9 Times When Common Sense is The Remedy for Love & Relationship Questions Asked of Tarot Readers

In a day and age when common sense seems to become increasingly less common, I feel this article is probably long overdue. The world of divination and fortune telling is riddled with aggressive marketing tactics and charlatans waiting to grab your every last penny (especially psychic phone lines).

Top 10 Excuses for Cheating in the Tarot Cards

…and why that sh*t won’t fly. Please remember this if you have been the victim of cheating: It is never your fault that the other person cheats. Any time the cheater is trying to manipulate you into believing that it is, you are better off moving on from the relationship post-haste. “Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up.” ― Patti Callahan Henry 1. I was/we were drunk.  7 of Cups + The Devil + Knight of Wands Real reason: …