core values tarot spread

Core Values Tarot Spread

Core Values Tarot Spread

To be mature, you have to realise what you value most… Not to arrive at a clear understanding of one’s own values is a tragic waste. You have missed the whole point of what life is for.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Your core values underpin everything you do. Without an awareness of your core values, you lack a stable foundation for future endeavours. We currently live in a society that fosters a predilection for impulsive behaviour and an ever-shrinking attention span. Future generations will suffer because of this. We are already watching Western civilization crumble due to a lack of moral fiber.

Part 1 – Pick Your Four Core Values

Before trying today’s Tarot spread, you need to determine what your top four core values are if you haven’t already done so. These four core values will correspond to cards 1-4 in the Core Values Tarot spread.

Once you have chosen your four core values, I want you to write them down. Next to each of the core values, write down the Tarot card you feel most corresponds with the chosen core value. If none immediately spring to mind, take your time and browse your chosen deck until you find the imagery that seems to be the best match.

Your four core value cards go in the four corners of the layout. These cards form Part 1 of the Tarot reading. Take your time looking at these cards because they show you where you may fall short in terms of embodying these core values, or where you could do better.

Four Pillars

Mentally form an image of four pillars for your life work and understand that one or more pillars might need fortification for your full potential to be reached. The exception is if the actual card you picked to represent the core value shows up in its corresponding position.

So let’s say that you pick the core values of kindness, wisdom, inspiration and equanimity. You choose the 6 of Pentacles for kindness, The Hermit for wisdom, the King of Wands for inspiration and Justice for equanimity. You place the cards representing each core value in turn in positions 1-4 respectively. So card one shows you what you need to know about kindness, card two what you need to know at how well you are embodying wisdom etc.

Let’s say that in position 3 (inspiration), the King of Wands shows up. This means that you are currently embodying this core value fully.

Take a Moment

Before moving on to Part 2 of the reading, take a moment to really reflect on how you can better embody all four core values. Write your thoughts down in your Tarot journal.

Part 2 – Aim to Maximise Your Potential Reach

For the second part of the reading, you will examine the cards in positions 5-9. No man is an island. When you align with and embody your core values you maximise your potential to impact the world in positive ways.

Card 5 summarises what you need to know right now about how stable your foundation is with regards to your core values. Should the Tower show up here, you know you are on shaky ground.

Card 6 summarises how the embodiment of your core values affect those around you and society at large.

Card 7 is a hint at how you can maximise your potential reach and cards 8+9 provide further information. So card 8 shows you something you must release now and card 9 shows you where you need to double your efforts.

Core Values Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

Core Values Tarot Spread - Sample Reading with the Morgan Greer Tarot
Deck used: Morgan Greer Tarot in a Tin

Part 1 – Core Values

The King of Wands corresponds with the core value of Kindness (6 of Pentacles). This is actually the card I had chosen for inspiration. What can I learn from this? That I find it easier to be kind to myself when I feel inspired and able to inspire others.

The Knight of Swords shows a keen intellect but that is not always the same as Wisdom (The Hermit). The Knight of Swords struggles with a need to be right and to prove his hypothesis to be more true than that of his opponent.

The 9 of Pentacles corresponds with the core value of Inspiration (King of Wands). I keep much of it to myself and inside my own comfort zone.

The Page of Wands corresponds with Equanimity. So this is where I really struggle. This Page is just about the antithesis to the core value of equanimity for which I had chosen Justice.

Part 2 – Maximising My Potential Reach

5 Foundation King of Pentacles: I am learning to be the good steward of my resources. The fact that I am even doing this exercise is helping me to embody more of the qualities of this grounded and level-headed King.

6 Current ReachThe Tower: Watch out! This is a big reach but often more destructive than helpful. It’s martial energy, striking out at perceived enemies of the natural order. Anger issues can be indicated by the Tower and I have certainly been very angry at the state of the world recently. This definitely needs to be corrected so that I can be of better service.

7 What’s Necessary to Reach Full Potential The Ace of Swords: What’s needed now is a singular focus on what is most beneficial for the Highest Good of All. Shine the light of reason on all that is happening now. Renew your mind.

8 Release ThisQueen of Cups: Feeling righteous rage and being manipulated/seeking to manipulate through those feelings.

9 Double Your Efforts Here Instead The King of Swords: Seek objectivity and act on rational ground rather than from your emotional self. This King is also the most equanimous of all the Tarot Kings so it makes a lot of sense that he shows up to mentor my inner Page of Wands. Also, I guess I’ll keep reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius to foster a stoic sense of reason.

Wow, the Tarot truly does have the power to act as a mirror for the soul! Let me know how you go if you decide to try this Tarot spread out. Do take your time with it – especially with part 1!

love raven liora

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      Thanks Stacey, current reach is about the level of impact you are having on the people that you are meant to reach. Service is always about using the gift we have for others. So in this position, you will see if there is any holding back or if your reach is expanding joyfully.

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