Angelic Witchcraft

What Is Angelic Witchcraft?

Angelic Witchcraft

Happy Witchy Wednesday friends! Today, I want to talk about Angelic Witchcraft and why some of us choose to work magic(k) this way.

There are a number of ways to approach the combination of Angels and Magic. This is both an ancient and a modern tradition (with many variations of both), depending on the approach you choose. In the ancient grimoire tradition, working with spirits meant conjuring and commanding both angels and demons. However, in our modern day, working with (rather than conjuring/commanding) angels does not usually involve the demonic realm.

Personally, I have no judgment on people who are on the lefthand path and who work with demons. That is certainly one way of learning a lot about personal power. However, I have no pull toward it myself and the lack of attraction for me is probably down to growing up in an abusive environment where I was encircled by demons growing up. There are only so many demons you can handle in a lifetime.

Angels – Friends and Allies in Magic

In modern angelic witchcraft, we seek to connect with angels as benevolent and divine beings, embracing their wisdom, guidance, and celestial energies. We view angels as spiritual allies and guides who can provide assistance, protection, and spiritual insight.

One of the primary differences between modern angelic witchcraft and the grimoire tradition lies in the approach to working with angels. In the grimoire tradition, conjuring and commanding angels and demons is practised, often involving elaborate rituals and ceremonies. On the other hand, modern angelic witchcraft leans towards establishing a cooperative partnership with angels, fostering a mutual exchange of energy and guidance.

An Emphasis on Personal Growth

Modern angelic witchcraft also emphasises personal growth, healing, and spiritual development rather than seeking to manipulate the world around us for personal gain. Angelic witches may incorporate various practices such as meditation, divination, ritual work, and spellcraft to deepen their connection with angels and to manifest positive changes in their lives. The focus is on using angelic energies to bring about healing, protection, spiritual enlightenment, and a greater understanding of oneself and the world.

It is important to note that modern angelic witchcraft and its emphasis on working solely with angels do not negate the existence of the demonic realm or the experiences of those who choose to explore the darker aspects of spirituality. It is simply a different approach that prioritises the angelic energies and their positive influence while excluding the summoning or commanding of demons.

Angelic Witchcraft Is Not Just for Wiccans

If you do a quick Google search in 2023 about Angelic Witchcraft, you will find several posts at the top about Angelic Wicca. And yes, you can absolutely be a Wiccan and practise Angelic Witchcraft but you don’t have to be. For me, the whole point about identifying as a witch is that it makes me free to learn from whomever and whatever piques my interest, rather than having to adhere to dogma.

Wicca is a religion. While many these days are quite free with their modern Wiccan practices, you will still find gatekeepers. These are the types of people who delight in telling others what they can and cannot do in order to qualify and ‘belong.’ As someone who has recovered from Religious Trauma Syndrome quite recently, I just feel life is too short.

You have every right to question and experiment. Nobody else gets to decide what labels or epithets you are worthy of.

Systems and Hierarchies

Similar issues occur if you go down the path of the grimoire tradition and choose to work with the angels and archangels according to one of those systems. You will find that none of them agree on exact Archangelic correspondences in the Kabbalistic tree of life, for instance. My top tip is to do your own research and quietly keep that which resonates. Be prepared to be criticised if you go public or dismissed as a New Age floof.

Personally, I find this hilarious since it is quite clear that back in the 1500s some well-educated privileged old (mostly white) dudes decided to come up with their own systems. Sure, some of those systems have much older roots but my point is that it was okay for them to create their own. Ergo, it’s okay for you to do the same.

As a baseline, I would recommend practising some of the traditional material to the best of your ability before starting your own pick-n-mix. You need experience under your belt first. You can compare this to coming up with your own style of choreography if you like. There are no prohibitions against this but be prepared to be laughed off the stage if you haven’t taken any dance classes first.

Angelic Witchcraft Research

While you can practice Angelic Witchcraft without using already established names of Archangels and other angelic beings, I recommend doing some basic research before you start experimenting. You probably know about the four major Archangels in the Western Mystery tradition if you have read this far.

But do you know all there is to know about Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel? Researching these four (even if you think you know them) will give you a good foundation since they each correspond with one of the four Elements. As you know, all witches work with the Elements and Spirit.

You absolutely do not have to go out and buy a ton of books for this. You will find a lot of information online (including on this site). But if you’re looking for a book, I recommend Angels Companions in Magick by Silver RavenWolf. It’s a good Angelic Witchcraft beginner manual that covers all the bases.

RavenWolf’s book has been out for a while now and was written when Wicca dominated. So I’m sure younger generations will find reasons to complain that it’s not as modern as they like. However, granting the book the grace it deserves, you will find many nuggets there even if you don’t decide to buy it all wholesale.

Do Angelic Witches Hex and Curse?

In short: No. Of course, you can choose to do so and still work with the Angelic Realm but you can’t call on the angels themselves for cursing. They won’t have it. Whereas you judge someone worthy of the hex you want to place on them, the Angels see them as innocent and on a learning journey just like you.

That’s not saying there aren’t warrior angels too but our egoic idea of war is very different from the Angelic understanding of spiritual warfare. You will get much further in your craft, even when not practising Angelic Witchcraft by learning how to bless rather than how to curse.

I love this video by Ariel Gatoga on the most ancient of phrases used in the craft: Why Do We Witches Say Blessed Be? It outlines the ethics of Angelic Witchcraft perfectly without dogma and morality. Basically, it’s all about cause and effect.

The Pitfall of Spiritual Bypass in Angelic Witchcraft

While angelic witchcraft emphasises working with benevolent beings, there is a potential pitfall when it is approached in a new age “positive vibes only” manner: spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypassing refers to the tendency to avoid or bypass uncomfortable emotions, shadow work, and deeper healing by focusing solely on positive or “love and light” aspects of spirituality.

In the context of angelic witchcraft, spiritual bypassing can manifest when practitioners solely seek the angelic energies for guidance, protection, and positive changes without addressing the underlying issues within themselves. This approach may lead to an imbalance and an unrealistic view of spirituality, bypassing the necessary inner work for personal growth and healing.

The Role of Psalm Magic

To avoid falling into the trap of spiritual bypassing in angelic witchcraft, incorporating Psalm Magic (<–Click to learn more and for FREE Psalm Magic Resources) can be a powerful remedy. It involves working magically with the ancient wisdom and power contained in the Book of Psalms. These sacred texts, which are not part of a closed tradition, attributed to King David, offer a diverse range of prayers and invocations that can be used to establish a deeper connection with oneself and the divine.

The Psalms have been used in folk magic for hundreds of years. Many indigenous peoples used them to go undercover with their native magic after Christianisation and forced conversions. This is true of my Saami ancestors as well as of the African peoples brought to the Americas as part of the slave trade.

Like the angels themselves, the Psalms predate the monotheistic Judeo-Christian faith paradigm.

Through the reading/incantation of specific Psalms into rituals, spells, meditations or using the Psalms as spells in their own right, angelic witches can tap into the transformative power of these ancient words. Psalm magic acts as a catalyst for self-reflection, helping practitioners to address their inner wounds, release negativity, and promote inner healing.

The Psalms also serve as a reminder that the angelic realm is not separate from the human experience but intertwined with it. They provide a means to express gratitude, seek guidance, and invoke angelic assistance while acknowledging and honoring the complexity of our emotions and experiences.

Angelic Witchcraft Beginner Practices

While I have yet to cover many of the topics that fall in the category of Angelic Witchcraft, I have created a post with instructions for how to do Archangelic circle casting. If this is all you learn in addition to creating and maintaining an Angelic Altar, you’re golden. Especially if you have a well-established relationship with your Guardian Angel.

If you are looking for a free online Basic Angel Magic course, look no further than Ariel Gatoga’s BAM course.

Angelic Tarot Resources

Those of you already using Tarot cards for divination and personal development will be happy to know that you can incorporate this into your Angelic Witchcraft practice. Here on the Angelorum site, you will find an Angelic Tarot Index from where you can easily look up the info you need. If you want to learn how to use the 72 Names (Shem HaMephorash) and work with the Angels of the Name, you can find the Tarot correspondences for that HERE.

You will find an overview of the many advantages of working with Angelic Tarot HERE and an in-depth article about how to do Angelic Tarot Healing work HERE.


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