human body - all you need for powerful magick

The Only Tool You Need for Powerful Magick (with Tarot Spread)

human body - all you need for powerful magick

Since witchcraft exploded into the public domain during the second half of the 20th century, it has kept growing in popularity. Much of its popularity is due to merchants of witchcraft paraphernalia and social media influencers shaping the aesthetics and desires of consumers. Additionally, many of the books for beginner witches contain lists of tools and items you need to practice the craft. But are any of those items necessary for powerful magick? Or should we shift our focus our attention more to cultivating our ability to harness and direct energy?

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If it is true that the human is a microcosm of the macrocosm, isn’t everything we need found within? And if it is found within, how can we learn to use it efficiently?

Students of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption will know that there is a heavy emphasis on the emotions. We need to generate the feeling of ‘as if’ what we desire is already a reality. This goes beyond wishing and hoping for something. When we feel that something is already within our field of reality, it becomes easy to decree that it is so. This is how we speak/spell with power and this is what it takes to create powerful Magick. I believe some have the ability to cast powerful spells more innately than others but we can all learn, just like we can all learn to become psychic.

Seers and Manifesters

manifester and seers

An intuitive or seer has different wiring to a powerful manifester. As a seer, I’m aware that my energy body is generally wired more for receiving than for generating and creating. This is true even when I sit down to type out a blog post. Most of the time, I’m simply channelling what wants to come through me (always for the Highest Good). My wiring is most likely the result of growing up in an environment where I didn’t feel safe and needed an early warning system for imminent danger.

This is not to say that you can’t use your body’s energy system for both generating and receiving but I believe most of us default to one of the two modes. In my experience, many people who are ‘receivers’ and able to read the energy of other people as well as their surroundings seem to struggle with flipping the switch to manifesting mode.

While there are many programs and courses out there to help people develop their innate psychic abilities, I have yet to come across a parallel teaching on developing powerful magick for manifesting that works from the inside out rather than relying on formulas and props. As always, it begins with knowing ourselves. No amount of learning spells or buying tools/props will help us achieve this ability. Trying to use a Magick Wand that is not connected to and directed by your innate willpower is like trying to drive a car with no petrol in the tank.

Developing Powerful Magick from Within

Many seers/intuitives have a ‘heart-bypass’ in their energetic system and instead default to an overactive gut-brain axis. By ‘heart-bypass,’ I’m not referring to a lack of empathy but a lack of actively checking in with one’s own will and feelings. This is effective in some ways but ultimately disempowering because without the heart engaging and directing our will through the emotions, we are at the mercy of outside forces, fear and anxiety. Fear can also lead to misinterpretation of signs so that the outlook becomes gloomy when it need not be. Catastrophising can unfortunately be part of this type of wiring.

A good example of this are the many doomsday prophecies in both ancient and modern literature by otherwise excellent mediums, intuitives and seers.

Hence, developing a balanced energy system will not only help those with receptive/intuitive wiring to become great manifesters but also to become better seers. In order to get a good overview of how to balance the three main energy centres, we will take a quick look at Eastern Energy Medicine.

Understanding the Three Dantians

In traditional Eastern medicine and martial arts, the concept of the Dantians is central to understanding how energy flows through the body. These are the main reservoirs of energy or ‘Qi’ and play a crucial role in health and spiritual development. Each Dantian corresponds to different aspects of our being—physical, emotional, and mental.

Lower Dantian (Xia Dan Tian)

Located in the pelvic area, specifically in the centre of the abdomen, just below the navel, the Lower Dantian is often referred to as the ‘Sea of Qi.’ This energy centre is associated with physical vitality and the foundational energy of the body. It governs stability, grounding, and is the source from which we draw our life force. In practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi, much focus is placed on cultivating energy in this Dantian as it enhances strength, health, and longevity.

Middle Dantian

Situated around the diaphragm and extending to the heart and solar plexus, the Middle Dantian is the center of emotional energy. This area is crucial for processing and balancing emotions. It’s intimately connected with the respiratory system, influencing how emotional states impact physiological responses. The health of the Middle Dantian affects our ability to connect with others, harness compassion, and find balance in our feeling states. Cultivating energy in this centre improves emotional intelligence and harmony.

Upper Dantian

The Upper Dantian is located in the forehead area, often associated with the third eye—a metaphysical concept of a spiritual sight center. This Dantian includes the limbic system, which encompasses the pineal gland, and is responsible for insight, intuition, and spiritual consciousness. It guides higher cognitive functions, such as imagination, visualisation, and perception beyond the physical. Enhancing the energy of the Upper Dantian promotes mental clarity, enhanced intuition, and a deeper connection to one’s spiritual self.

Interconnectivity of the Dantians

Although distinct, all three Dantians are integrally connected, communicating instantaneously through the meridians. This connection ensures a seamless flow of energy from the most grounded part of our being in the Lower Dantian, through the emotional centre in the Middle, and up to the spiritual and intellectual realms of the Upper Dantian. Balancing these energy centres is key to holistic health, offering a unified approach to nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Practices focusing on this alignment enhance overall wellbeing and spiritual growth, creating a robust internal energy system that supports all aspects of life.

Creating Power Symbols for Each of the Three Dantian

Other than working with traditional Qi Gong exercises to balance the Dantians, I suggest creating three power symbols: one for each of the three energy centres. That way you can quickly check in with them and see which centre is out of whack and needs a boost. You can also use the power symbols to activate the energy centres. Alternatively, you can ask for the assistance of three corresponding animal guides or angels. You still need to move your body to balance the energy centres too, of course.

If you wish to be a powerful practitioner of magick, I highly recommend a daily Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice taught by someone who truly understands energy medicine.

The Powerful Magick Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread can help you harness the power of the three Dantians (energy centres) in your body—Lower, Middle, and Upper—to become a powerful manifester and co-creator of your reality. By focusing on these centres, you can balance and enhance your ability to manifest your desires effectively.

powerful magick tarot spread

Card Layout

  1. Card 1: Lower Dantian (Root). This card reveals what you need to stabilise in your life, providing a foundation for your manifesting power.
  2. Card 2: Middle Dantian (Heart). This card represents the condition of your emotional energies and how you can harness the power of your emotions for manifesting.
  3. Card 3: Upper Dantian (Mind). This card shows the state of your mental and spiritual clarity, guiding how to direct your focus for manifestation.
  4. Card 4: Blockages to Clear. This card identifies obstacles that might be hindering the flow of energy between the Dantians, affecting your ability to manifest.
  5. Card 5: Action to Take. Practical advice on how to align or clear your Dantians for better manifesting ability.
  6. Card 6: Outcome. The potential result if you successfully balance and harmonise your three Dantians in your manifestation efforts.

This tarot spread offers a unique way to work with the elements and energies within yourself, playing a crucial role in spiritual practices aimed at manifesting your desires.

Sample Powerful Magick Tarot Reading

sample powerful magick tarot reading
Original Rider Waite Tarot

Card 1: Lower Dantian (Root) – Strength

The Strength card symbolises the presence of inner fortitude and resilience. It suggests that your foundational energy is strong, and you have the inner power necessary to stabilise your life. This card encourages you to continue harnessing your courage and determination as these qualities build a solid base for manifesting your desires.

Card 2: Middle Dantian (Heart) – Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in the heart position indicates fluctuations and changes in your emotional life. This card reminds you that life’s ups and downs are natural, but they also bring new opportunities for growth and happiness. Flow with the changes and allow them to guide you to harness emotional energy effectively in your manifestations.

Card 3: Upper Dantian (Mind) – 10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands in the mind position reveals feelings of burden and overwhelm. It signifies that mental and spiritual loads may be clouding your clarity. It’s essential to delegate where possible and clear your mind of unnecessary responsibilities to maintain focus on your higher goals and spiritual path.

Card 4: Blockages to Clear – The Tower

The Tower card points to fundamental shake-ups and transformative changes that need to occur to release blockages. This could represent a sudden revelation or the breakdown of old structures. Although potentially challenging or disruptive, this clearing is crucial for realigning and strengthening your energy flow between the Dantians.

Card 5: Action to Take – Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords suggests taking decisive, clear action. It calls for you to adopt a mindset of sharp focus and mental clarity. Cutting through confusion and becoming clear on your priorities will help you align your energy centres more effectively. Use this energy to make strategic decisions that underpin your manifestation goals.

Card 6: Outcome – 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles as the outcome signifies achieving long-term success, stability, and fulfilment. This card forecasts a rewarding end to your efforts. It indicates that balancing and harmonising your three Dantians will lead to a solid legacy and emotional richness that benefits not only you but also those around you.

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