Mediumship Development Tarot Spread

Mediumship Development Tarot Spread

Mediumship Development Tarot Spread

For those of you interested in both mediumship development and using the Tarot for spirit communication, I also highly recommend checking out THIS POST.

Mediumship Development Tarot Spread – Sample Reading with the Morgan Greer Tarot

1. My own thoughts about my mediumship development

8 of Wands: Things are starting to happen really quickly. From a hesitant start a couple of months ago and not even being sure about joining a circle, I have started attending a development circle and been able to give a detailed message from a loved one. I’m loving it but I also feel as if I’m losing control… but perhaps that’s not a bad thing if the fear and need to feel in control is coming from my ego.

2. Core belief about my potential

Judgement: I do believe this work is part of my calling.

3. What my spirit team want me to know about my potential as a medium

4 of Swords: Put your mind in a peaceful and meditative state as often as possible. Make space in your mind. Declutter. Rest more. Achieve balance between movement and repose.

4. Challenge to develop my full potential

4 of Pentacles: I cling to a need to stay in control. I need to learn to let go. I need to lower my walls and let more people in, whether in spirit or in 3D. My boundaries are too efficient. This need to keep myself save comes from early childhood trauma but I know it’s safe to let go now so I will keep affirming this and keep allowing people in.

5. The guide who will help with this challenge

Page of Wands:  A female Christian martyr and guide who has been with me since about 2004.

6. Belief that needs to be cleared (read with card no. 4)

3 of Swords: I need to release the belief that allowing people in will hurt me. This is a very old belief that has served to isolate me in more ways than one. Philomena is now showing me that it has its roots in past lives where I was betrayed and handed over to the authorities for my beliefs and practices.

7. Action I need to take to maximise my mediumship potential

3 of Pentacles: Work together with others more. Learn what it is like to be part of a team or group that is working toward a common goal or cause.

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