666 revisited

666 The Number of the Beast Revisited

666 the number of the beast revisited

The Number of the Beast

Three days before the first lockdown, I received a sign in the form of the Number of the Beast. I knew then that something was wrong, oh so very wrong. My kitchen scales repeated the number 666 three times in a row. The batteries weren’t running low and I was trying to weigh out around 30 grams of coffee beans. I freaked but had enough presence of mind to take the picture you see above. I feel a lot less freaked out now that I have revisited what the sign means.

What this meant for me at the time, was getting back to the Word of God and embracing my Christian faith once more. Since April 2020, I have been on a journey that has taken me further along the trajectory of my spiritual development than any other journey. At first, I had to regress into the safety of a faith I was familiar with. This was necessary for anything at all to make sense. We were being bombarded with lies. God’s Word acted as the checks and balances I needed to not completely go off the deep end.

Ditching the Tarot

As some of you are aware, I threw the baby out with the bathwater. I ditched all my Tarot work and stopped working as a Tarot reader for six months. I wrongly identified the Tarot as being a part of the Beast system. The Tarot is most definitely not the product of the Beast system (quite the opposite!) but it had been hijacked by it. You can see that by how many Tarot readers believe the lies of our governments and legacy media. The Tarot has been twisted almost completely out of shape by those who wish to further the Guidestones agenda. This agenda seeks to cull us until only half a billion remain.

As someone said in a blog post comment, I ‘overcorrected’ when I ditched the Tarot. Now I’m happy to admit that I FREAKED and overcorrected. But I can also see that the ‘overcorrection’ was necessary at the time, or I might have lost my mind. We are facing evil of epic proportions. One of the last readings I did before I ditched the Tarot on 24 April last year showed me that. The Moon was one of the main players. I haven’t saved the reading but I shared it on Facebook at the time. I accurately predicted that millions would die of indirect causes, relating to the measures put in place. Sprit told me ’18 months’ which was strange since I do not usually read beyond 12 months…

So What Was The 666 Number of the Beast Sign Really About?

When I slowly but surely started freeing my mind from strict religious dogma, one of the first books I got was on the Book of Revelation by the wonderful Gnostic ‘heretic,’ Elaine Pagels. Reading this book taught me a lot but it would still be another few months before the penny dropped.

Two things are clear to me now:

Firstly, every time the Wheel turns and we enter a new Age, the Beast system rises in opposition, seeking to implement its reign of Evil. At the time of Yeshua, it was Rome seeking to destroy the goodness brought by the Age of Pisces. In our day and age, it is the two-headed monster Big Tech-Pharma that represents the Beast. Now the Beast seeks to devour the Cupbearers that will bring in the Age of the Holy Spirit (which is what the Age of Aquarius is all about).

Secondly, we must all learn to speak in code and rather quickly too. The Big Tech Eye of Sauron is everywhere with its censorship.

When Spirit showed me how every new Age brings its own version of the Beast system, the Book of Revelation started making sense to me. So do the words of Yeshua in the Gospel of Luke when he talks about the End Times. He’s talking about the End Times of just one era… Once you see it, you can’t unsee it and it becomes very helpful indeed.

A numerological explanation of the Number of the Beast can be found HERE.

Tarot to the Rescue – The Number of the Beast Revisited

666 beast sign revisited
Deck used: The Gilded Tarot

In the initial reading I did, not far into the first lockdown, things looked very grim indeed. I don’t want to end this post on such a low. A week ago, I did another reading…

This morning, I felt prompted to do a reading on how things will have shifted five months from now (see cards above). Provided we stay heart-centred (The Empress/Venus) things will be much improved. The clarity of vision we will have collectively then will turn the wheel in the favour of those of us who love life.

As a footnote (mostly to myself) for further investigation, 3 x 6 equals 18. There have been three distinctive 6-month periods to the great lie. Also, The Moon is Arcanum 18…

But let’s end this on a high! We have every reason to stay optimistic. Remember this: Love is stronger than hate and lies can never overcome the truth! Also, please remember to always speak in code. Those of us who serve the Light will know what you mean and those who don’t must never find out.


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