eclipse season top 5 survival tips

5 Tips for Surviving the Eclipse Season + Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

eclipse season top 5 survival tips

We’re in the thick of Eclipse season and I just wanted to share some tips for what I’ve discovered works in terms of managing and integrating the powerful stellar gateway energies. I also created a Tarot spread for Monday’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which you will find toward the bottom of the post.

Eclipses work as catalysts for change and with a lunar eclipse we get a chance to reboot our emotions. For this reboot to flow smoothly, we are required to accept our shadow self. I’m using the term ‘shadow’ in the Jungian sense here, i.e. repressed emotional material which we refuse to own/acknowledge and which we instead project on others.

This weekend (days leading up to the Full Moon lunar eclipse), don’t be surprised that you are being tested in all sorts of pesky ways and understand that your ego is being prodded so that the shadow stuff can be witnessed and healed once and for all. Reactive behaviour patterns you thought you had already unlearned may rear their head once more for deeper layers of healing to take place.

Simply observe, accept and release.

Centre yourself in the awareness than profound change is underway and accept the fact that the ego is bound to suffer. The ego doesn’t like change. It likes the status quo and it will try to distract you in many ways. Again, observe without judgement.

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Top five tips for surviving the eclipse season

  1. Accept a certain level of discomfort. Think of this as ‘growing pains.’ Know that this too shall pass. Vow to get out of your own way and focus on the end goal rather than on the pain.
  2. Deatch and observe what is happening within you. You are not your thoughts; you are not your emotions – You are the Observer. Keep witnessing all your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Not only will this ease your levels of discomfort; it will speed up the ascension process. Do this with great compassion toward yourself. This way, you will be able to extend compassion to others who are also going through these changes and may have their reactive patterns blow up in your face.
  3. Listen to your body. There is a lot going on that is quite subtle. Many of us are receiving downloads in our sleep. Our DNA is changing. New levels of awareness are opening up. This is all energy work and I mean WORK. Your body may rev up at times. Please understand that feeling hyper will be followed by a greater need for downtime. You may need to sleep more than usual. You may also find that your sleeping pattern is seriously messed up and there will be some mornings when you wake up at silly o’clock ready to go. Just go with the flow of this.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This is a tricky one because sometimes you may have to go against your body on this. You will need more water than merely a small glass when you get thirsty. Aim to flush your body out (within safe limits, of course!) so that your urine is virtually colourless during the day. You are detoxing energetically at the very least – I’m aware many are also using this time to detox physically – and water carries the toxins away from the cells of your body. Water is extremely powerful and you can make it even more so by saying a blessing over the water you drink, setting a specific intent or simply asking it to flush out anything that stands between you and Love.
  5. Relax consciously. Use your breath to return yourself to a relaxed state of being as often as you possibly can. A regular yoga practice will help as it allows you to become more mindful of your body’s relaxation levels. Ending each yoga session with deep relaxation in corpse pose is ideal. Do NOT use drugs or alcohol to relax at this time as it will halt and possibly reverse all the good changes that are happening now. Laughing relaxes us so laugh more! Nature also has a relaxing effect so spend some time by the sea or in the forest to just BE and recharge.

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

lunar eclipse tarot sperad

1. Reactive pattern/fear rising up for healing
2. Sun/self-expression
3. Moon/emotions most closely connected with this lunation
4. How your reactivity has been blocking your self-expression
5. What releasing this block will achieve

SAMPLE READING WITH THE FRIDEBORG TAROTLunar Eclipse Reading with the Frideborg Tarot1. Reactive pattern/fear rising up for healing

10 of Swords. I see this as fear and anxiety itself or even the fear of fear… This represents my ego’s need to keep me in a constant state of worry and anxiety to stop change/progress from taking place. This is a great visual for me to be mindful of. The snake may look scary but it isn’t alive. It had a temporal existence, as does all fear. Kundalini, on the other hand, the energy snake of transformation, is rising now and eating the fear away!

2. Sun/self-expression

XII The Hanged Man. I’m wearing my shadow on my sleeve. The Hanged Man is my shadow card. I am allowing my Watery nature to be seen and witnessed. I flow with change and actively invite a new perspective.

3. Moon/emotions most closely connected with this lunation

Page of Cups. My vulnerability. That part of me that I felt I needed to protect… and now I feel safe to invite out her out to play because I have learned about and understood the invulnerability of my true Self.

4. How your reactivity has been blocking your self-expression

Queen of Pentacles. It has blocked my ability to care for and nurture others in practical ways. It prevented me from putting roots down and establishing a safe home environment into which others could come for healing, support and nourishment. It also blocked me from achieving some of my career goals, as well as the ability to harness the abundance of the Universe. This is the Queen corresponding with my Capricorn Sun Sign.

5. What releasing this block will achieve. (read with positions 1-4)

Queen of Cups. It will allow me to flow in acceptance of my emotions, as well as the emotions of others, without judgment. I will be better able to witness and hold others as they navigate emotional challenges. Emotional maturity. Healthy vulnerability. Increased intuitive ability.


Lisa Frideborg

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