7 Ways to Harness the Power of the Scorpio Dark Moon

scorpio dark moon release ritual

The thinning veil rarely gets thinner than it does on the night of the Scorpio Dark Moon. This is a deeply magical time and many people who normally do not consider themselves psychic, often experience things that they would label as supernatural or at the very least ‘out of the ordinary.’

It would almost be silly to not make the most of this magical time of the year – especially for those of us who are not full-on muggles!

So what kind of magic would be auspicious during a Scorpio Dark Moon? Scorpio is all about sex, death and transformation. Scorpio loves anything deeply mystical, magical and metaphysical. It is a sign of passion but also of jealousy and revenge. Everything is felt deeply. Scorpio also concerns other people’s money and resources, including inherited goods.

What New Seeds Will You Sow?

The Dark/New Moon is the time to sow the seeds for the coming lunar cycle. Plant what you want to cultivate in the next couple of weeks and reap the first harvest at the Full Moon. Anything falling under the auspice of the sign of Scorpio, as discussed above, would be good for ‘planting.’

The analogy of planting seeds at the New Moon isn’t just about what we want to cultivate in the coming weeks, it goes deeper (quite literally), in the sense that the magical act of sowing the intent is done in such a way that what you wish to have more of is seeded deep in your unconscious mind so that any unconscious blocks to the process will be removed as the roots expand in the fertile soil of your psyche.

Here are some ways you can make the most of these energies…

  • Cast a spell to increase your charisma, momo and magnetism. Magnetism is very much associated with Scorpio.
  • Cast a psychic defence spell (especially against jealousy)
  • Perform a healing ritual for any disease relating to the reproductive organs
  • Do a massive release ritual on the night of the Dark Moon. Really draw a line under the past so that you can move forward without any baggage in the New Year
  • Pick a transformation goal, any transformation goal and go for it guns blazing – Scorpio ADORES transformation and embracing the unknown
  • Cast a spell to increase your psychic powers
  • Reveal a secret. Obviously, do NOT reveal a secret that someone told you in confidence but rather unburden yourself of the ‘ick’ that comes with old family secrets or childhood abuse. Get it all out.

Scorpio Dark Moon Tools to Work With…


Charge the Death card for any transformation/release spell/ritual and choose the before (current state) and after (goal/desired state) cards to match. Use The Empress for increasing female mojo or healing of the female sex organs and The Emperor for increasing masculine mojo or healing of the male sex organs. Charge The Moon or The High Priestess for psychic powers. Use The World, the 4 of Pentacles or the 9 of Wands for Psychic Protection.


Use a black candle for banishing/psychic protection and a red candle to increase sexual prowess and magnetism. A Dark blue or purple candle can be used to increase psychic ability. Use a light blue candle for physical healing. All colours can be substituted by a white candle as the intent is more important than the colour.


Crystals are not necessary but can also be used to strengthen the intent. They can be placed on top of the cards or you can use them to make an elixir that you drink mindfully. Use amethyst for transformation – especially if you have decided to let go of an addiction of some sort. Black tourmaline is the most powerful crystal to use for psychic protection. Charge red crystals for the male reproductive organs and orange crystals for the female sex organs. Any red or pink crystal that appeals to you can be charged for an attraction spell to make you more ‘magnetic’ to the people around you.

Before casting any of these spells, it is always good to check with the cards what the potential for your desired working might be. Always remember to end with the words ‘an it harm none – so mote it be!’ All spells must be cast with an intent for the Highest Good – even the dark, juicy Scorpio spells.

Check out the Dark Moon Release Ritual and the Scorpio Season Tarotscopes!


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