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The Power of Angelic Tarot: Exploring Divine Guidance

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Welcome to an enlightening journey into the realm of Angelic Tarot. In today’s article, we will delve into the profound benefits of working with Angelic Tarot and explore the sacred connection between the angelic realm and the mystical art of Tarot.

Throughout history, Tarot has captivated the hearts and minds of seekers, providing insights into many aspects of our lives. But is there a more heavenly layer to Tarot? Is there a way to reach the very heart of the Divine with our Tarot practice?

Within the pages of this article, we will explore the essence of Angelic Tarot, unravel the mystical nature of angels, and unveil the deeper meanings behind the Tarot’s archetypal symbols.

Whether you are a seasoned Tarot reader or a curious spiritual seeker, this exploration of Angelic Tarot will inspire, uplift, and awaken your connection to the divine. So, join us as we delve into the profound power of Angelic Tarot and embark on a sacred journey of divine guidance, spiritual growth, and angelic wisdom.

Defining Angelic Tarot

What is Angelic Tarot? There are a few different ways of approaching this topic. I’m going to start by making quite an audacious statement to get the ball rolling. I believe the Tarot is a gift to humanity from the Angelic realm to help us evolve spiritually. A big clue is found in Arcanum XIV (Temperance) which is the soul alchemy card in the deck. It depicts an Angel in the process of tempering the Elements.

Temperance Angelic Tarot

I believe that the angel who brought us the gift of the Tarot is Archangel Raziel whose name means Secret of God. XIV Temperance is numerologically (14=1+4) about the Four Elements of the Minor Arcana suits blending in perfect harmony with Spirit (Major Arcana) to create wholeness.

I make no apologies for not being able to substantiate my claim historically. Far more audacious claims have been made by the 18th-century French occultists as well as by more modern (usually male) authors. This is knowledge obtained through revelation. Test it to see how this revelation sits in your own soul to see if it resonates.

Essentially, if my theory is true, all Tarot is Angelic Tarot–We just forgot.

What Are Angels?

archangel raziel

The Greek word angelos from which the English word angels is derived means messenger. Hence, angels are messengers of the Divine. As messengers of the Divine, their function is to reconnect us with Source by sending us messages, signs, prophecies, oracles and reminders. They also offer us protection in the form of divine light. This light acts as a buffer against the evil intentions of those who have strayed far enough from Source to wish harm on their fellow human beings.

Many people think they know angels. They look at popular angel art and think, ‘Yup, I’d recognise an angel if I saw one.’ My response to that would be, ‘You’d know it was an angel but it most likely wouldn’t look anything like the artists’ impressions.’

Nodes of Divine Consciousness

Angels can take any form they wish since they are not limited by matter. However, I would describe angels as vibrational beings of colour and sound. I base this observation on the out-of-body experience I had as a young child as well as experiences that I have had as an adult. In this sense, angels are more like us than most people imagine. We are not our bodies. Our souls are not made from dense physical matter and only our souls survive for all eternity.

The Angels were the first beings to inhabit the cosmos. They are co-creators with Source, as well as messengers. As beings of pure love beyond duality, they are not beings with free will. Angels all work in harmony for the Highest Good, as agents of the Great Plan. Rather than seeing them as individual spirits, I experience them as ‘nodes of consciousness’ in a great grid of light. That doesn’t mean that they can’t appear anywhere they like but their appearance is a projection of form rather than an individual presenting itself. This is also why they can appear in multiple places at once.

Angelic Choirs or Hierarchies

The perception of ‘hierarchies’ in the heavenly realm is about frequencies having a larger or smaller reach/impact/area of responsibility. The Archangels are concerned with governing the evolution of humanity but that is not their only task. They are angels with massive reach in the Cosmos and are therefore extremely powerful allies to work with.

The system of nine traditional Angelic Choirs is just one way of looking at a system far too complex for us humans to grasp. They are:

  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Thrones
  • Powers
  • Virtues
  • Dominions
  • Principalities
  • Archangels
  • Angels

Your Guardian Angel

Depending on which system you are working with, you have one, two or several Guardian Angels with you from birth. In the Kabbalistic Shem HaMephorash tradition, for example, we each have three Guardian Angels. Each of these angels corresponds with a Minor Arcana Tarot card.

According to Valentin Tomberg (Meditations on the Tarot), an Archangel can step in to take over from a lower-ranking Guardian Angel. This happens when the human soul has evolved beyond egoic desire and instead becomes focused on, like the angels, serving God and humanity for the Highest Good. It is my belief that more than one of the Archangels can step in at this point.

Your Guardian Angel is your main point of connection once you decide to work with Angelic Tarot for the Highest Good of All. Here is a Tarot Spread that can help you connect with them.

What Is The Tarot?

What makes a deck of cards a Tarot deck? People sometimes mistakenly refer to Oracle cards as ‘Tarot.’ Not all card decks that are used for divination are Tarot. The Tarot is a divination system dependent on a specific structure: A Tarot deck has to have 78 cards and five suits. First, there are 22 Major Arcana cards (the suit of Spirit) that contain the spiritual lessons each soul has to navigate in a lifetime. The Fool, card 0, represents the soul incarnate on the Earth plane.

Hence, the Fool is you and me and the other 21 cards represent the soul’s journey aka ‘The Fool’s Journey.’

The Minor Arcana

Then there is the 56-card Minor Arcana which contains the other four suits. Each Minor Arcana suit contains 14 cards: Wands (Fire), Cups (Water), Swords (Air) and Pentacles (Earth). The Minor Arcana cards are further divided into 10 number cards (1-10) and four court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). The Minor Arcana cards show us the conditions, experiences and various trials that shape our 3D reality. They each relate to the Major Arcana cards numerologically, elementally and through their astrological correspondences.

Tarot, Astrology and The Golden Dawn System of Correspondences

For the astrology part, there is more than one system of correspondences (confusing, I know) but the most widely used and well-known, at least in English-speaking countries, is the Golden Dawn system. The Golden Dawn system of correspondences is the system that I have been working with for nearly 20 years now and it rarely lets me down. This system also incorporates Kabbalah.

To learn more about card meanings, check out the Tarot card meanings index with in-depth, angelic and holistic Tarot card meanings and Angelic correspondences.

Reading the Tarot Cards Intuitively

You can read the Tarot cards without knowing any of the correspondences since it’s a pictorial system of divination. My first ever Tarot reading in 1985 was completely intuitive and extremely powerful. It was for a 14-year-old friend who was being sexually abused by her mother’s partner (a priest in the Swedish church). The reading uncovered the abuse and set my friend free. Until that point, she had been too afraid to tell anyone.

If you prefer intuitive-style readings and still wish to harness the wisdom of the angels, you simply say a prayer like the one below (or use your own words):

Dear Mother-Father God, I ask for angelic wisdom, guidance and healing to flow as I read the cards for (_________). May the insights we gather be for the Highest Good. So be it and so it is!

You may also wish to petition a specific angel, such as Anael, for instance, if you are reading about a love relationship.

The Two Main Types of Angelic Tarot

Angelic Tarot

There are two main categories of Angelic Tarot.

  • Working with and petitioning specific angels or choirs of angels
  • Saying a general prayer for angelic guidance before doing a reading

For both ways of working, you can use any type of Tarot deck but it may be easier to stay intentional by working with one of the Angel-themed decks, such as any of the decks below:

There are also a couple of Tarot decks by Radleigh Valentine to use for working specifically with the Archangels:

However, the Archangel Power Tarot uses the Doreen Virtue system of 15 Archangels which never resonated completely with me. It also has Ariel rather than Uriel for the suit of Pentacles/Earth which does not make sense to me. That said, this deck may very well resonate completely with you. Remember, there are no absolutes when it comes to our knowledge about the angels. The human mind is simply not capable of that.

Create Your Own Angelic Tarot Connection

If you are called to do Angelic Tarot work, I strongly recommend strengthening your own connection with both the Tarot and the Angelic Realm by allowing the angels themselves to guide you to the correct correspondences for you to work with. I’m not saying this to invalidate any system already in place but we are called to ‘test the spirits.’ We do this from the zero point of alignment with Source which is facilitated by the Holy Spirit through the heart chakra and from where channelled information can flow.

In 2019, I began a series of Major Arcana channellings from the Angelic Realm. These channellings were aimed at activating each of the 22 Keys and anchoring them in Christ Consciousness. At the start of this process, I was warned by Archangel Metatron that this process would be halted before I would be able to carry on.

This happened last year during not one but two dark nights of the soul. I lost faith in my own connection to the Divine. Restoring the connection has been a gradual process that involved Religious Trauma Recovery.

The Top 5 Benefits of Angelic Tarot

Below, I summarise what I experienced as the five main benefits of Angelic Tarot. I pray that you will discover many more through playful experimentation. Because the angels love it when we play and have fun in their company!

Divine Guidance

Relying on angelic wisdom in our tarot readings allows us to receive divine guidance which is always for the Highest Good. By working with Angelic Tarot card correspondences, we can tap into the wisdom and messages of the angels, offering clarity and direction in various areas of our lives.

The beauty of Angelic Tarot is that you do not need a wide variety of angel oracles or even an angel-themed Tarot deck to access divine guidance. Once you learn the Angelic Tarot correspondences (or create your own!) for each of the 78 Keys in the Tarot, you are always going to receive angel guidance, no matter which cards turn up or which deck you choose to work with.

Your Tarot deck covers every aspect of life that you could possibly ever need guidance for. Hence, a pack of Tarot cards is the only divinatory tool you need to tap into divine guidance, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Intuitive and Psychic Development

Engaging with Angelic Tarot helps in honing and developing your intuition. Through regular practice, you can enhance your intuitive abilities, enabling you to trust your inner voice and make more informed decisions aligned with your higher self.

This is true even if you do not engage with the Angels, of course. Working with any divination system that relies on the interpretation of symbols and archetypes will begin opening your third eye and enhance your intuitive ability.

However, the angels are keen for you to hear their divine messages so will give the process of intuitive and psychic development an extra boost. There are also specific angels you can call on for help with intuitive development. Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raziel, are two of my favourite angels for this. If you prefer to not work with named angels, you can simply call on the ‘Angels of Intuition’ to help you. As always when working with angels, we must remember to ask for help as they do not interfere uninvited.

Healing and Empowerment

Tarot guidance with an angelic slant always offers healing and personal empowerment. That is because the angelic realm has your best interests at heart and points us in the direction of wholeness and harmony with their messages. Working with the cards from their point of view provides insights into emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, and unresolved issues.

Angelic Tarot always brings messages about how to improve our situation and come out on the other side of difficult lessons with a sense of being stronger, healthier and more empowered. By working with angelic guidance, we can heal and release any obstacles, transforming our life into one of greater joy.

There is no failure or (self-)judgment with the angels. There are only lessons and compassion. And it is the compassion they teach us that ultimately heals us from any ills that may befall us.

The main healing angel to work with for healing of mind, body or spirit is Archangel Raphael whose name means ‘God has healed.’

Spiritual Growth

Angelic Tarot serves as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self-discovery. It helps us feel safe diving deep within and gaining a deeper understanding of our life’s purpose. The guidance offered by the angels supports our spiritual journey and facilitates alignment with our Higher Self.

Tarot can obviously serve as a tool for personal growth and development in its own right. You do not need to believe in or work with angels to use the Tarot as a mirror for the soul. However, adding the insight of the angels to the mix makes it a whole lot easier to stay divinely aligned and on purpose. Plus it’s fun! And don’t we learn and grow faster when we’re having fun?!

The angels also bring us comfort during trying times which makes the recovery process quicker and easier. And because they incline our hearts toward forgiving and loving ourselves as well as others, we don’t self-sabotage by being overly critical or self-critical. Does that mean our growth will become linear once we start working with the angels? No, my friend, we will still experience ups and downs but the downs won’t be as harsh.

Connecting with Angels

Finally, Angelic Tarot enables a direct connection with the angels, fostering a sense of companionship, trust and support. By using the Tarot to talk to your angels (<— Click the link for multiple examples of how to talk to the angels with the Tarot), we can cultivate a deeper relationship with the angels, feeling their presence and experiencing their unconditional love and guidance daily.

One really simple way to do a daily check-in with your Guardian Angel is to simply whisper, “Dear Guardian Angel, what do you want me to be aware of today?” Then pull your card for the day head and make an entry in your Angel Journal.

Remember, any Tarot practice should be approached with respect and an open heart, allowing divine wisdom to unfold in your life. Whether you believe in helping spirits or not and whether or not you know them as angels, everything you need to connect with Source is within you.

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