The Higher Love Tarot Spread

As we ascend into higher dimensions, the sort of questions we ask of the cards are bound to change. The shift, which has already been in progress for some time now, is already starting to move the questions about love and relationships we ask of the Tarot away from ‘What can I get from this?’ or ‘Will things go my way?’ to ‘How can I make sure that the outcome serves the highest good of all concerned?’

Celebrity Readings – Top 5 Reasons Not To

Doing celebrity Tarot readings is a popular practice and all done in a spirit of ‘good fun’ so why is it I get increasingly uncomfortable as I watch more and more of my colleagues get on the media bandwagon with this? Am I just being a Saturnine¬†(Mercury in Capricorn) wet blanket or could there be some sound spiritual and philosophical …