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A Journey from Christianity to Christ Consciousness

When I kissed my 73-year-old dead grandmother goodbye in the hospital at age 25, I had reached the limit of my cognitive dissonance. My grandmother who spent six years in a Swedish Salvation Army orphanage died an unbeliever (and an avid Freddie Mercury fan). Growing up, she had received daily beatings ‘in the name of Jesus.’ Many of the children around her starved to death.

One story I’ll never forget is how these young, starving and frightened children were sent out to pick blueberries in the forest. These berries were sold for profit in the local market stalls. After they had finished working many hours in the forest, the governess of the orphanage would check the mouths of the children. If any child had a blueberry-stained tongue, they were beaten to within an inch of their lives.

Knowing this about my grandmother, how could I blame her for not wanting to touch Christianity with a barge pole? So, according to the faith I had adopted in my teens, the soul of my dead grandmother, was either already in hell or on the way there. No way. I just knew in my heart that this was not true. And this was the beginning of my very long journey of deconstructing my faith. I guess you can call it a journey from Christianity to Christ Consciousness.

Divorcing Jesus

Not long ago, I wrote a post titled ‘Divorcing Jesus.’ In many ways, I felt that post was the culmination of my deconstruction journey. I just wanted to be truly free from all religious dogma. What I realise now is that it wasn’t Jesus I wanted freedom from. I just wanted to be free of the guilt and shame programming. Jesus is still the best teacher I can think of when it comes to unconditional love. The Bible’s many layers of conditional love, I see as a hijack or an inversion of the teachings of the Christed one.

What Did Jesus Teach Us?

And what Jesus actually taught us was how to set ourselves free from shame and guilt. Essentially, his teachings can be summed up like this:

Christ Consciousness = unconditional love = grace/forgiveness

He taught us that God is love and he taught us that by expressing that love, we can be perfect, just as God is perfect. (Matthew 5:48) This is, in essence, our nature. Our nature is Divine because we are the sons and daughters of the Divine.

Jesus reminds us of this in the Gospel of John when he says, ‘Is it not written in your Law, “I have said you are gods?”‘ (John 10:34)

Finally, also in the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” (John 14:12)

There are other things in the Bible, of course, that contradict these statements. That’s because it didn’t serve the Dying Powers to empower humanity to this degree. You can easily change and manipulate any written records. And that is exactly what they did!

So, it’s up to you if you choose Christian dogma over what Jesus actually taught. You’ll find plenty of Christian religious websites that re-interpret the above statements in the most disempowering way possible if that is more your cup of tea.

The great news is that you are free to choose and there is no judgment… Unless you wish to believe there is!

Is Karma Even a Thing?

Karma is sometimes seen as a ‘softer’ approach to the problem of sin or human ignorance. At a first glance, it does seem less harsh than ‘eternal punishment in hell.’ But is it really? Without grace, it means an endless cycle of paying off our karmic debt or reaping what we have sown, or in whatever way you wish to phrase it. Could it be that truly being centred in Christ Consciousness means that we see that karma is just another illusion? Is karma something the ego-mind creates in order to satisfy its vantage point of duality?

More than that, I would say that until you see that karma is just another illusion, you are not fully embodying Christ Consciousness. When you make the shift from whatever vibration into unconditional love, you automatically nullify the illusion of karma. Welcome to the zero-point!

The Christ Consciousness Tarot Spread

The Christ Consciousness Tarot Spread is a simple, three-card spread to help you shift into a state of grace aka Christ Consciousness.
  1. What is standing between me and unconditional love/grace/Christ Consciousness? Shadow aspect that is now coming up to be purged.
  2. How to shift out of limited consciousness into Christ consciousness. What lower vibration I’m currently operating from that can now be released.
  3. Daily reminder. How I can choose to remind myself to stay centred in Christ Consciousness.

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  1. This is excellent! I’ve been seeing 316 everywhere I go. It finally dawned on me , it’s John 3:16.
    I know Jesus/Christ is calling me but I too am so turned off by dogma it scares me away.
    I can’t believe how mean these so called “spiritual ” people were to your Grandma.
    I do believe in karma so clearly I have work to do.
    This spread and article really helps me. Thank you so much. You’re an integral part of my journey and I’m truly grateful for you.

    1. Post

      No need for dogma. Ask him. He will tell you himself. No need for religion, even. In fact, religion tends to get in the way of really following him. It’s laden with judgment. There is a reason XX Judgement is the penultimate card in the Major Arcana–releasing it is the most difficult thing to do for us once we forget who we are here in the third dimension… But releasing it is the only way to know Jesus because you can’t know unconditional love from a place of judgment. Karma is a bi-product of judgment. I recommend checking out a Love-Covered Life on YouTube. It has tons of interviews with NDErs and Melissa who has the channel is great! There truly is no judgment on the other side. I especially love Melissa’s interview with Dennis Bullock. Highly recommend! I’m grateful for you too, my friend xoxo

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