The Fairy Ring Tarot Spread

I wanted to interview the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck today but I realised that neither of my old deck interview spreads would suffice. You see, I believe the fae themselves have inspired some of the images and if we ask the right questions, we may get a much more personal connection with the fairies as well as the deck.

The Fairy Ring Tarot Spread is inspired by the Faery Star Tarot Spread. The seven cards correspond with the 7 classical planets. You lay them out in a simple circular pattern, in a clockwise fashion, starting from the bottom of the circle.

The Fairy Ring Tarot Spread is perfect for anybody on a Faery Path who loves doing card reading.

The Fairy Ring Deck Interview Tarot Spread

  1. Moon – How will this deck work with me on an intuitive level? (You may even see your elemental guide here)
  2. Mars – What is your motivation for wanting to work with me
  3. Mercury – What sort of messages are you wanting to pass on through me? (Shows which type of readings the elemental(s) behind this deck prefer)
  4. Jupiter – How will I benefit from working with you?
  5. Venus – How can I use this deck to bring more beauty & joie de vivre into the life of seekers?
  6. Saturn – What will be my main challenge when working with this deck?
  7. Sun – Please show me an aspect of yourself that you want me to get to know a better. (If you ask politely, you may even see the elemental who is the main inspiration behind this deck)

CLICK HERE for a sample reading and deck interview of the Victorian Fairy Tarot with the Fairy Ring Tarot Spread.


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