9 Times When Common Sense is The Remedy

In a day and age when common sense seems to become increasingly less common, I feel this article is probably long overdue. The world of divination and fortune-telling is riddled with aggressive marketing tactics and charlatans waiting to grab your every last penny.

Yet, there are quite a few ethical readers out there who have the good sense to know when to turn reading requests down. Below is a list of questions I have been asked where I have used common sense answers and not charged a dime for my time. I consider this a form of charity work and in many cases it is also good business sense because prospective clients who feel assured they won’t get ripped off are more likely to return when they do have a proper question for the Tarot.
These questions have been roughly paraphrased from memory and rendered to protect the anonymity of the Seekers. Some of these questions are combined from a couple of different sources.

Question 1

I’m a single mother and have just met a man with a known past of physically abusive relationships and anger management issues. I feel a strong emotional connection with this man and would like to know if we have a future together.

Common Sense Answer

I’m sorry but this is not a question for the Tarot. Please look after yourself and your child and stay as far away as possible from this man. If you have a pattern of feeling drawn to abusive men, I recommend counselling.

Question 2

I have just met a man that I have casual sex with. Oddly, I feel drawn to him but also repulsed by his personality. I want a real relationship – Should I keep seeing him?

Common Sense Answer

No, because you can’t have a real relationship with someone who repulses you and if you keep shagging him, you’ll keep potential real lovers away.

Question 3

I’m at wits end with worry. My husband cheated on me before we got married and I want to know if he has been cheating on me during our marriage too… and if so, to what extent.

Common Sense Answer 

The basic trust issues you have as a couple are way beyond the scope of a Tarot reading. Please seek relationship counselling. If your partner is not willing to attend you need to leave him. Trust issues of this nature is a couple’s issue, not your burden to shoulder alone.

Question 4

I’m financially dependent on my husband so I can’t leave and I have fallen in love with this guy at work. We started out as friends and now I feel he is my soul mate. I want to know if we have a future together.

Common Sense Answer

I feel this the kind of question you ask when you are really afraid of standing on your own two feet. The Golden Rule (i.e. treat others how you want to be treated) is to finish with your husband if you are not happy with him and not to continue using him as a cash cow.

Question 5

I’ve fallen in love with this guy who is super sweet when we are together and even says he loves me but when we’re apart it’s as if I don’t exist – out of sight, out of mind… He won’t text me back or reply to my emails and when I ask why he says he’s busy. I want to know if he’s The One.

Common Sense Answer

I recommend reading ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’ You deserve so much better!

Question 6

I’m casually dating (sleeping with) this guy I met at a friend’s party and I want to know if we will end up in a serious committed relationship one day.

Common Sense Answer

State that you want a committed relationship and hold off on the sex until he is ready to commit. You’ll know within a month or two if he is ready to start treating you right. Respect yourself enough to not settle for whatever you can get.

Question 7

My partner doesn’t support me on my spiritual path and I feel like I’m losing myself completely. When we first got together, I sacrificed everything to be with him and now he just takes me for granted. I want to know if I will have to keep sacrificing my interests and what I believe is my calling to be with him.

Common Sense Answer

Start pursuing your interests anyway and seek support among friends and family (or wherever it may be available). If he tries to stop you, this relationship is not meant to be. However, you may find that once you start standing up for yourself, he will stop taking you for granted. You only have one life – you can’t live yours through another person.

Question 8

I just met this guy and I’m not really in love but I feel the clock is ticking and I want to start a family. Should I settle?

Common Sense Answer 

The Golden Rule applies here. Would you want to be with someone knowing that they ‘settled’ for you because nobody better came along? Have a little faith.

Question 9

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around my partner. I’m constantly saying ‘I’m sorry’ and I can’t seem to do anything right for doing wrong in his eyes. He’s complaining about my appearance and won’t take me to meet his family. What can I do to make this work?

Common Sense Answer

You can’t. This is a toxic relationship and your partner is abusing you to the point where you feel everything is going wrong in the relationship is your fault. Get out while you still can – this will only get worse! Please seek counselling – your partner has done a number on your self-confidence.

Knowing when not to read is what distinguishes the professional and ethical Tarot reader from the charlatan or novice.


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  1. As an Empath, I get a lot of “tell me how I feel.” People are always looking for answers outside of themselves. You are good to stay the path and not take advantage of people. The level of need is often overwhelming.

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