7 Morning Rituals to Infuse Your Day with Angelic Energy


Are your mornings serene, joyful and filled with self-care… or are you running around like a headless chicken like so many of us? One of the main prerequisites to getting your day off to a great start is rising early enough so that you do not have to rush. Your angels are on board with that too. They would like some attention before you head out for the day. The angels have countless blessings to share with you… and all they ask of you in return is a bit of time and some mindfulness.

Below you will find seven of my favourite ways to infuse my day with angelic energy and the qualities of love and peace

* Already sipping on lemon water first thing in the morning? GREAT! However, you can make it even better by asking Archangel Jophiel (angel of beauty) to bless it and to purify, balance and make every cell of your body as beautiful as possible (in the angelic sense, not in the size 0 model sense) so that you can radiate your pure light into the world.

* Greeting the Sun is another wonderful way to invoke angelic energy, as well as connect with Nature. Archangel Michael is the ruler of the Sun. He is the chief archangel and protects anyone in need because he, like all the angels because they are not bound by time or matter, can be in many places at once. Thank him for allowing the sun to rise another day and ask for his protection throughout the day.

* The Lunar angel is Archangel Gabriel. He rules Monday and the main flower associated with him is jasmine. Try swapping your morning cuppa for some organic green tea with jasmine and invoke his blessing. As ruler of the Moon, he can help you stay in tune with higher intuitive guidance and to hear any angelic messages you may be getting during the day clearly.

* If you have time, you might also want to light some incense. I recommend sandalwood for invoking Archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace but feel free to use any scent that makes you feel at peace. There are even ready-made blends for each of the archangels that you can buy online. Offer up a prayer for peace within self and in the world as you light your choice of incense.  Personally, I like to keep it simple and use joss sticks because they are easy to get hold of, cheap and do the job. Recently I have fallen in love with handmade Tibetan incense, made by monks. It is slightly more expensive but creates a wonderful uplifting energy in the room.

* Play some angelic music and invoke the blessing of Archangel Sandalphon. Yes, there will still be mornings when you want to rock it out to Pink or Maroon 5 because you have moves like Jagger but on days you feel extra stressed, it may be a better option to start your day with some serene tunes that help you relax and just breathe…

* Speaking of which, why not take 5 minutes and do a healing breath meditation with Archangel Raphael? Raphael is the ruler of the Element of Air and the main Healing Angel. Feel free to have some soft music playing in the background for this. (Trust me, Maroon 5 is not best choice for this.)

All you need to do is sit or lie comfortably. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you release any energetic blocks before you begin… Focus on the sensation of the air going in and out of your nostrils for a few minutes. Use the breath to completely clear your mind. Any time your mind strays, simply bring it back to the sensation of cool dry air going in and warmer, moister air flowing out through your nostrils. Do not force your breath, simply observe. End the meditation by giving thanks to Raphael and bring yourself back to the room at a pace that feels comfortable. Now you have a clear head and are ready to make plans for the day!

* The archangel to call on for help with work-related plans and for sticking to your goals is Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturn. Please be mindful that he will only work with you if you are willing to stay disciplined about achieving your goals – no freebies with this rather stern angels.

Archangels Cassiel and Raphael can also help you stay on track with your morning workout.  Call on Cassiel if you feel like bailing on your routine and Raphael for help with finding the best type of exercise for your body type and any particular health concerns you may have.

Angel Blessings

~ Lisa