how to stay calm and grounded as a tarot reader in this difficult time

Staying Calm and Grounded as a Tarot Reader in This Difficult Time

Staying Calm and Grounded as a Tarot Reader in This Difficult Time

This post is the result of a question from one of the readers of the blog – someone who also reads the Tarot. She wanted to know: ‘How can you stay calm and grounded in this difficult time and still do an excellent job as a reader?’

I had to be honest with her and explain that my sense of calm and groundedness was not there initially. It certainly wasn’t there when I received the sign of the Beast back in March 2020. For quite a while, I was in full-on panic mode. This in turn led to me quitting the Tarot for around six months, while I was undergoing my Dark Night of the Soul. At the time, I had no plans on returning to the Tarot either–that is how out of sync I was with mySELF and my calling… And that’s okay in such a difficult time. Whether it’s okay in the eyes of other people is totally irrelevant. It’s your healing journey!

My Top Seven Tips for Staying Calm and Grounded as a Tarot Reader in This Difficult Time

Having had a think about how I can stay calm and grounded through everything that is going on now, I realise that it all boils down to these seven things (I’ll go into detail about each of them below):

  1. Allow yourself to feel all the feels
  2. Step back from the Tarot if you need to (i.e. if you are using it to catastrophise)
  3. Focus on the bigger picture
  4. Understand that you were born at this time for a reason
  5. Avoid the news
  6. Use social media constructively (i.e. no ‘doom scrolling)
  7. Focus on being of service

Allow Yourself to Feel All the Feels in this Difficult Time

In times of intense transformation, there are many little deaths occurring at once. This can be confusing because we aren’t sure which grieving process to focus on. The emotional chaos can feel overwhelming at times. Simply learn to be okay with that and learn to accept your emotions without identifying with them.

Find a way to ground and centre daily through meditation, yoga, prayer, breathwork and/or exercise. Use whatever works for you, including going back to ancient wisdom literature.

Step Back from the Tarot

If you find that the cards are repeating themselves a lot, without making much sense, it’s probably a message from the cards to back off for a while. Also, if you use the cards to read on what you see as truly horrible news and this keeps feeding into your fears, you’re not using the cards in a constructive or healing way.

Allow yourself a break and a breather while focusing on your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. You can still use the cards as part of your daily meditation practice of course. This can actually be helpful in terms of the next tip…

Focus on the Bigger Picture

We’re all acting as if this is the first tumultuous time of transformation that has ever occurred in the history of mankind. In reality, the history of mankind is so riddled with these chaotic seasons that almost every generation has had its own version of it.

Hence it is good to pull back and look at these patterns of change and transformation to realise how resilient mankind is. It also helps us remember that what goes up must come down. Reading the I Ching or the Tao Te Ching can be very calming and helpful in terms of understanding these cycles of change. But so can the Tarot. Remember, after The Tower, The Star always follows!

You Are Here for a Reason!

Each of us is born on Earth at exactly the right time for our soul’s evolution. Some of us are also born with a strong sense of purpose in terms of being on a mission to help mankind evolve. If you are in the latter category especially, please understand that this is your time to shine. The world needs your light!

In practical terms, this means that your number one priority is to walk in the world with integrity, cultivating virtue so that you can be of detached compassionate assistance whenever and wherever needed. You may or may not have a specific mission. Either way, the most important aspect of this mission will still be to stay connected to Source/God/the Way.

Avoid the News

This one is self-explanatory. The news is now merely globalist government propaganda. There is virtually no unbiased and factual information presented anymore. The quality of propaganda is evident in how the news seeks to manipulate people’s emotions to fit the globalist surveillance capitalist agenda, rather than present the facts.

Use Social Media Constructively

Social media can be almost as bad as MSM. It does depend on how you use it though. The trick is to steer clear of disinformation channels and people who constantly seek to manipulate your emotions. If you still feel a need to stay abreast with what’s happening, choose the most factual and unbiased channels you can find and make sure to not go into overwhelm. In other words, use social media sparingly. This is where I’ve most often fallen down myself in the past so I know how hard it can be.

Focus on using your own social media platforms to shine a light into the darkness and confusion. Offer support, inspiration and guidance… or a good belly laugh at the very least!

Focus on Being of Service

This ties in with what I said about being here for a reason. It has been said, ‘If you’re nervous, focus on service.’ It’s so true that if you focus on lifting someone else up, you can’t avoid giving yourself a lift at the same time–It’s a universal law.

Even if you have no sense of being on a mission at all in this lifetime, you can still shine and evolve through simply aligning yourself with the Divine, in service to mankind. This then becomes who you are; It becomes your mission. You always have a choice. And unless you actively choose to BE the light the world needs now, you’ll most likely enter into the maelstrom of darkness that is constantly being whipped up by nefarious forces at this time.

Because, yes, there are forces that wish to use this time of transformation for merely destructive purposes. These forces hope to devour as many souls as possible while it’s easy for them to do so. Here’s the good news: We can do better than just defending ourselves against these forces. When we actively choose to align ourselves with Heaven, we become One with the very Force that defeats the darkness.

As a Tarot reader, take some time to write down how you can use the Tarot in service to Heaven. It’s important to become clear on this part of your mission. This isn’t just about how you interpret individual cards; it’s just as much about your ‘bedside manner.’ Your own inner calm is your best asset because this transmits with every reading you do.

Go forth and shine your light!

Lisa Frideborg

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