isis and mother mary tarot spread

The Isis and Mother Mary Tarot Spread

isis and mother mary tarot spread

Mother Mary has been communicating with me in a dream recently. A Mother Mary Tarot Spread started brewing as a result of this. But as I sat down to create the Tarot spread, I realised that it belonged to both the Isis and the Mother Mary aspects (or faces) of the Great Mother Goddess.

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In religious and mythological contexts, the connection between Mother Mary and Isis can be seen through the shared symbolism of motherhood, divine femininity, and their nurturing and protective aspects. Both figures are maternal goddesses within their traditions, with Mother Mary being a central figure in Christianity and Isis holding a prominent place in ancient Egyptian mythology.

The similarities between the two figures are points of comparison in theological discussion, particularly in the realms of comparative religion and mythological studies. Iconographically, many statues of Isis and Horus were refurbished to represent Mother Mary and the infant Jesus from the 4th century onward. On a very deep archetypal level, these two goddesses are fused in our psyche because icons speak to our deep/subconscious mind.

Archetypes or Individual Deities?

Before we go further and dive into the Tarot Spread, I want to clarify how I view deities in general and the Goddess in particular. In polytheistic belief systems, people like to discuss (and sometimes argue about) the nature of deity. So, are Isis and Mother Mary individual deities or should we view them as archetypes?

Based on my experiences, I believe both points of view are valid. My experiences of direct contact with individual deities may prove to be schizoid delusions. Still, if so, I find myself in the most excellent company of prominent mystics who have experienced the same.

Anybody who has studied Jungian Psychology, even briefly, will understand the role and importance of archetypes in the human psyche.

As a witch, you can work with one or both of these philosophical paradigms. You don’t have to choose. There is no witch police. Some day, when they deem you are ready, some deity or another just may just choose to interact directly with you.

Six Characteristics of Isis and Overlap with Mother Mary

  1. Motherhood: Isis is revered as a mother goddess in Egyptian mythology, often depicted nursing her son Horus. Similarly, Mother Mary holds a central role in Christianity as the mother of Jesus, embodying qualities of nurturing and protection.
  2. Magic(k) and Healing: Isis is associated with magic, healing, and protection in Egyptian mythology. Similarly, in Christian tradition, Mother Mary is often sought for intercessions related to healing and is regarded as a source of comfort and protection. Can we just be honest and call the Rosary what it is, a tool of magick?
  3. Divine Femininity: Isis represents divine femininity, symbolising aspects of fertility, motherhood, and wisdom. Mother Mary, also embodies these divine feminine qualities, representing purity, compassion, and wisdom.
  4. Universal Appeal: Isis had a widespread following in the ancient world, revered as a powerful and universal goddess. Because there was no way to stamp this widespread worship of Isis out, Isis transformed into Mother Mary, both symbolically (icons) and theologically by making her the Theotokos in the 5th century.
  5. Protector of the Dead: Isis is, together with Nephthys, the Egyptian protector of the dead and a goddess of the afterlife. In a parallel sense, millions invoke Mother Mary daily to ask her to, ‘pray for us (…) at the hour of our death.’
  6. Mythological Parallels: There are parallels in the myths surrounding Isis and Mother Mary, as both figures are central to narratives surrounding birth, protection, nurturing and resurrection.

The Isis and Mother Mary Tarot Spread

the isis and mother mary tarot spread

You may wish to begin by lighting a candle to Isis/Mother Mary. When you finish the reading, give thanks, blow the candle out and say, ‘So mote it be!’

1. Divine Mother’s Embrace

This card represents the nurturing presence of the divine mother in your life. It reflects the qualities of love, protection, and guidance that you can tap into to nurture your inner child. If one of the difficult cards, such as the 3 of Swords, shows up here, it simply means that Mother is with you, helping you with the process of grief. If you prefer, you can choose to work with a more gentle Oracle deck for this card.

2. Innocence and Wisdom

This card embodies the innocence and wisdom of your inner child. It signifies the pure and insightful aspects of your inner self that you need to acknowledge. If a challenging card shows up here, you may not experience yourself as innocent and wise. The card then reveals the ego-mind illusion that you are under.

3. Healing Magic(k)

This card signifies the healing energies present in your life. It reflects the magical potential for inner healing and the ability to transmute past wounds into sources of strength and compassion.

4. Creative Play

This card represents the joyful and creative spirit of your inner child. It shows you how to explore your playful nature and place yourself in a state of flow more often. If a harsh card pops up in this position, it can indicate the voice of the inner father or some other authoritarian archetype that demands constant productivity in return for acceptance or approval. It then serves as an example of how you tend to judge yourself (and others!).

5. Your Divine Purpose

This card offers additional guidance about where your inner child healing process is taking you. It reflects how it is preparing you for your divine purpose and mission in this lifetime. It links with the card above because how your inner child loves to play is also what you came here to do.

6. Resurrection and Renewal

This card embodies the theme of resurrection and renewal in your current life phase. It signifies the potential for transformation and rebirth.

7. Integrate or Charge Ahead?

Is it time to pause, reflect and integrate or is it time for you to act on all of the above right now? As an example, The Hanged Man, 4 of Swords and The Hermit indicate the need to take some time out to integrate your lessons. The illusion that we constantly need to be productive is a dangerous one.

If you are told to wait, return to card one and rest in Divine Mother’s embrace for as long as is needed. You will know when it is time to move ahead. Trust in the gentle inner guidance that is always there for you.

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