gaslighted earth angel

Gaslighted into Forgetting Who You Are (with Tarot Spread)

gaslighted earth angel

Earth School is not for the faint of heart but it takes even more courage when you come here as a Wayshower and Lightworker. Why? Because more than any other humans, you will get the ‘Who do you think you are?’ messaging hammered into you at every turn. You will be gaslighted into forgetting who you are in a multitude of ways. The Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces work hand-in-hand to keep you in a state of amnesia for as long as possible. Whereas the Luciferic forces seek to influence your mind with delusions and spiritual pride, the Ahrimanic forces strive to make you think you are nothing more than a flesh suit.

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We are all born with varying levels of amnesia. Through history, only a handful of Avatars of Sophia-Christ have entered into the world with their memories of past lives intact. Yet, as part of our Wayshower mission, it is our task to re-member. This happens in stages throughout our lives for most of us. Very few of us have an awakening experience that brings back full memory of past incarnations and the blueprint of our mission.

It is time to admit that you have been gaslighted and lied to about the truth of who you are. But have you also been guilty of gaslighting yourself? The 3D Matrix programming goes so deep that we usually start gaslighting ourselves with self-doubt as soon as the first memories start surfacing.

Forgive Yourself

It is time to forgive yourself and to learn to observe the programming without judgment. If you are here reading this, you are one of the millions of souls who were prophesied to return to Earth at this time to assist in the ascension of Gaia-Sophia. You are a Wayshower for the embodiment of Sophia Christ consciousness. You are that.

The Role of Your Birth Family

The birth families we choose often deepen our amnesia about our true spiritual essence as Starseeds, Lightworkers, or Wayshowers. This design can seem like a punishment but serves a specific purpose. This deep forgetting catalyses profound emotional healing, which involves navigating personal traumas and conflicts that surface within these familial relationships.

This journey through emotional wounds is essential for acquiring the depth of understanding necessary to aid others on similar paths. By undergoing personal suffering and reconciliation, we emerge equipped with the empathy and wisdom essential for assisting global healing efforts. These experiences enable Starseeds and Lightworkers to genuinely understand and heal human disconnections, transforming their insights into shared world healing.

Forgive Everyone, Including Yourself

However, during our early unawakened state, our constructed ego often causes us to also (unconsciously) gaslight close family members. This defence mechanism shields our vulnerabilities but impedes our perception of deeper truths in ourselves and others. Upon awakening, recognising our limited early perceptions demands that we forgive ourselves for the unwitting roles we played within our families. This forgiveness is crucial for releasing past burdens and stepping confidently into our intended healing roles, embodying the change meant to uplift humanity.

Relearning to Trust Our Hearts

Our gaslighted minds may have wonky messaging resulting in self-sabotaging self-talk. However, the heart remains untouched. And that is precisely the reason why Judeo-Christian monotheism describes the heart as evil. Call me a conspiracy theorist but that has to be the worst form of gaslighting of all. It is from the silent void within our hearts that we can access all the wisdom we need to fulfil our purpose. Our hearts remain forever connected, not only to Source but to the realm of our ancestors, the angels and other dimensions.

As an antidote to this horrendous programming, I try to recite the 10 Sekhmet Reiki Principles daily.

The Sekhem Principles

  • Enok Rekh Ab – I know my heart
  • Enok Nufer Ab – I have a beautiful heart
  • Enok Nufer Ba – I have a beautiful soul
  • Enok Nufer Seshen – I am a beautiful lotus flower
  • Enok Waeyb M Seshen – I am pure like a lotus flower
  • Enok Ba Akhu – I am a bright soul
  • Enok Meri Neb – I love everything
  • Enok Ankh M Hotep – I live in peace
  • Enok Sejem Het-Heru – I follow the guidance of love, Hathor
  • Enok Sejem Aset – I follow the guidance of wisdom, Isis

Reciting these principles out loud (either in Egyption or English) instantly realigns the mind with the heart. I invite you to give it a go if this is something you feel drawn to.

The Truth of Who You Are Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread can help you awaken more fully to integrate more of who you are. It does not purport to take you all the way to becoming a fully realised Avatar of Sophia Christ in this lifetime. However, you can come back to it whenever you feel you are ready to receive more of your soul essence and embody your Higher Self more fully.

The Truth of Who You Are - A 12-card tarot spread for lightworkers and wayshowers who have been gaslighted

‘The Truth of Who You Are’ Tarot Spread helps you navigate the At-Onement with your Higher Self, through the lens of self-forgiveness, awakening, and love. It addresses the key aspects discussed in the article above and seeks to aid you in your mission as a Wayshower, Starseed, Earth Angel or Lightworker.

  1. Soul Essence – Who am I at my core?
  2. Self-expression – What aspect of my soul essence is highlighted right now?
  3. What Am I For? – The nature of my soul’s mission in this incarnation.
  4. Current Task – An aspect of my mission that is in the spotlight at this point in time.
  5. Amnesia Influence – What person, circumstance or energy is currently contributing to amnesia?
  6. Awakening Trigger – What will help me to remember and awaken to my true self?
  7. External Challenge – What external forces are testing my resolve to fully embody my Higher Self?
  8. Internal Resources – What strength do I possess to overcome this challenge?
  9. Illusions to Release – What illusions, spiritual pride or false humility must I let go of?
  10. Spirits of Support – Who in the spirit/ancestral realm is aiding me for this part of the journey?
  11. Path Forward – What steps should I take next to complete my soul’s mission?
  12. Heart’s Message – What does my heart want me to know about the need for self-compassion?

How to Use This Spread

  • Before you begin, set a clear intention to receive guidance from your Higher Self for uncovering and embracing your true spiritual essence and mission.
  • You may choose to invoke protection from your guides, deities, angels, or simply the good energies around you.
  • Shuffle your Tarot deck while focusing on your intention.
  • Lay the cards down one by one according to the graphic above, and contemplate their meaning in the position they appear.
  • After laying out all the cards, take a moment to see if there are overarching themes or direct messages.
  • Journal about each card’s significance and how it plays into your life presently to assist in elucidating your path and heed the advice given.


The Truth of Who You Are spread facilitates personal and spiritual development. It can help you reconnect with your Source/Your Higher Self, release harmful misconceptions, and progress towards your true purpose. Feel free to return to this spread whenever you find yourself in need of clarity or when you feel prepared to delve deeper into the essence of your soul. Note that you only read positions 1 and 3 once. Use the cards chosen during your first reading in those positions for subsequent readings.

Sample ‘The Truth of Who You Are’ Tarot Reading

1. Soul Essence7 of Cups

You are a Seeker of Truth. At your core, you are presented with many choices and opportunities. The 7 of Cups indicates a necessity to clarify your desires and intentions due to emotional or spiritual confusion. Your essence is one of vast potential, but focus is needed to determine the best path forward.

2. Self-ExpressionPage of Cups

The Page of Cups suggests that your current self-expression is influenced by emerging intuitive abilities and the beginning of important personal revelations. This card signifies your ability to listen to your inner feelings and respond to them creatively.

3. What Am I For?The Hierophant

Your soul’s mission involves teaching, learning, and upholding traditions or spiritual knowledge. The Hierophant emphasises the importance of cultural or spiritual structures in your life. You need to either sustain or challenge these systems in a significant way.

4. Current Task3 of Cups

Your immediate task is to engage in community, celebrate, and share your joys with others. The 3 of Cups highlights the importance of social networks and support systems in your spiritual journey. It encourages collaboration and mutual upliftment.

5. Amnesia Influence2 of Swords

There is a block in your memory or awareness, possibly self-inflicted or external. The 2 of Swords represents a need for a decision or a resolution to an ongoing conflict. This stalemate is contributing to your spiritual amnesia.

6. Awakening TriggerTemperance

Temperance serves as your wake-up call through its emphasis on balance and moderation. This card indicates that harmonising opposite forces in your life will help trigger your awakening and realignment with your spiritual purpose.

7. External Challenge5 of Wands

Your resolve is tested by conflicts, possibly competitive comparisons or clashes of wills. The 5 of Wands suggests that these challenges, though frustrating, are vital for growth and will strengthen your persistence and resilience.

8. Internal Resources4 of Swords

Your internal strength lies in your ability to retreat and reflect. The 4 of Swords offers a powerful reminder of the rejuvenating power of rest and quiet contemplation. Start a daily meditation practice if you do not already have one.

9. Illusions to ReleaseKing of Cups

You must let go of emotional manipulation and self-deception often associated with the King when negatively aspected. This card advises stepping back from emotionally charged decisions to gain clarity and control over your feelings.

10. Spirits of SupportQueen of Swords

In your journey, you are supported by the clarity and sharp insight of the Queen of Swords. This spirit guide is very much an embodiment of the Wisdom of Sophia. She provides you with honesty and intellectual independence, helping you to cut through confusion and align yourself with truth.

11. Path Forward4 of Wands

Moving forward, the 4 of Wands encourages celebration of milestones and forging community ties. This card indicates a future of stability and joy, urging you to invest in harmonious relationships and environments that support your growth.

12. Heart’s Message10 of Cups

Your heart wants you to know the importance of emotional contentment and soul family bonds. The 10 of Cups speaks to achieving a sense of fullness and emotional fulfilment through loving relationships and personal peace.

Lightworkers and Wayshowers, you have been gaslighted. Free yourself with ‘The Truth of Who You Are’ Tarot spread!

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