43. Veuliah – 5 of Cups


Shem Angel 43 Veuliah is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘God Who Rules’ The name sounds like Vah-Vah-Lah. The corresponding Angelic Choir is Virtues, under the rulership of Archangel Michael. The Planetary correspondences are the Sun and Jupiter. Veuliah is the Angel of Prosperity. She teaches us that true abundance is found within. The corresponding gemstone is Emerald. Veuliah guides those who wish to fully understand and embody the spiritual power of their souls.

Veuliah rules the time between 2:00 and 2:20 PM. While this is a good time to invoke her, Veuliah will always assist when you ask. Veuliah primarily rules the dates 24 – 28 October, corresponding with the first decan of Scorpio, covering the first days of this decan. The corresponding Tarot card for the first decan of Scorpio is the 5 of Cups. Yelahiah rules the final five days of the first decan of Scorpio. Veuliah’s secondary rulership covers 19 February, 3 May, 17 July, 30 September and 11 December.

Veuliah and the 5 of Cups

Power is the main theme for Veuliah’s correspondence with the 5 of Cups (Mars in Scorpio). Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and can generate enormous power (and pulling power!) in its own sign. However, because of the intensity of passion and emotions associated with Mars and Scorpio that much of the power generated comes from very deep lessons of disempowerment and thwarted desires. Mars tends to act before it thinks and when it acts on passion, the results can be pretty disastrous at times.

The 5 of Cups usually signifies a challenging life lesson involving loss and grief. Ultimately, however, this difficult lesson can become an experience that enriches the person’s life. This doesn’t mean that those who have the 5 of Cups as their birthday decan card will suffer one difficult lesson after the other. What it does mean is that they have a greater than average chance of turning the most difficult life lessons into something that eventually empowers them.

The connection between Veuliah and the 5 of Cups represents the silver lining and how it is through our wounds that the light of the soul is able to shine into the world. Veuliah also reminds us that we never have to suffer a loss without being able to call in the grace we need to cope with it.

Psalms to Invoke Veuliah

Psalms to invoke Veuliah

Weaknesses that Veuliah Can Transform

  • Materialism
  • Anxiety about the future
  • Abuse of power
  • Destructive and self-destructive tendencies
  • Egotism
  • Division
  • Environmental destruction

Use the Vah-Vah-Lah Mantra to…

…become a cheerful giver and see your difficult life lessons as treasures of wisdom that you can share with others. Chant her name to purify yourself from dark and destructive desires. Veuliah can help us come up with a strategy for defeating our enemies, including the enemy within. She grants us the visionary ability that helps us foresee the consequences of our actions and avoid disaster. When we become the Angelic Humans God intended us to be, we choose peace and focus on cultivating the kind of abundance that leaves a legacy that benefits future generations.

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