a hearth witch warding her home

Warding Spells and a Home Warding Tarot Spread

a hearth witch warding her home

Throughout history, many cultures have believed in the power of warding their homes with magic to protect against misfortune and negative energies. The practice of home warding means creating a magical barrier that shields the domestic sphere from external harm, much like an unseen fortress. Traditionally, this could involve using symbols, amulets, ritualistic herbs, and/or the chanting of protective incantations.

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These customs have a rich and varied history, tracing back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians who used protective hieroglyphs, or the Norse who carved runes for security. From the warding spells of medieval Europe to the smoke cleansing ceremonies of indigenous peoples, every culture has contributed its unique practices to the tapestry of home protection magick, reflecting a universal desire for safety and wellbeing within one’s sanctuary.

Three Simple Home Warding Spells

warding spells

Grounding and centring are fundamental practices in spellwork, serving as the energetic bedrock upon which all magical workings are built. Grounding and centring are what enable you to be fully present while harnessing and directing the forces at your disposal.

By grounding, you connect to the Earth’s nourishing energies and release any excess or discordant vibrations that could disrupt your focus. Centring allows you to align your will with the power of your heart/universal love. The act of grounding and centring, therefore, is a critical precursor to casting spells, ensuring that the magic wielded is balanced, precise, and effective.

Simple Barrier of Salt


  • Coarse sea salt


  1. Bless the salt with warding properties
  2. Cleanse your space physically by sweeping or tidying up.
  3. Open the windows and command negative energy and evil entities to leave.
  4. Sprinkle a line of salt across the threshold of your front door.
  5. Sprinkle salt across all entrances, windows and thresholds of your home, moving clockwise around your home. Start on the ground floor if you have more than one floor.

Chant as you sprinkle the salt:
“Salt of earth, guard my hearth,
Circle round, protect this ground.
With this ward, I draw a line,
Safety within, until the end.”

Hearth and Home Flame Ritual


  • A small cauldron or fireproof container
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • Candle (preferably white for purity)


  1. Write down symbols of protection or words of power that resonate with you.
  2. Carefully light the paper on fire within the cauldron, and as it burns, light the candle from the flames.
  3. Place the candle in a central part of your home such as the hearth, kitchen, or living room.

“Flame of protection, burning bright,
Shield my dwelling, day and night.
By fire’s might and heart’s sincere plea,
Safeguard my home, so mote it be.”

Enchantment of the Four Corners


  • 4 clear quartz crystals
  • Rosemary oil
  • A small bowl of water


  1. Cleans and bless the crystals.
  2. Anoint each quartz crystal with a drop of rosemary oil.
  3. Place a blessed crystal at each of the four cardinal points of your home: North, South, East, and West.

“Crystals of power, stones of might,
Guard our household, day and night.
As I set you in place, our heart to keep,
Safe when waking and secure when asleep.

So mote it be!

The Home Warding Tarot Spread

This five-card Tarot spread is designed to assess the current protective state of your home, reveal potential threats, and guide you towards the most effective measures for maintaining a peaceful and secure living space. As you lay out the cards, concentrate on the intent to uncover the hidden energies surrounding your home and to fortify its defences.

the home warding tarot spread

Card Positions and Interpretations:

  1. The Hearth of the Home (Current state of the home’s energy)
    Pull a card to represent the heart of your home’s energy as it stands. This card reflects your domestic sphere’s vibrational essence.
  2. The Hidden Threats (Potential unseen problems or threats)
    This card reveals what negative influences might be affecting your home. It may uncover hidden dangers or subtler challenges to your sanctuary.
  3. Protection Required (Type of protection needed)
    This will indicate the kind of shield your home might benefit from – psychic, emotional, spiritual, or physical.
  4. Tools of Fortification (What tools/healing agents to use)
    • Pentacles/Earth: Utilize coarse sea salt or grounding crystals to create a physical barrier.
    • Swords/Air: Employ smoke cleansing with sage, or incense to purify the energy.
    • Cups/Water: Holy water or blessed water infused with herbs for an emotional and spiritual cleanse.
    • Wands/Fire: A candle for focus and intent, or perform a fire spell for energetic protection.

    Choose the appropriate element-based tool as suggested by the card drawn.

  5. The Shield Reinforced (Outcome after protection is applied)
    This card represents the outcome and the new state of your home’s aura after applying the suggested protections.

Sample Reading with the Mystical Tarot of the Saints

home warding tarot reading with the mystical tarot of the saints
Mystical Tarot of the Saints

The Hearth of the Home – 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords indicates that the current state of your home’s energy is restricted and bound. It seems there are challenges you’re facing that might be causing a sensation of being trapped or blinded to some aspects of your home environment. This could manifest as a stifling atmosphere, where the flow of energy is stagnant due to mental stress or negative thoughts. It’s crucial to acknowledge any trapped feelings so that you can begin to move towards liberating your home’s energy.

The Hidden Threats – 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands here suggests that the potential unseen problems or threats come in the form of delays or setbacks in your future plans. It might also point towards a need for expansion beyond current boundaries. While you’re preparing for future growth or changes, there may be external influences that you’ve yet to anticipate. Stay aware of the opportunities for growth while guarding against factors that could disrupt your progress.

Protection Required – 5 of Swords

The 5 of Swords speaks of conflict, and in this case, it highlights the type of protection required. You might need to protect against misunderstandings, harsh words, or the aftermath of disagreements. This card suggests a focus on protecting both the emotional and mental peace of those within your home. It’s about rising above petty disputes and embracing a peacekeeping role to ensure the safety and sanctity of your living space.

Tools of Fortification – 8 of Pentacles

With the 8 of Pentacles drawn for tools of fortification, the suggestion is to be meticulous and consistent in your protective rituals. This card is associated with pentacles, which relate to the earth element, encouraging the use of coarse sea salt or grounding crystals as mentioned earlier. Your dedication to mastering the home warding craft through diligent practice will solidify the barriers you wish to establish.

The Shield Reinforced – 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands as the outcome card indicates a strong stance in defending your home after the protections are applied. This card represents determination and courage in the face of adversity, which in this context, translates into a formidable shield around your home. The protective measures you’ve taken are likely to inspire confidence and a sense of security, allowing you to assertively uphold the boundaries you’ve set.

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