aligning with your true will tarot spread

Aligning with Your True Will Tarot Spread

True Will Tarot Spread

Are old outdated habits keeping you from aligning with your true will? Are you like a train moving in the wrong direction at 100 miles per hour? Do you have a vague idea about what you want but are failing to tune in to specifics? Though you may feel confused in general, the real reason for the failure to tune in and align is often your current habits. Use the True Will Tarot Spread to align fully today!

Your True Will Tarot Spread

aligning with your true will tarot spread
  1. Current behaviour pattern or habit that is keeping you out of alignment
  2. Where to focus your energy
  3. What new habit to form that keeps this new, more aligned path open
  4. This is what you can expect initially from forming this new habit

Your True Will Tarot Spread – Sample Reading with the Tarot of Curious Creatures

  1. This is keeping me out of alignment3 of Pentacles: Trying to be perfect to gain acceptance from others. Focusing on the attainment of what is of value to the world instead of what aligns me with Spirit. Worrying about making money from the work I do.
  2. Where I need to focus my energyThe Star: What brings me a sense of hope and lights me up from within. The things that connect me to others while being an authentic expression of who I AM.
  3. This new habit helps me stay on track4 of Swords: Daily meditation. Resting when I need to instead of constantly striving and pushing ahead. It is necessary to first slow down before I can start moving at speed in the new, desired direction.
  4. What to expect initially after changing tracks4 of Pentacles: I will have a clearer sense of where my true treasure lies. This, in turn, will provide more stability.
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