Is It Love Or Is It Karma? 7 Signs That It Is Time To Cut The Cords

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Have you found yourself in a relationship with someone that you feel irresistibly drawn to in spite of feeling awful around them most of the time? It feels so fated that you tell yourself it is meant to be. You keep splitting up and getting back together… Or, when it is a friendship, you find yourself being used, subtly put down or back-stabbed yet unable to let go… Whatever the nature of the relationship, they are abusive… or you both are, …

9 Times When Common Sense is The Remedy for Love & Relationship Questions Asked of Tarot Readers

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In a day and age when common sense seems to become increasingly less common, I feel this article is probably long overdue. The world of divination and fortune telling is riddled with aggressive marketing tactics and charlatans waiting to grab your every last penny (especially psychic phone lines).