Archangel Camael

Archangel Camael – Ruler of Mars and Tuesdays

Archangel Camael Ruler of Mars and Tuesdays

Archangel Camael (aka Samael) is the ruler of Mars and Tuesdays. He is known as the ‘Warrior Angel’ because of his association with the red planet.

The Energy of Mars/Archangel Camael

The energy of the planet Mars corresponds with the versatile, energetic and adventurous number 5. This number is known to often bring difficult lessons… lessons that test our mettle and demand courage as well as moral fortitude… and those are exactly the times when calling on Archangel Camael will serve us well.

Archangel Camael/Mars Tarot Cards Major Arcana

Mars rules the following Major Arcana Tarot cards: The Emperor, Death (with Azrael), The Tower, and the following Minor Arcana Tarot cards: 2 of Wands, 7 of Wands, 5 and 10 of Cups, 9 of Swords and 3 of Pentacles.

If you work with candle magic, you would use a red candle to invoke the assistance of Archangel Camael. If you wish to further strengthen the connection with the energy of Mars, you can use this planetary hour calculator.

Martian energy lends itself well to physical activity. However, because it can be aggressive, it is important to know how to bring it back into balance if we wish to avoid confrontation. Hot spices, the colour red, violent entertainment, stress, caffeine and alcohol all increase Martian energy. Lunar and Venusian energy decrease Martian energy.

Too much Martian energy over prolonged periods can raise testosterone levels in the female body. This is often caused by stress that makes us feel on edge all the time. Some of the physical symptoms in the female body of too much Mars energy is ruddy skin, bulging waistline, increased body hair and high blood pressure.

How to Work with the Energy of Mars

Positive ways to harness Martian energy when we need to exert ourselves physically, increase our libido, stand our ground or move forward with confidence is to:

  • wear the colour red for courage and stamina
  • decorate the bedroom with the colour red to stimulate the libido
  • wear ruby, garnet, bloodstone or red tiger’s eye for protection and increased energy
  • eat herbs or spices (black pepper and ginger) that generate heat to raise Martian energy
  • cast spells with prickly plants (for protection only if you work with Angels)
  • meditate with The Emperor (Aries), The Tower (Mars) or Death (Scorpio) cards
  • connect with power animals associated with Mars such as owl, bear, wolf, horse, scorpion and ram

Please note that while Martian energy has traditionally been used against a perceived ‘enemy,’ a spiritual warrior recognises no other enemy than the enemy within. The ‘enemy’ is always fear itself. Also, the ‘competition’ aspect of this energy is fading fast as we transition from 3D to higher consciousness.

Love has already won. Red is a good colour to help us remember this because it is the colour of love 🙂

Archangel Camael Tarot Affirmations:

The Emperor – I am the divinely ordained sovereign ruler of my life. I am organised and in charge of my affairs. I use my power for the Highest Good in the world. Physical strength gives me confidence so I look after my muscles. I grow stronger day by day.

Death – I accept that the only constant in life is change and ease into each phase of transformation by the grace of God. Death is just another adventure and my soul is eternally safe with God.

The Tower – I stay calm and centred in turbulent times. When something ends in an unexpected manner, I trust that it is for the highest good and invite God’s guidance on how to proceed. I get out of my own way and surrender to love. I am divinely guided even when the path is obscured.


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  1. Hi Lisa thank you for your response, my apologies for any misunderstanding, actually your work & views are different from other stereotypes that’s why I shared my thought. Rightly angels can be any form as per their purpose. Just that there so much focus on male dominance in our world so made that point on feminine aspect, nothing personal to you. Astrologically we all have to follow practices as per our charts, as you rightly said. I like your suggestions will incorporate as per my specific aspects. A question do you also do past life therapy sessions for clients..we have family friends there in England..if so will pass them the info.. Would appreciate your reply.t Thanks again, Love & Blessings! Namaste!

    1. Post

      No need to apologise. I do past life readings. By past life regression therapy, I assume you mean hypnotherapy? I have an interest in hypnotherapy, especially after reading ‘Journey of Souls’ by Dr Michael Newtom but I have yet to train in this modality. Readings can be helpful too though – I guess it depends on what you’re after. Blessed be!

  2. Post

    Hi Glory Dey, it’s precisely because angels are mostly depicted as masculine that I thought it was nice to find a feminine representative for Camael. They are fully capable to choose a gender for themselves when they antropomorphisise. Also, I couldn’t find any gender neutral red angel images I liked – there is limited choice for pictures in the public domain. Is it really that important. I feel it’s important to NOT get hung up about the images. Unlike you, I NEED a lot of red as my chart is extremely low on Fire. We must each find balance for ourselves. Enjoy your studies – sounds fun! Blessings, Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa, love this post beautifully described. You advocate the importance of color red but my issue is that in my case Mars is pretty aggressive making me hyper energetic & restless, so I avoid the color. I wear a small Red Coral stone as per our astrology that helps channelize the energy positively. Also somehow I have never liked the color red much my favorite is purple, blue, turquoise other uncommon colors. As per your suggestion I can use red mixed with other colors I like that. One request why don’t you depict the Angels in the androgynous form with both male and female aspects. We are so doctored on the concept of masculine angels that many are not aware of their feminine twin flame aspects. Even in traditional Catholic Church people are unaware of the Shakti concept of the angels only later as I got interested in the subject of angels I learnt these. There are some nice websites which are in detail about these stuff. I am curious about studying the Kabbala Astrological corelation of the Angels in the Judaism discipline seems complex will have to do it slowly. I got the different books of The Grimoires series of Golden Dawn, John Dee, Grimorium Imperium, Solomon & Abraham manuscripts etc..subject is very vast & fascinating. Thank you for such educative posts. Hoping to see our beautiful angels in new avatars! Take care, love & peace! Have a great day!

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