am i too old to start practising witchcraft

Too Old to Start Practising Witchcraft? (Includes a Tarot Spread)

am i too old to start practising witchcraft

The other day, on Quora, I noticed that someone in their late 50s had posted the question, ‘Am I too old to start practising witchcraft?’ The responses were positive and affirming of someone starting on this path later in life. However, nobody talked in-depth about the many advantages of starting a practice in the second half of life. So that’s what I wish to highlight in today’s post, as someone starting over on this path later in life.

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The first tenet of any magical practice is ‘Know thyself.’ And when I first started my witchcraft practice in my early 30s, I didn’t know myself. I thought I did but I very clearly did not. Proof? Two RTS relapses into fundamentalist religion. Now at age 53, I still have blindspots, of course. We all do. However, I do know myself a whole lot better and hopefully enough to avoid sabotaging myself again like I did when I was younger.

Perhaps, most importantly, I no longer crave the label, approval or ‘fitting in.’ And I say that without denying that in an ideal world, I would be part of a like-minded community of wise women and unfiltered crones. This would be a community that welcomes older witches of all paths and with zero gatekeeping concerning the ‘correctness’ of beliefs or ways of doing magic.

Advantages of Practising Witchcraft Later in Life

So what are some of the other advantages of starting a witchcraft practice/practising witchcraft later in life? Off the top of my head…

1. Wisdom and Life Experience

Older individuals often have accumulated a wealth of wisdom and life experience. This can provide a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of magic and its applications. Your experiences can shape your magical practice and give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

2. Self-Awareness

With age comes a greater level of self-awareness. You have likely spent years exploring your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. This self-knowledge can greatly enhance your practice as you can better align your magic with your true desires, values, and intentions.

It will also help you keep only that which works for you in the practices you try out, without feeling guilty about not doing things exactly to a T. It’s much easier to allow oneself to be ‘perfectly imperfect’ with age.

3. Patience and Perseverance

Starting a witchcraft practice later in life often requires patience and perseverance. You have likely developed these qualities over the years, which can greatly benefit your magical journey. You understand that mastery takes time and are willing to put in the effort and dedication required to grow as a witch.

4. Freedom from External Expectations

As mentioned earlier, you no longer crave the label or approval of others. Practising witchcraft later in life allows you the freedom to explore and express your own unique path without feeling the need to conform to groupthink. The community gatekeepers probably dare not even mess with you because of this.

They are there to keep the younger ones in line. Sure they could try it with you but would most likely just get a chuckle/cackle in response. This is the stage in life where you have the opportunity to embrace your authentic self and craft your magic in a way that feels 100% right for you.

You also don’t what others do but have developed a live-and-let-live attitude that is sadly lacking among younger practitioners. If I were to hazard a guess about the strong gatekeeping need in the various witchcraft communities I have seen online, I’d say it’s to shore up a fragile sense of identity. And that’s the least sinister reason I can think of. Correct me if I’m wrong. *cackles*

5. Connection with Nature

With age often comes a deeper appreciation for the natural world. You may find that you have a stronger connection with nature and a greater understanding of its rhythms and cycles. This connection can enhance your magical practice as you align yourself with the energy of the Earth and its elements.

6. Community

While it’s true that finding a like-minded community can sometimes be challenging, starting a witchcraft practice later in life provides an opportunity to connect with others who share your interests and beliefs. You can seek out online communities, local meetups, or workshops where you can connect with fellow witches and learn from their experiences.

Remember, age is not a limitation when it comes to practising witchcraft. It is never too late to embark on a magical journey and explore the depths of your own power and potential. Embrace the advantages that come with starting a witchcraft practice later in life and enjoy the unique perspective and insights that you bring to this ancient art.

The Wise Seeker Tarot Spread for Starting (or Restarting) a Witchcraft Practice Later in Life

This five-card Tarot spread is designed to provide guidance and insights for individuals who are ready to embrace new beginnings and embark on a fresh chapter in their lives. It aims to shed light on the opportunities, challenges, and potential outcomes that may arise along the way.

the wise seeker tarot spread a five-card spread for starting a witchcraft practice later in life

Card 1: Current Situation

This card represents your current situation and motivation levels. It offers insights into your present circumstances, emotions, and mindset. Reflecting on this card can help you gain clarity on what aspects of your life need to be addressed or transformed before proceeding.

Card 2: Your Unique Path

This card gives you a glimpse of what your unique path as a witch might look like. It will touch on some of your unique strengths and gifts, showing you how you can be of service to your community.

Card 3: Resources

This card highlights resources that you can rely on during this new beginning. Read this card together with card 2 for deeper insights into what you can offer to the world.

Card 4: Potential Obstacle/Challenge

This card sheds light on potential obstacles or challenges that you need to address/overcome at the start of your journey as a new practitioner of witchcraft. Read together with card 1. Check this post out if you suspect that raising energy may be a challenge.

Card 5: Outcome or Future Direction

This card represents the probable outcome or future direction of your new beginning as a witch. It offers glimpses into what you can expect or work towards. While outcomes are not set in stone, this card can assist you in making informed decisions and taking actions aligned with your intentions and aspirations.

Remember, you are the magic(k) that you seek. You have already been practising much of it for many decades but without labelling it witchcraft. It’s now just all about putting it together in a way that feels empowering, fun and witchy to you! May your path as a witch be illuminated with clarity, growth, and much laughter!

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