April Fool's Day

April Fool’s/New Year Tarot Spread

April Fool's Day

Happy New Year and Merry April Fool’s Day! Are you ready to leap like the Tarot Fool?! Today we get to play with a combined April Fool’s/New Year Tarot Spread. Did you know that in ancient times, many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere used to celebrate the New Year in the spring? Some cultures still do. Iranians still celebrate their New Year (Nowruz) around the Spring Equinox, for instance. It makes sense considering how this is the time of year when all of nature comes back to life.

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Papal Dictate

Before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, the European New Year was linked to the advent of spring, a season synonymous with rebirth and renewal. However, everything changed with the decision made by Pope Gregory XIII.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII implemented the Gregorian calendar. This reform meant that the New Year would no longer be celebrated at the end of March or the beginning of spring but would be officially observed on 1 January. The Gregorian Calendar was more accurate in terms of its alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun and intended to fix the discrepancies that had accumulated over centuries with the Julian calendar.

Slow to Change

Despite the official change, not everyone adopted the new calendar immediately. Information travelled slowly, and many people either were not aware of the change or chose to resist it due to cultural traditions or scepticism. As a result, those who continued to celebrate the New Year during the end of March were sometimes mocked by those who had adopted the Gregorian calendar.

This is how April Fool’s Day became associated with practical jokes and hoaxes. People who celebrated the New Year on 1 April were often the butt of jokes and were tricked into believing something false, thus being called ‘April Fools.’

Global Conformity

This transition period created a strange duality in celebrations, with different parts of the world ringing in the New Year at different times. Over time, the Gregorian calendar was more widely accepted, and 1 January became the recognised start of the New Year across the globe.

Today, the Gregorian calendar is the internationally accepted civil calendar, and while there are still various cultural New Year celebrations, the shift to 1 January is considered standard. This shift, instituted by Pope Gregory XIII, still significantly influences how we perceive and celebrate the passage of time. April Fool’s Day remains a humorous reminder of resistance to change.

The April Fool’s Day New Year Tarot Spread

april fool's day new year tarot spread

1. The Fool’s Path – Where in life are you being called to step into the unknown with trust and let your intuition guide you?

2. The Jester’s Truth – What lesson should you take with humor, one that you might be overthinking or seeing too seriously?

3. Spring’s Awakening – As nature rejuvenates, what part of your life is beginning to blossom with potential?

4. Carpe Diem – What opportunity is knocking at your door that you should seize immediately before it slips away?

5. The Wise Fool – In what area of your life could a more playful or unconventional approach benefit you?

6. Past Traditions – Which aspect of your past should you celebrate and carry forward into this New Year?

7. Release the Hoax – What illusion or self-deception are you ready to let go of as you move into this new

8. Spring Feelings – Envision your ideal New Year; What energy or intentions should you set to align with this vision?

Sample April Fool’s New Year Tarot Reading

april fool's day new year tarot reading
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

1. The Fool’s Path – The Moon

The path you are walking now may feel shrouded in mystery, like a night lit only by the soft glow of The Moon. This major arcana card symbolises the need to trust your intuition to navigate through uncertainty. Embrace the your fears and the unknown with confidence. Approach your journey with open-hearted courage and compassion for self and others.

2. The Jester’s Truth – Page of Swords

As represented by The Page of Swords, there’s a youthful energy to your quest for truth. The Jester, often seen as the embodiment of wit and intelligence, reminds us of the importance of being curious, alert, and ready to embrace new ideas. This card suggests that you should communicate clearly and think on your feet, much like the quick-witted Jester.

3. Spring’s Awakening – The Chariot

The emergence of The Chariot in your reading heralds a time of conquering challenges and steering your life toward victory. It’s a call to take control, maintain discipline, and direct your willpower toward growth and renewal. The message here is clear: move forward with purpose and intent.

4. Carpe Diem – 5 of Cups

With the 5 of Cups, there comes a reminder to seize the day, even amid disappointment. While this card may initially indicate a period of mourning or regret, it also encourages you to turn around and recognise the opportunities that are still available to you. Do not get mired in sorrow; rather, take action and focus on what you can gain.

5. The Wise Fool – 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords depicts a state of self-imposed restriction and mental bondage. But the Wise Fool knows that these bonds are not as solid as they appear. This card challenges you to use your wisdom and resourcefulness to release yourself from limitations and see beyond the blindfold of perceived constraints.

6. Past Traditions – 3 of Wands

Reflecting on the 3 of Wands, we are reminded of how past traditions can shape our future prospects. This card encourages looking forward and planning with foresight, much like our ancestors did when charting new territories. Honour the foundations set by the past, but also be prepared to embark on a new leg of your journey with vision and hope.

7. Release the Hoax – The World

To release the hoax is to attain the sense of completion and fulfillment that The World embodies. This major arcana card signifies the end of a cycle and the successful conclusion of a chapter. You have learned your lessons and are ready to move on to the next phase, free of any deceptions or illusions that may have held you back.

8. Spring Feelings – King of Cups

Embrace emotional stability and compassion with the King of Cups guiding your feelings this spring. This card reflects a mastery over the ebb and flow of emotions, suggesting that you should remain calm and empathetic in your dealings with others. It is time to channel your experiences into caring leadership and a deep understanding of the emotional realm.

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