seed of change tarot spread

The Seed of Change Tarot Spread

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The wind of change is blowing hard. Collectively, mankind is moving through a Hagalaz season, in Runic terms. Or a Tower moment in history, in Tarot speak. Whether we like it or not, this means that we need to change and adapt as individuals too. I was reminded again this morning, thanks to the tweet below and it led to the creation of the wee 3-card Seed of Change Tarot spread further down.

The Seed of Change Tarot Spread

seed of change tarot spread

Seed of Change Sample Tarot Reading

seed of change tarot reading with the morgan greer tarot

Deck used: The Morgan Greer Tarot

1. Where the seed is blowing

Justice: I’m becoming acutely aware of justice, balance, and harmony (and the lack thereof) on a global level. I’m midstream Sophia’s correction of that and keen to play my part.

2. What the soil is like there

The Emperor: Patriarchal, hierarchical, and an archontic construct. This is what needs to change now. The soil is not yet fertile for individuals to blossom. We need a more organic soil that allows for freedom of choice, instead of top-down totalitarianism.

3. How to best nurture the seed

The Star: By connecting with the cosmic powers (Sophia most of all) that can help humanity against the Archons, as well as staying optimistic about the outcome. Also, quite literally, make a wish! Request a Most Benevolent Outcome.

From a full deck of 78 cards that included all the Minors, all three of the cards I received are from the Major Arcana. I need to stay mindful of the message of this reading for some time to come, methinks! The quint works out to 32/5 The Hierophant. This renders teaching as a theme for where I’m heading next as well.

Feel free to share your Seed of Change Tarot reading in the comments!


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