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The Consciousness Evolution Tarot Spread

consciousness evolution

Today I want to share a Consciousness Evolution Tarot Spread inspired by a TheoTalks video I watched this morning, titled ‘Faith After Fundamentalism.’ This talk helped me make peace with and even appreciate the positive aspects of the fundamentalism of my younger years. Use the Consciousness Evolution Tarot Spread to uncover your path from duality consciousness to harmony, interconnectedness and oneness consciousness.

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My Spiritual Journey So Far

I now see more clearly how that way of navigating reality acted as a bedrock of safety and security for my traumatised younger self. I can hold that appreciation while acknowledging that it also led to a rigid mindset. This rigid mindset added a layer of religious trauma in terms of viewing those outside the ‘us vs. them’ paradigm with suspicion. Religion further traumatised me by forcing me to regard the ultimate power I called ‘God’ as someone who would send souls to hell.

This is just one example of trauma breeding more trauma. But there is a way out. There is a way of breaking the cycle. It all begins by opening a mind that has been closed by fear.


Reflecting on my journey of intellectual and spiritual growth, I recognise how a strict dualistic outlook was particularly persistent in my life as a defence mechanism against the abuse and abandonment I had suffered in my childhood. This influenced me to navigate a complex world by categorising everything into simple black-and-white distinctions even before religion took a firm hold in my life. For me, issues and relationships were either good or bad, right or wrong, and for me or against me. This binary, CPTSD-related way of thinking provided me with the clarity I thought I needed to protect my vulnerable and traumatised self.


However, it wasn’t long before I began to question the rigid framework of my thoughts. In my 20s I slowly came to see the myriad shades of grey existing between the extremes I had so fiercely clung to. But it wasn’t a linear journey of awakening. Consciousness evolution is more of a spiral and sometimes we dip back down lower than we were before to bring some of the shadows we left there into the light.


As I dare to delve deeper into the interconnectedness of all things, I marvel at the diversity and uniqueness of others’ perspectives. Allowing myself to be perplexed by this myriad of viewpoints is both humbling and enlightening. A tapestry woven from threads of varying beliefs, experiences, and emotions is gradually replacing the sharp edges of my former worldview.

And the weaver at the core of the tapestry is my heart that sees through the eyes of beauty. The heart that used to be informed by the mind is now the one boldly holding the reins. Just like the new perspective The Hanged Man (my Shadow Card) gains from hanging with his heart above his head, so my view is shifting to one where only kindness matters.


Witnessing the many-layered magnificence of the cosmos, I feel my place within it shifting—from a central figure to a participant in an intricately interwoven dance of existence. This newfound view blossoms as I shed the layers of my ego-mind to peer more deeply into existence as well as my inner essence.

Gradually, my path of healing from religious trauma leads me to a state of harmony and acceptance. Embracing the interconnectedness of life, I transcend the limitations once placed upon myself due to my traumatised perspective. I now accept the music of the spheres that is existence itself not as a puzzle to solve but as a rhythm to flow with.


In my newfound state of harmony, I am discovering a connected consciousness that operates from a profound sense of belonging with all of existence. It is within this peaceful place that I find solace in the complexity, appreciating the multifaceted nature of reality rather than feeling a need to impose my will upon it. This inner peace is the foundation of a renewed way of being and a budding awareness of the delicate balance found in the cosmic laws that uphold this universe of ours.

To close the circle, I need to acknowledge that the need to belong was always a great motivator in terms in terms of going down the path of religion. But once you realise that belonging to yourself equals you belonging to the All and the All belonging to you, that need to be accepted by a group simply melts away.

The Consciousness Evolution Tarot Spread

consciousness evolution tarot spread

Card Positions

  1. Foundation of Safety
    What aspect of duality consciousness provided me with a sense of security and foundation?
  2. Duality’s Edge
    In what ways has a black-and-white mindset limited me?
  3. Shades of Awakening
    What complexities of life am I now ready to embrace and explore?
  4. Perplexity’s Gift
    How can the diversity I encounter enlighten and expand my view of the world?
  5. Weaving Harmony
    What steps can I take to integrate my experiences into a harmonious worldview?
  6. Cosmic Belonging
    Where does my True Self belong in the interconnected web of existence?
  7. Next Steps
    The next phase of your Consciousness Evolution journey.


As you lay out each card, reflect on how the imagery and symbolism resonate with your journey from a place of rigidity to one of acceptance and unity. This Tarot spread help you identify the elements of your past that sheltered you as well as how you are evolving past that. Allow the cards to guide you into a deeper understanding of your place in the cosmic dance of life.

Sample Consciousness Evolution Tarot Reading

sample consciousness evolution tarot reading
Splendor Solis Tarot

1. Foundation of Safety – Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents the aspect of duality consciousness that provided (and still provides) you with security through clear boundaries and intellectual autonomy. This card signifies a phase in your life when analytical clarity and emotional detachment served as protections against the chaos of abuse and mistreatment. It offered a sense of control in which you could navigate the world with discernment and strong will.

2. Duality’s Edge – 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles in the context of how a black-and-white mindset has limited you suggests that you may have equated success and security with rigid family structures or traditional values. While these can provide stability, they might also constrain you within societal expectations, making it difficult to acknowledge the worth of alternative lifestyles or personal choices that deviate from the norm.

3. Shades of Awakening – The High Priestess

The High Priestess calls upon you to embrace the mysteries and complexities of life. She encourages you to trust your intuition and to delve into the depths of your subconscious. This suggests that you are ready to explore the realms of spirituality and inner wisdom that transcend the concrete, tangible aspects of existence that once defined your reality.

4. Perplexity’s Gift – 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups as Perplexity’s Gift reveals that celebrating diversity with others can be a source of joy. This card highlights the enlightenment found in community and friendship, where sharing different perspectives and experiences enriches your worldview. It is an invitation to open your heart to the different forms of love and connection available to you.

5. Weaving Harmony – 2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords represents a decision or choice in integrating diverse experiences into a worldview that honours peace and harmony. It speaks to the process of inner balance, the need to blend intellect with emotion, and the reconciliation of opposing ideas. To progress, you must make choices that align with both your rational mind and your intuition.

6. Cosmic Belonging – 4 of Swords

In the position of Cosmic Belonging, the 4 of Swords implies a period of introspection and rest is essential for your true self to find its place in the web of existence. Meditate and seek inner peace. This will lead to a greater understanding of how you fit into the larger scheme of life. It is within quiet solitude that you realise your interconnection with all things.

7. Next Step on My Consciousness Journey – Page of Swords

The Page of Swords suggests that your next step is to adopt the attitude of a lifelong learner. Remain curious, ask questions, and seek the truth. As you continue on your path, maintain the clear-sightedness of the Page to cut through confusion and misinformation. This card encourages you to communicate your discoveries and insights, highlighting the importance of sharing your evolution with the world.

Reflect on these interpretations as you consider your journey from rigidity to acceptance, from isolation to interconnectedness. Each card holds a lesson for you to incorporate, offering wisdom for your ongoing transformation.

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