heart of magic tarot spread

The Heart of Magic Tarot Spread

the heart of magic tarot spread

Recent Sekhmet Reiki studies inspired the Heart of Magic Tarot Spread below. These studies are, in turn, inspired by a relatively recent dream.

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The Wadjet Dream

A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was in a dark room with another female. She was standing behind me so I couldn’t see her. She touched my left shoulder blade and said, ‘You have a Wadjet there.’ I was afraid that she would try to remove it so I started levitating, high enough to be out of her reach. I remember relishing the connection with Wadjet and somehow knowing it gave me power. Then I woke up and started researching. And I never really stopped.

A Visit from Nephthys

It is really rather odd that I have not done a deep dive into Egyptian mysteries sooner. About 12 years ago, I had a visitation by Nephthys. She dropped in unannounced while I was meditating. It felt like a friendly visit from someone I had a deep soul bond with.

I still recall her ringing laughter when I asked her who she was. She told me some things about her that checked out when I Googled her name. As I didn’t know how to spell it, I entered it the way it sounded to my Swedish ears, Neftis, but I got there in the end.

She is, of course, the sister of Isis. Honestly, I had no idea. Egypt never really had a pull on my psyche until very recently. Perhaps it started with the Wadjet dream on a soul level… but even before that, my intellectual interest had been piqued. My husband and I are currently reading Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock together.

While Hancock doesn’t go as deep into the Egyptian Mysteries in this book as he apparently does in Fingerprints of the Gods (which I have yet to read!), he does divulge enough for me to have my mind blown several times over. He makes the connection between Atlantis and Ancient Egypt seem almost undeniable. And if there is any way we can recover at least some of the lost Atlantean technology, we should at least try!

Ab Activation

So I’m doing this Sekhmet Reiki course on Udemy at the moment. It turns out that there is an Egyptian equivalent to the Reiki Principles. These Sekhem principles are part of an ancient ritual known as the Ab Activation. Ab means heart.

I absolutely love the Sekhmet Reiki Sekhem Principles even though I have no way of verifying that they are genuinely ancient. Allegedly, they were part of the practices of the priesthood of Sekhmet.

The Sekhem Principles

  • Enok Rekh Ab – I know my heart
  • Enok Nufer Ab – I have a beautiful heart
  • Enok Nufer Ba – I have a beautiful soul
  • Enok Nufer Seshen – I am a beautiful lotus flower
  • Enok Waeyb M Seshen – I am pure like a lotus flower
  • Enok Ba Akhu – I am a bright soul
  • Enok Meri Neb – I love everything
  • Enok Ankh M Hotep – I live in peace
  • Enok Sejem Het-Heru – I follow the guidance of love, Hathor
  • Enok Sejem Aset – I follow the guidance of wisdom, Isis

I used five of the above principles to create the Heart of Magic Tarot Spread below.

The Heart of Magic Tarot Spread

the heart of magic tarot spread
  1. I know my heart – Allow the card in this position to illuminate an aspect of your heart
  2. I love everything – The card here shows you something in need of extra love
  3. I live in peace – If anything disturbs your peace, it will show here so that you can transmute it
  4. I follow Het-Heru – What action you need to take to follow the guidance of love
  5. I follow Aset – What action to take to follow the guidance of wisdom

Refer cards 2-4 back and read them together with the central card, card 1, that reveals an aspect of your heart.

Remember that no matter what you see in position one, you have a beautiful heart. If you do not like what you see, it just means it needs some extra love. Your heart is trying to show you an aspect that wants to be brought into alignment.

Looking for an Ancient Egypt-themed deck to do these kinds of readings with? Check out my review of the Mini Egyptian Tarot deck!

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