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The Reiki Principles and Chakra Balancing

Meditating on the five Reiki Principles is a beautiful way to start the day. We can say them out loud while giving ourselves Reiki or right before/after our Gassho practice. But did you know that there are hand positions for each of the five Reiki Principles too?

You can use these positions for all five principles every day. Or you can use the one you need at that moment. For instance, if you feel less than abundant and wish to raise your vibration, focus on the hand positions for gratitude.

I learned the basic method for balancing the chakras according to the Reiki Principles in a course by Lisa Powers. But I have elaborated a bit according to my own understanding. And the affirmations after the first two Principles are mine. These affirmations are optional and may help if you feel that the original statement is too negative.

How To Do Chakra Balancing with the Five Reiki Principles

Say the Reiki Principle out loud beginning with ‘Just for today…’ Then hold each position for as long as your intuition guides you while breathing calmly and deeply before moving on to the next principle.

the five reiki principles

1. Just for Today, I Will Not Worry

Worry testifies to a lack of trust and a weak root chakra. It can also mean that we feel unworthy and unlovable by the universe so our heart chakra is suffering too.

The hand positions to use to create balance and dispel worry is one hand on the heart chakra and the other on the root chakra. For the root chakra, you can either place your hand over the groin or on the thigh/knee. Obviously, if you are using this bridge position on someone else, you would go to the thigh.

Affirmation: I choose to trust and know that I am supported.

2. I Will Not Be Angry

Anger happens more frequently when we are stressed and reactive. It is normal to get angry every now and again and we should not shame ourselves over it.

However, some of us also carry unprocessed anger and even rage over past abuse and injustices deep inside. It is important to become aware of any subconscious feelings of anger as they tend to fester and only hurt ourselves. Daily Reiki and meditating on the second Reiki Principle can only help.

The hand positions to use are the third eye to calm the mind and the root chakra to ground the energy.

Affirmation: I completely forgive everyone, including myself. I understand that everyone is doing their best with what they have and know.

3. I Will Do My Work Honestly

This principle is about integrity and believing that when we are aligned with our purpose, we can have agency in the world for the Highest Good.

The hand positions are the third eye and the solar plexus chakra.

4. I Will Give Thanks for My Many Blessings

Some say that if we only utter one prayer, all we need to say is ‘Thank you.’ Others claim that gratitude is the highest possible vibration. It opens us up to receive more of the blessings of the universe. Maybe this is true. But I think we can all agree that when we look at the world around us through eyes of gratitude rather than nitpicking, the world changes for the better.

The hand positions to use to clear the mind and make room for more gratitude are one hand on the third eye and the other at the back of the head. Breathe deeply and visualise the energy going back and forth, clearing any negative thoughts.

5. I Will Be Kind to My Neighbour and All Living Beings

I love all the principles but this is one of my favourites because it reminds me of the teachings of Yeshua in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Each of us has it within us to be a good neighbour to anybody in need. Each of us has the power to make the world a better place, every single day. And we do it by simply being kind.

There are four hand positions (and no, you don’t need four hands!). The first pairing is the third eye and root chakras. Then move the hand at the third eye to the throat chakra and the one at the root chakra to the heart chakra. Hold for as long as you need to feel connected to all living beings.

Bonus Tips

If you love the idea of starting your day with the Reiki Principles and Chakra Balancing, I have a couple of suggestions for going deeper. The first is to combine this practice with your daily draw, making a note in your journal which of the five Reiki Principles your daily draw connects with. You may wish to spend some extra time meditating on that principle. Or you can go even deeper and use your daily Tarot draw together with EFT tapping and the Reiki Principles.

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