical and just, as these virtues will attract more favourable opportunities to you.

B. Green Egg with White Dots

pick an egg pile 2

1. What Is Being Resurrected – Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles riding into your life signifies the resurrection of steadfastness and meticulous progress in your endeavours. This knight’s energy is all about dedication, routine, and a willingness to stick with a task until its completion. This period may see you becoming more patient and reliable, with a focus on long-term success. Whether this is a nascent business plan or a steady approach to personal goals, the resurrected qualities of the Knight of Pentacles ensure you are grounded and moving forward with purpose.

2. Revitalising Energy – Page of Swords

With the Page of Swords, expect an injection of intellectual energy, a renewed curiosity, and an eagerness to learn. This card brings a breath of fresh air to your thinking and communication. Coming through with the Page’s youthful vigour, you may find yourself ready to tackle issues with a fresh perspective and a sharper mind, eager to debate, question, and think critically. It’s an excellent time for research and for expressing yourself with clarity and enthusiasm.

3. Opportunities Emerging – 2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles heralds a time when you will find opportunities in balancing act scenarios. It speaks to the emergence of situations where multitasking and adaptability will be key to seizing potential growth. You may be juggling financial decisions, work responsibilities, or even striking a work-life balance, but this card ensures that you can stay buoyant and agile. Opportunities may come from your ability to adapt to change and manage your resources cleverly. Finances could improve through wise investments or a side hustle might begin to show promise – the 2 of Pentacles encourages you to embrace this dynamic dance.

C. Pink Egg with Love Hearts

pick an egg tarot reading with the gilded tarot pile 3

1. What Is Being Resurrected – 10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups graces you with the resurrection of emotional fulfilment and family bliss. This card represents harmony and happiness in relationships and home life. If these aspects have been challenging for you, expect them to renew like spring’s bloom, offering you a sense of peace and completion. The 10 of Cups indicates that love, joy, and a sense of community are returning to the forefront of your life, embodying the true spirit of contentment.

2. Revitalising Energy – 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords reveals that the energy being revitalised in your life is one of liberation from self-imposed limitations. It’s a call to break free from the mental traps and victim mentality that may have held you captive. As daunting as it may seem, this card suggests an awakening, a newfound ability to remove the blindfold and navigate out of the maze of doubt. An invigorating energy is present, motivating you to release the binds and beliefs that are no longer serving you, bringing clarity and empowerment.

3. Opportunities Emerging – 7 of Swords

The 7 of Swords indicates that opportunities may emerge in unexpected, perhaps clandestine ways. It cautions you to be wary of deceit, either from others or self-deception, but also suggests that strategic thinking and resourceful tactics will open new paths. Perhaps there is a need to approach a situation with a more nuanced strategy or to protect your ideas and resources from those who may not have your best interests at heart. This card can also signal the chance to rethink your strategies and adopt a more versatile approach to the challenges ahead.

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    Choosing #3 is a good choice as well. Very revealing. There is so much going on around me currently it’s a bit overwhelming.

    Thank you and Happy Easter!

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