spirit communication with the tarot

Spirit Communication with the Tarot (with Tarot Spread)

spirit communication with the tarot

In the past, I have shared several Tarot spreads for mediumship and spirit communication. For example, this recent Tarot Spread about connecting with Bastet, this one for connecting with your Guardian Angel and this one to connect with your ancestors. In today’s post, I want to talk about using the Tarot for spirit communication in general.

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Essentially, there are no limits to whom you can connect with or what type of information you can channel through. The great news for anybody who does not consider themselves ‘psychic’ is that, with the Tarot, you can receive these messages with the cards acting as the medium. You do need to rely on your intuition to interpret those messages correctly but we can all do so.

Channelling messages through the Tarot is all about building a relationship, just as you would with another living human being. That means you can’t overlook the genuine desire required to establish a connection with a spirit being. This desire acts as the bridge, joining the intuitive interpretation of the cards with the spiritual realm. The heart, in its openness and sincerity, is the real vessel through which communication flows. It is this genuine longing for connection that lends meaning to the messages and makes the guidance truly beneficial.

What About Trickster Spirits?

The practice of spirit communication through the Tarot can evoke a range of feelings, from reverence and anticipation to outright fear. Some of these fears may be rooted in the cultural narrative surrounding spirit contact. Hollywood hasn’t done much to help. Additionally, dark tales and urban legends about Ouija boards and séances gone awry have permeated the collective consciousness, creating an association with the unknown that skews menacingly.

However, the fear of encountering trickster spirits or demonic entities is not entirely unfounded in the history of occult practices. Stories abound of individuals unwittingly opening up to malevolent forces, leading to experiences that leave a lasting psychological, and occasionally, a physical impact.

Curiosity Over Love

The Ouija board particularly stands out as a gateway to the supernatural that’s reputed to invite unpredictable and sometimes undesirable spirits. It has become a symbol of occult experimentation, drawing a line between the curious and the cautious. The difference between Ouija boards and Tarot, however, is crucial. The Ouija is a tool of direct communication with the spiritual realm. Sadly, many use it to invite any spirit who happens to knock about. It’s all too often about a fascination with all things ‘spooky’ rather than connecting from the heart and seeking spiritual wisdom.

Love Is Your Shield

In contrasting Tarot with such practices, we find that the Tarot is a more controlled and reflective medium. The cards themselves don’t summon spirits but instead, serve as a mirror for the communication filtering through our deep mind via the symbolism of the cards. Again, the heart is the true channel and the cards are simply the medium you choose to work with.

As stated above, when approaching the Tarot, particularly to channel from spirits, the practitioner’s mindset and intention are paramount. Seeking to connect from a place of love casts an energetic shield; as many believe, love is the highest energy and offers protection as well as clarity. It is this frequency of love that ensures the communication remains pure and aligned with the reader’s highest good.

Free Will

Furthermore, we possess free will, a powerful force in the realm of spirit communication. If a session begins to feel ‘off,’ feels uncomfortable, or takes a dark turn, we are at full liberty to end the session and disconnect from the reading. There is a strength in acknowledging our sovereignty over such interactions, the power to open and close the door as we see fit.

The truth of the matter may lie in our perception and our readiness to confront what resides in the shadowy parts of the deep mind. This could be something a spirit wishes to highlight for our benefit but the ego may not be ready to receive. When we shine the light of awareness and love onto our fears, we realise that we are the ones in control of the reading—our hearts being the guides, rather than passive recipients of whatever chooses to come through.

As you continue your journey with the Tarot for spirit communication, remember that setting clear boundaries and fostering a loving intention are key to ensuring a safe and positive experience. It’s a dance with the divine, a sacred dialogue with the spirit realm, meant to be navigated with respect, care, and genuine desire for enlightenment and guidance, with love as your invincible shield.

A Brief History of Tarot in Mediumship

Historically, tarot cards were used primarily for playing games. It wasn’t until the 18th century that they were profoundly linked with the esoteric and used as a tool for divination. As the cards made their way into the hands of mediums, they evolved into a vital instrument for spirit communication, offering a visual language through which the intangible could express itself.

Mediumship itself has a rich and varied history, spanning across cultures and time. In ancient times, the medium served as a bridge between worlds, often in a sacred context, seeking guidance from the world beyond. Moving through the ages, the practice of contacting spirits evolved but consistently remained a part of human fascination. In modern times, tarot cards have become a popular mediumistic tool, providing clarity and connection during readings.

Many readers, however, will not use the cards for spirit communication with clients. There can be several reasons for this but essentially, many readers choose to focus on the here and now. This enables the Tarot reader to guide the client with the everyday issues that most clients come to readers for. Switching into mediumship mode can require more of a shift in consciousness that some readers may find difficult to maintain with a client in front of them. Additionally, many Tarot readers simply have no interest in mediumship.

Channelling Messages from the Divine

Engaging with deities requires both respect and understanding of the spiritual plane. When using the tarot as a conduit, mediums often rely on their intuition and knowledge of the symbolic imagery to interpret messages from higher spirits. The process is deeply personal and can vary significantly from one practitioner to another.

To channel messages from gods, it’s essential to enter the reading with an open and reverent heart. Choose a deck that resonates with the pantheon or deities you wish to connect with and consider selecting specific cards that embody their energies as focal points for the reading.

The Chaos Magick Perspective

Not everyone who channels messages from the gods understands them to be eternal beings with an agenda of their own. From a Chaos Magick perspective, channelling messages from the gods is rooted in the principle that belief itself is a tool that can be actively used to shape one’s reality. In Chaos Magick, correspondences such as deities or spirits aren’t necessarily believed to be inherently “real” or “unreal” but are instead seen as symbols or archetypes that can be purposefully engaged with to achieve desired effects.

Creating Resonance with the Divine

To channel messages from the gods using Chaos Magick principles, a practitioner might start by selecting a deity whose attributes resonate with the intent of the communication. By resonating with the chosen archetype, they hope to amplify their intent and strengthen the channel through which messages may be received. It’s about finding the symbolic language that the subconscious mind and, by extension, the universe understands and responds to.

Scepticism and Results

A chaos magician remains grounded in scepticism about the absolute nature of all experiences and retains a focus on the results rather than the method. Therefore, whether the communication is understood to be with a literal divinity or as an interaction with deep psychological constructs doesn’t necessarily matter as long as the result is meaningful and effective.

It can be difficult to be a hardcore sceptic and also come from a place of love but essentially, if the message is deemed meaningful and effective because it is also loving, then the shield of love is in place when coming from this perspective too.

Ancestral Insights Through the Tarot

Communicating with ancestral spirits is a sacred act that can bring guidance, closure, and a deeper understanding of one’s roots. The Tarot facilitates these conversations by acting as a meeting ground for the medium and the spirits of their lineage.

When using tarot to connect with ancestors:

  1. Begin with a clear intention and request permission for the connection.
  2. Create a respectful environment, perhaps including items or tokens of significance to your ancestry.
  3. Use the cards to form a narrative, allowing them to surface lessons, messages, and shared experiences passed down through generations. Feel free to adapt the spread below to allow for more messages to come through.

Angelic Insights Through the Tarot

The Tarot can be an exceptionally enlightening tool when seeking guidance from the angelic realms. Angels, as divine messengers, offer comfort, insight, and sometimes even direct intervention in our lives. When you pull a card to receive angelic guidance, you never fail to open a channel to higher wisdom. The symbolism in the cards could reflect the angels’ responses to our queries, or it may prompt our subconscious to align with angelic vibrations and receive intuitive knowledge more clearly.

You may wish to work with an angel-themed deck such as the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot for this type of reading but you can use any type of Tarot deck to connect with angelic wisdom.

In an angelic Tarot reading, each card acts as a vessel for an angel’s whisper, akin to a feather on the breath of spirit. By creating sacred space and using the Tarot as the medium for the loving guidance of the angels, we can gain profound insights that encourage growth, healing, and strength on our spiritual path.

The Spirit Communication Tarot Spread

Prepare for this reading by creating sacred space and taking a few deep breaths through the heart. Formulate your question/focus for this reading and write it down. Open your heart to receive wisdom and guidance from the spirit you wish to connect with.

spirit communication tarot spread

Card 1: Readiness to Receive a Message from Spirit

This card assesses your current state of openness to receive messages from the spirit world. If the card suggests a misalignment or a closed heart, it may be wise to discontinue the session, reset your intentions, and approach again, ensuring you come from a place of love.

Card 2: Energy of the Spirit Invoked

Reveal the type of energy or intention the spirit is bringing to the communication. This card will help you understand the nature of the energy surrounding the spirit.

Card 3: Your Question

Draw a card to focus on the specific question or concern you have in mind that you wish to receive guidance on from the spirit.

Card 4: Spirit’s Perception

Understand how the spirit perceives you about your question. This card can provide insight into how your energy or attitude aligns with the issue at hand.

Card 5: Recommended Action

This card suggests the action the spirit advises you to take regarding your question or situation.

Card 6: Obstacles to Heed

This card will show potential obstacles or challenges that may arise on your path. It’s a hint from the spirit about what to watch out for or address directly.

Card 7: Expected Outcomes

Finally, draw a card to reveal the possible outcomes if you heed the guidance and take the recommended action. This card helps you envision the path forward and the potential resolution of your queries.

Contemplate each card and its position deeply, allowing the symbols and impressions to form a coherent message from the spirit with whom you are communicating. Maintain a state of love and receptiveness throughout the reading and write down the messages you receive.

Spirit Communication Sample Reading

spirit communication sample reading with the runic tarot

Spirit Communication Sample Reading

Card 1: Readiness to Receive a Message from Spirit – King of Wands

The King of Wands represents a bold leader, full of passion and charisma. Your readiness to receive a message is marked by enthusiasm and confidence. You are likely in a position where you’re willing to take charge of your spiritual journey, harnessing your power to connect and understand messages from the spirit realm.

Card 2: Energy of the Spirit Invoked – 7 of Swords

Odin, resonates strongly with the energy of the 7 of Swords. This card usually signals a need for strategy and caution; it suggests that the spirit is challenging you to think critically and avoid taking things at face value. There’s a sense that the interaction with Odin will require nuanced thinking and perhaps considering the unseen aspects of your situation.

Card 3: Your Question – Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles as your question card points to a sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn regarding your writing project. You are at the beginning of this endeavour, full of ideas and ambitions, and seeking practical ways to manifest your creative goals.

Card 4: Spirit’s Perception – The Hierophant

The Hierophant Odin’s perception of you as a seeker of knowledge, someone who may be conforming to traditional values or working within established systems to achieve your goals. There is an implication of learning from those who are experienced and respecting the time-honoured methods of your craft.

Card 5: Recommended Action – 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands suggests that your course of action is to stand your ground and persevere. You’ll likely face some competition or external challenges, but you’re encouraged to defend your position and fight for what you believe in. This card reinforces the idea of resilience and personal conviction, especially in the context of your writing endeavour.

Card 6: Obstacles to Heed – 5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles often signifies financial difficulty or feeling left out in the cold. It’s a warning that your path may encounter material struggles or a sense of lack. Perhaps you’re worried about the resources necessary for your writing project. Alternatively, there could be a feeling of not having the support you’d hoped for. Odin suggests preparing for hardships, but not being discouraged by them.

Card 7: Expected Outcomes: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is a card of anticipated success and foresight. Paying heed to Odin’s guidance and taking the recommended actions suggests that you can expect opportunities for growth and expansion. Your project might reach a wider audience than you anticipated. Your planning and foresight will position you to take advantage of upcoming possibilities.


Whether you are seeking guidance from your ancestors, angels, messages from deities, or insight into your journey, the Tarot stands ready to assist in bridging the realms. As with any form of mediumship, approach with an open mind and a loving heart. This will allow the Tarot to guide you through the intricate dance of spirit communication.

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