Angelic activation of the Tarot Sun card with Archangel Michael - Angelic Tarot Code 19

Archangel Michael Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Michael - Angelic Tarot Code 19

A Channelled Message from Archangel Michael

Life can be as simple as it feels on a sunny day when you sit by the river, looking at the water glittering and moving slowly in the sunlight. Happiness is as real as it feels in that moment. You allow all other thoughts to pass with the river, out to the sea. Just breathe in happiness and breathe out peace. 

You had many moments like that as a child and from those moments sprang your creativity because those moments allowed you to instantly become fully revitalised and connected to your creative source, your inner sun.

I have come now to give you more of those moments of returning to your innocence, delighting in the beauty of existence and marvelling at what you are capable of if you let go of both past regrets and anxiety over the future.

I have come to cut the cords to all the complexities and conditions you have surrounded yourself with for what you feel ought to be in place before you allow yourself to be truly happy. All these complexities and conditions have been postponing your joie de vivre, as well as draining you of your power and vitality. It is time to let them all go now. 

All you need to be truly happy is yourself because everything else is within you and it is the expression of these marvels that are within your soul that brings joy to the world which then bounces back to you, multiplied by the enjoyment of others. 

You are more powerful than you imagine yourself to be. I am here to help you see that. I am here to help you see that it is safe to begin experiencing life as joyful once more. You can trust yourself and you can trust Life to support you.

The Sun – Frideborg Tarot

The Sun – Angelic Tarot Activation

On a sunny day, step outside where you will not be disturbed for however long you feel you will need for this activation. If there is no sunshine where you live right now (for instance, if you are in the North of Sweden during the dark half of the year), if you are incarcerated or if you cannot venture outside due to health reasons, simply imagine yourself being in your favourite sunny spot outdoors. Sit, lie down or stand up. Facing the sun is more important than what posture you choose. 

Connect with the energy of the sun through your solar plexus chakra and begin breathing in solar power into your power centre. Keep going until it feels replenished. 

Ask Spirit to show you three things that you do that bring joy to others and yourself. Take as long as you need for the answer to arise. Once it does, write these three things down. Your separate self will be more than happy to try to make you forget them as quickly as possible.

Decide to do these three things daily, no matter what. This is how you shine your light into the world.

The activation is complete.

Connect with the energy of Archangel Michael via the Archangel Michael Solar Logos Tarot Spread and CLICK HERE for another channelled message by AA Michael.

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