lion's gate portal tarot spread

The Lion’s Gate Portal Tarot Spread

the lion's gate portal 2022

Before I share the Lion’s Gate Portal Tarot Spread, let’s look at the meaning of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Essentially, the Lion’s Gate Portal brings amplification of light and truth via Sirius, the Central Sun. The alignment of the pyramids at Giza in Egypt marks this annual event. To Starseeds this means that we are likely to receive upgrades in the form of light codes and downloads. For some of us, this means that our lives unexpectedly take a new direction with, for instance, a change of careers. For others, it will be more subtle and take the form of an alchemical union within or some kind of spiritual initiation.

Globally, we can expect some more disclosures. This is because the light of the Central Sun helps to flush out the Dying Powers from wherever they are hiding. This is not a good time for the Dying Powers and those who actively seek to thwart the amplification of the light by Sirius and our own sun.

Lion’s Gate Numerology

The numerological meaning of the peak date during the Lion’s Gate Portal, 8/8, is one of infinite abundance. This can mean unexpected windfalls and a sense of limitless possibilities. This is a great date to set intentions for generating greater levels of prosperity in any area of your life.

Tarot Spread

the lion's gate portal tarot spread
  1. Upgrade now available
  2. How it will be amplified/strengthened by the Central Sun
  3. What area of your life will receive increased synchronicity (more signs and remarkable coincidences)
  4. What you are leaving behind (this is something that no longer serves you after the upgrade
  5. How you are aligning more fully with your mission blueprint

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  1. I did this spread last night and I was informed my intuition is being strengthened this season.
    The death card came up for what I’m leaving behind and 8 of cups for my mission blueprint.
    3 out of the 5 cards were major arcana.

    Really powerful spread.

    1. Post

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