yeiayel and the 3 of cups

22. Yeiayel the Angel of Renown and the 3 of Cups

yeiayel and the 3 of cups

Yeiayel is the Angel of Renown. The 22nd Shem HaMephorash helps us deal with fame and recognition in a balanced way. The three syllables are pronounced Yaw-Yaw-Yaw. The name means ‘The Right Hand of God.’ Yeiyel has masculine energy and corresponds with the Element of Water. His stone is pyrite and the corresponding colours are yellow and pink. Yeiayel rules over the virtue of Justice.

Read the Hebrew Yods (Yaw-Yaw-Yaw) from right to left to connect with Yeiayel’s energy.


Yeiayel belongs to the Angelic Choir of Thrones (Binah), ruled by Tzaphkiel. The Planetary correspondences are Saturn and Venus. Yeiyel can help clear our lives of frenemies or unwanted people who stand in the way of success. He also prevents us from becoming reactive to the negativity of others. Yeiayel grants leadership within arts, politics and science.

Yeiayel is the Guardian Angel of those born between 17 July and 22 July. (Physical rulership)

He rules the time between 7:00 and 7:20 AM. (Intellectual rulership)

Yeiayel rules the second quinance of the second decan of Cancer. The corresponding Tarot card is the 3 of Cups (Mercury in Cancer). Nelkhael, the Angel of Learning, rules the first quinance of the same decan.

Secondary (emotional) rulership covers 29 January, 11 April, 25 June, 8 September and 20 November.

Your Three Guardian Angels

According to Kabbalistic lore, we are each given three Guardian Angels at birth. As mentioned above, the first rules your physical appearance, the second your emotions and the third governs your intellect.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Calling on the Shem Angels

Though these three special angels accompany us from birth, we can work with and call on any of the 72 Shem Angels best equipped to help us.

Yeiayel and the 3 of Cups

Yeiayel, the Angel of Renown, resonates with themes of social harmony, joy, and celebration in the 3 of Cups. In the presence of Yeiayel, the 3 of Cups embodies an elevated sense of camaraderie and connection, guiding us towards balanced and fulfilling interactions. This alignment infuses the celebratory nature of the 3 of Cups with a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities associated with fame and leadership.

When working with the 3 of Cups in conjunction with Yeiayel, we can seek guidance in navigating the complexities of popularity, recognition, and leadership with integrity and compassion. Yeiayel’s influence imbues the 3 of Cups with a sense of diplomatic wisdom, inspiring us to approach our social circles and public recognition with fairness and generosity. This union offers guidance concerning personal growth and the cultivation of authentic relationships and leadership for the Highest Good. It emphasises the value of genuine connections and harmonious interactions.

In essence, the correspondence between Yeiayel and the 3 of Cups invites us to engage in meaningful social connections and celebrations while embodying the qualities of diplomacy and genuine leadership. This alignment encourages individuals to embrace fame and wealth with humility and grace, using these aspects as tools for positive impact and the betterment of the collective.

Through the guidance of Yeiayel, the energy of the 3 of Cups becomes a beacon of balanced social interactions, encouraging us to nurture joyous connections while upholding principles of fairness, generosity, and harmony.

Psalm to Invoke Yeiayel

“The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand.”
Psalm 120:1-2

Situations that Yeiayel Can Help With

  • Enjoying one’s own company
  • Popularity
  • Fame
  • Recognition
  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy
  • Generosity
  • Immunity against disease
  • Protection against ill-intentioned people
  • Protection and luck while travelling
  • Protection against being taken advantage of
  • Protection against rivalry and manipulation
  • Oppressive workplace conditions
  • Egoic motives for wanting fame
  • Pride
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Resistance to change
  • Inner tension caused by contradicting feelings
  • A lack of understanding
  • Difficulty and lack of recognition in business

Use the Yaw-Yaw-Yaw Mantra…

…when you wish for fame and recognition. Chant this mantra also to develop the qualities that makes it possible for you to handle massive success, wealth and fame for the Highest Good.

Chanting Yaw-Yaw-Yaw can help both with sociability and enjoying time on our own.

When we chant Yeiayel’s mantra, we become more generous and better able to help those around us, no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Chanting this mantra can liberate us from feelings of oppression or a tendency to act hypocritically. It also grants us protection from the hypocrisy of others.

Finally, you may wish to chant this mantra while travelling as it ensures the protection and guidance of Yeiayel.


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