morning tarot rituals

10 Quick Morning Tarot Rituals

morning tarot rituals

Are you looking for a way of grounding your Tarot practice into your daily morning routine but you don’t have a lot of time? You’ve come to the right place! Below you will find 10 quick morning Tarot rituals that will take max 15 minutes. Choose the one that best fits your needs today in the list below. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can back and try the other rituals too!

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Tarot isn’t just about foretelling the future; it can be a powerful tool for daily reflection and personal growth. Incorporating a short tarot ritual into your morning routine can give you insights into your day, help you make better decisions, and set a positive tone that can lead to a more joyful and efficient day.

A Card A Day Keeps Worry Away

Taking a moment in the morning to draw a single tarot card can offer a focus point for your day. This ritual is straightforward:

  • Shuffle your deck, focusing on the upcoming day.
  • Draw one card from the deck.
  • Reflect on the card’s imagery and how it might apply to your day.
  • Jot down a keyword or two that resonates with you and create an affirmation based on those keywords.

Alternatively, you can draw the card and leave it on your altar face-down. Set your intention for the day ahead knowing that you are walking into your new day, guided from within. Check the card in the evening and give thanks for how you were guided to deal with this situation/energy.

Mindful Meditations with the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards symbolise life’s spiritual lessons and themes. Use them for brief meditation sessions:

  • Pick a Major Arcana card at random.
  • For about 5 minutes, meditate on the card’s meanings and symbols.
  • Consider what lessons or messages this card is bringing into your life.
  • End with a short affirmation inspired by the card to carry with you throughout the day.
  • Keep the Major Arcana card of the day as your screensaver.

Three-Card Energy Spread

When you have a bit more time, a three-card spread is ideal for gauging the day’s energies:

  • Shuffle the deck while contemplating your day ahead.
  • Draw three cards representing your anticipated morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Reflect on the narrative these cards create together.
  • Make a mental note of how these energies can assist you in your daily tasks.

A Question for Your Higher Self

If you’re facing a specific challenge today, ask your higher self for guidance:

  • Think of the situation that needs guidance and clarity.
  • Shuffle and pull a single card in search of an answer.
  • Take a few minutes to contemplate the card’s advice.
  • Write down any insights or actions to consider in response to the card.

The Grounding Four-Card Spread

For more comprehensive insight, a four-card spread can anchor you to your day’s potential:

  • Shuffle the cards, focusing on grounding your energy.
  • Draw four cards, laying them out to represent morning, noon, evening, and night.
  • Consider what you can release, accept, challenge, and look forward to as depicted by each card.
  • Describe the practical steps you can take toward embracing each portion of your day.

Begin each day with one of these short tarot rituals and you’ll be setting a firm foundation for success and positivity. Embrace the wisdom of the cards, and harness their guidance to transform every opportunity into an avenue for personal growth and happiness. Consider combining these practices with Tarot Journaling to anchor the guidance and periodically evaluate your progress.

Daily Devotional Tarot Prayer

Integrate tarot into your spiritual practice by dedicating a card to your patron deity as part of your daily devotional prayer:

  • Begin by clearing your space and entering a state of reverence.
  • Shuffle the deck with the intent of finding guidance or offering to your deity.
  • Draw a single card and place it on your altar or sacred space.
  • Reflect on how the card’s meaning relates to the aspects and teachings of your patron deity.
  • Offer a prayer or chant, using the card as a focal point to deepen your connection.
  • Conclude by jotting down any inspirational messages or intentions for your day.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Ritual for Maximising Luck

The following ritual focuses on the Wheel of Fortune card, a symbol of luck and change, to help you realign with the forces of chance and opportunity.

Take a few deep breaths, grounding yourself in the present and opening yourself to the wisdom of the cards.

  1. Shuffle the cards, concentrating on your intention to open the pathways to luck and good fortune in your life.
  2. Fan out the cards in a wide arc in front of you with the images facing up.
  3. Scan the arc for the Wheel of Fortune card. This card corresponds with Jupiter and can act as a talisman for good fortune.
  4. Once you find the Wheel of Fortune, look to the card immediately to its left. This card symbolises the energies, habits, or situations you need to release from your life to make room for luck. Take a moment to reflect on how this resonates with your current circumstances.
  5. Next, focus on the card to the right of the Wheel of Fortune. This card represents actions, attitudes, or opportunities that you can embrace to attract more luck. Think about how you can actively incorporate or seek out these aspects in your daily life.
  6. Sit with both cards for a moment. Visualise letting go of what no longer serves you and welcoming new opportunities that will bring you fortune and success.

Tarot Ritual for Amplifying Prosperity with the Ace of Pentacles

Attract abundance and manifest financial opportunities through a focused tarot ritual harnessing the energy of the Ace of Pentacles:

  • Begin by creating a serene environment where you can concentrate on your abundance mindset.
  • Shuffle your tarot deck, imbuing it with your desires for prosperity and material success.
  • Draw the Ace of Pentacles from your deck, honing in on its representation of new financial beginnings and growth.
  • Spend a few moments meditating on the card, visualising the seed of wealth it represents taking root and flourishing in your life.
  • Develop a prosperity affirmation, inspired by the card’s imagery, that you can use daily to reinforce your path to abundance.
  • Use the Ace of Pentacles as your screensaver.

By centring your ritual around the Ace of Pentacles, you tap into the inherent potential for accumulating wealth and opening doors to new monetary ventures. Carry this energy with you as you navigate your day, and watch as opportunities to maximise abundance reveal themselves.


Encourage loving connections through a daily tarot ritual that keeps your heart open:

  • Find a quiet moment to breathe deeply and allow feelings of love to fill your being.
  • While shuffling the cards, set the intention to be open to giving and receiving love.
  • Draw two cards—one to represent how you can best give love, and another for how to be receptive to it.
  • Reflect on the balance of love in your life and how these cards guide you to maintain it.
  • Formulate an affirmation of love to say throughout your day, incorporating the lessons from the cards.
  • Keep the cards in a place where you’ll see them regularly to remind yourself of your loving intentions. Alternatively, take a picture of the cards with your phone and keep it as your screensaver.

Temperance Card Healing Ritual for Balance and Harmony

Use this ritual focused on the Temperance card daily if you need healing of mind, body or spirit.

Quiet your environment and create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to healing and reflection. It may be as simple as lighting a white candle that you dedicate to your healing.

  1. Sit comfortably in front of the card and take a few deep breaths, inhaling peace and exhaling stress.
  2. Gaze at the card, letting the image of Temperance guide you to a state of balance between your spiritual and worldly self.
  3. Contemplate how you can introduce more moderation and equilibrium into your life, from your habits to your emotional responses.
  4. Visualise yourself harnessing the Temperance card’s alchemical properties into your daily life; an infusion of moderation, patience, and balance.

For when you have more time:

  1. Draw two additional cards—one representing aspects of your life where more balance is needed, and the other reflecting strengths you possess that can aid in this healing process.
  2. Reflect on these cards and envision the flow of energy between them, guided by the temperate spirit of the Temperance card.
  3. Form a healing affirmation based on your insights from the cards, such as “I harmoniously balance my energy with grace and ease.”
  4. Conclude the ritual by expressing gratitude for the lessons shared, and keep the Temperance card in a place you often look to as a steady reminder of your commitment to maintaining balance.

In conclusion, the rituals presented serve as a powerful toolkit for personal empowerment and daily guidance. By incorporating Tarot into your morning routine, you stand to gain introspection, direction, and a heightened sense of purpose. Each ritual is an invitation to engage with your inner wisdom in a meaningful and concise manner. As you continue to explore and apply these practices, you’ll likely unearth deeper layers of understanding. Don’t forget to bookmark this article for future reference, ensuring that these enriching rituals are always at your fingertips to start each day.

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