5 Mega Bad Tarot Habits

bad tarot habits frideborg tarot devil card

These five mega bad Tarot habits are things to guard against in your own practice. You can also tell how ethical a professional reader is, depending on how well they abstain from them. For instance, a reader who happily lets you buy a reading on the same question three days after the first time, is someone who has no interest in your wellbeing and is only after your money. Yes, it is a Tarot jungle out there – Be wise and discerning!

Swapping readers aka ‘Reader Hopping’ – This is probably every professional reader’s pet hate. Mostly, we only find out after the reading that the client went to another reader the week before with the exact same question. And the way we find out is through feedback beginning with ‘But the other reader said…’

Sometimes people ask again because the prediction hasn’t come true yet and they are impatient. Sometimes they ask because they didn’t like the answer from the first (or second, or third) reader and they are hoping you will serve them a more palatable outcome.

There are many reasons why reader hopping doesn’t work but the main reason is that the Seeker is not willing to face the truth and take responsibility for their life.

As part of my terms and conditions (which everyone who orders a reading from me agrees to before buying the reading), I clearly state:

  • I do not do readings to verify or contradict what another reader has said on a topic. If you have recently had a reading with someone else on a particular matter, please wait at least two months before ordering a reading with me.

The problem, of course, is that nobody seems to read the Terms & Conditions.

Having another reading on the same subject too soon – When the oracle has spoken, it is final the first time – until you or the situation has changed in a significant way. (And no, a like on one of your FB posts does NOT count.)

Of course, if you read for yourself, the temptation to keep reading on the same question over and over again is even greater… Coz it is free, right? Don’t worry and don’t feel bad if you have fallen for this in the past. I have too and I defy any Tarot reader to truthfully say they haven’t. The temptation is real.

However, you soon realise that it doesn’t work because instead of feeling confident about the best way forward, you start feeling more and more confused… The standard time frame I stick to for most issues is 6-8 weeks. I do my darndest to not ask the same question again until at least two months have passed.

The best way to avoid repeat self-readings that are too frequent is to keep a journal or some form of written record with the date of the reading. You should always record readings that you do for yourself anyway since you cannot hope to improve your accuracy and objectivity otherwise.

Trying a different deck or spread for the same question – If you don’t ‘get it’ you’re not meant to read on it at this point in time. Reshuffling and laying the cards back out will just result in the cards fucking with you. Period.

Pulling clarifiers  – For me, this tops the list of Tarot Stoopid and I see it ALL. THE. TIME. People love to pull ‘clarifiers’ when the outcome of the reading is unclear to them. This inevitably leads to more confusion. In order for an extra card to clarify anything at all, you need to be very specific about which aspect you are seeking to bring into focus. If you don’t even know which aspect(s) of the reading you are stumped by… bitch please, put those cards away!

Again, journalling is the way forward if you are serious about pulling a clarifier when you read for yourself. Think carefully about which aspect it is you need to clarify and write it down before pulling the clarifier. Then write your answer down.

If things still aren’t clear, you simply aren’t meant to read on this now – or at least not for yourself. A lot of readers (both hobby and professionals) think they are shit hot and therefore miss out on the benefit of complete detachment and objectivity that comes from having a professional reader do it for you.

Not acting on the advice – Sometimes people self-soothe by constantly pulling cards about everything when the real remedy lies in taking action. This can lead to a perpectual state of low level confusion known as guidance overload.

The remedy is simple. Always include at least one ‘action advice’ card in your reading and then frickin’ JUST. DO. IT.

I forbid you to read on it again until you have acted on the advice, ya hear? 😀

Guidance overload is incredibly disempowering because it is you telling yourself (including your subconscious mind) that you do not trust your own intuitive guidance. It not only weakens you and your ability to act, but every time you fail to take action, your ability to truly see the advice in the cards becomes increasingly blurred.

Reading the cards then becomes all about wish-fulfillment and nothing about what it’s really there for, which is to help you know yourself (act as a mirror for the soul) and then go out into the world and co-create your most magnificent destiny.