The Unexpected Plot Twist Tarot Spread

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In the wake of the Aquarius New Moon, for which I suggested creating a Plot Twist to the Path of Your Destiny, I find myself unintentionally manifesting just such a plot twist in a very Uranian (Uranus rules Aquarius), i.e. bizarre and unexpected way. I really shouldn’t be surprised at this though since so many planets are in Aquarius and Mercury has gone retrograde (and Goddess knows what else – I’m not an Astrologer!). Nevertheless, I woke up knowing that …

The Reversed Queens - Tarot of the Ages

B*tch Please

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Following yesterday’s post about the reversed Knights and Kings called 8 Types of W*nkers, it is only fair that we do a post on the reversed Queens too.

You may think it’s unfair of me to only write about four different types of bitches when I’ve listed a whopping eight types of wankers… but then life isn’t fair and I don’t necessarily feel the need to explain myself.