writer's block tarot spread

The Writer’s Block Tarot Spread

the writer's block tarot spread

Have you ever wondered how many book titles there would be in circulation if everyone who ever dreamed about writing a book actually did write one? Are you dreaming about writing a book too? You’re not alone! If the words are hiding somewhere deep inside you, this Writer’s Block Tarot Spread might be helpful.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

Perhaps you’re struggling to even get started. Or maybe staying committed to completing a project is the problem. Maybe you prefer the dream of having written a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times best seller to the harsh reality of putting ink on paper (or pixels on a screen)? I know I do!

I found some brilliant quotes in this article by Arielle Ford and thought that I could turn a few of those into a Tarot Spread that could help those of us with ideas for a writing project on track.

The Writer’s Block Tarot Spread

the writer's block tarot spread

1 Significator

First, you need to choose a significator for yourself – one that is in harmony with your ideal writer persona. For me it was a no-brainer: The Magician. However, it may be another card entirely for you. Maybe the Queen of Swords? Use your intuition!

2 The Block

The second card crosses your significator and symbolises your main current block/challenge. Around this central cross, you place the other four cards according to the layout below

3 Release Perfectionism

Release yourself from the expectation that they have to be a perfect, brilliant 500 words. Just show up each day and do your best for that day. ~ Spring

This one is all about discipline and just showing up. What time of the day do you do your writing? That’s when you sit down and write. Not when inspiration strikes. Don’t fall for the illusion of ‘perfection’ as there is no such thing anyway!

4 Are YOU the One?

Our inspiration comes in the form of the deeply held belief that someone else, right now, is writing the same book, and they could beat us to market if we don’t hurry. ~ Jon

Are you the one meant to write this book? Are you the Universe’s first choice? Look for positive reinforcement here. Any expansive cards (especially The Wheel of Fortune), the Aces and any of your birth cards or court card significators would be confirmation.

5 Add Mojo to the Process

Pretend it is like great sex! Writing and sex are both about being in the moment, being in the flow of energy. Also, pray to your personal muses. ~ Laurie

On how to get your spiritual mojo going, what deities/muses to call on and how to stay in a state of relaxed flow. Your creative mojo and your sex drive are totally made of the same stuff and relate to the second chakra.

6 Is THIS Your Baby?

For me, when writing wanes, it is usually because a bigger/deeper/truer thought than the one I have in mind is trying to break through. So I hold that possibility and look for it. ~ Robin

You may be chosen to write about a certain topic. But maybe it is slightly different to what you have in mind. Maybe it is something more innovative. Examine the card in this position carefully. How is it a good match with the idea you already have? Is it whispering to you that there is a better way?

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