The Unexpected Plot Twist Tarot Spread

In the wake of the Aquarius New Moon, for which I suggested creating a Plot Twist to the Path of Your Destiny, I find myself unintentionally manifesting just such a plot twist in a very Uranian (Uranus rules Aquarius), i.e. bizarre and unexpected way. I really shouldn’t be surprised at this though since so many planets are in Aquarius and Mercury has gone retrograde (and Goddess knows what else – I’m not an Astrologer!).

Nevertheless, I woke up knowing that I was done with alcohol. Permanently. Drinking something that is both inflammatory and expensive when I could be spending my money on food and drink that is healing instead just ceased to make sense.

If you have been following along on the blog, you may recall the reading I did a couple of weeks ago, using a new way of reading the Tarot on yes/no questions. For the sample reading I used the question: “Will going tee total improve my quality of life?”

I pulled the ONLY card that does NOT give a yes/no answer – The Fool! So what changed and how does that relate to me just waking up this morning and knowing I was done with alcohol forever? The Fool corresponds to Uranus, higher octave of Mercurius and plot twister extraordinaire. Seemingly out of the blue, Uranus can influence a person to make an 180 degree turnabout or to jump to the left without knowing where she’ll land only to discover a whole new path.

It seems my logical mind was waiting to catch up with my Higher Mind which already knew that this plot twist was coming! I should have known to expect the unexpected when The Fool shows up 😛

So now what? This is kind of a big deal. I live in a rural part of England and drinking is a big part in how people socialise here. It could impact my relationships in different ways. Mainly, I expect positive developments as a result of this choice but I thought it would be nice to do a Plot Twist reading. The spread I created for this can be used for any life choice which may come as a surprise to your friends and loved ones.


I hope you enjoy having a play with this spread!
Blessed be!


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  1. I think it depends on where you are and who your friends are. Social life in this little village I moved to last year is almost exclusively centred around alcohol – unless you are into doing iron mans and other extreme triathlon events. I don't drive, so I can't play that card and I don't tolerate OJ. I'll be hitting the cranberry juice hard at tonight's live music event haha!

  2. Being teetotal in this country isn't so bad. For one thing, you can offer to be designated driver 🙂 I've found most people are quite accepting of it, though I guess when it's a change (I've always been abstemious), it may be different. You could always drink OJ and say it's Vodka & Orange 😀

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