The Unexpected Plot Twist Tarot Spread

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In the wake of the Aquarius New Moon, for which I suggested creating a Plot Twist to the Path of Your Destiny, I find myself unintentionally manifesting just such a plot twist in a very Uranian (Uranus rules Aquarius), i.e. bizarre and unexpected way. I really shouldn’t be surprised at this though since so many planets are in Aquarius and Mercury has gone retrograde (and Goddess knows what else – I’m not an Astrologer!). Nevertheless, I woke up knowing that …

Astrological Tarot Spread – Scorpio Influences

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Scorpio is all about transformation and metamorphosis, and the New Moon solar eclipse is all about letting go of anything that no longer serves us. This double whammy of transformational celestial influences is the perfect time to take a closer look at what needs to be transmuted and/or shed in our own lives. I have devised a simple (not easy!) Astrological Tarot Tool for this specific purpose. This Tarot spread can be adapted to suit any celestial aspect. Depending on …

The Gilded Tarot Spread

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Do you own a copy of Ciro Marchetti’s first Tarot deck, The Gilded Tarot Deck? If you do, I’m sure you love yours as much as I loved mine. In fact, I loved mine so much that I ended up giving away not one, but two copies. And as of last summer, I was Gilded-less but I had made two other people wanting to learn the Tarot very happy.