simple month ahead tarot spread

A Simple Month Ahead Tarot Spread

simple month ahead tarot spread

This simple month-ahead Tarot spread is suitable for beginners and gives you a good overview of the main aspects to be mindful of for the month ahead.

Simple Month Ahead Tarot Spread

  1. Major Arcana. The main developmental theme in the month ahead. You can also make this more specific if you like. Let’s say, for instance, that you are about to start a business then you can make this about career guidance. Or let’s say you’re getting married in a couple of months – In this case, it may be good to have focus on the preparations. You could also choose to make this more specifically about your spiritual path if you like.
  2. Court Card. Best mental attitude to cultivate. These are the characteristics that will serve you best in meeting this month’s challenges. With Wands it is a spirit of adventure, with Cups a heart-centred and intuitive approach, with Swords it would be through your ability to problem-solve and with Pentacles it is important to stay practical, grounded and to mindful of expenditures. Pages are students and alert you to the fact that you need to inform yourself further, Knights are on a quest so you need to passionately pursue your goals, Queens are the nurturers and show you which area of your life needs extra TLC, and Kings show mastery of their respective Elements.
  3. Minor Arcana. Action advise. For a feel of the best course of action in the month ahead, read this card with the preceding court card. For instance, let’s say you get the Queen of Wands with 4 of Pentacles for a developmental theme of The Star. You are looking at a theme of faith and humanitarian pursuits, perhaps working with a group of kindred spirits, with The Star. However, the charismatic Queen of Wands is asking you to nurture your own passion and individuality and not lose yourself by making sure you have firm boundaries with others as you work together with others.

Sample Reading

month ahead sample tarot reading

Expect the unexpected with The Tower. Rapidly moving, life-changing events are on the horizon (so glad I got the heads up!). These changes aren’t usually smooth or easy to navigate with The Tower but like a thunderstorm has the power to clear the air, so does the Tower, and it is possible to start over with a clean slate, moving forward in a new and better direction.

With the Page of Cups as the best mental attitude and the 8 of Wands as the action advice, the best way to approach the sometimes tricky lessons of this month is to rely on my intuition and to act quickly based on my inner guidance. Having a beginner’s mind will serve me well and my imagination will guide me to help me find a new direction should a tree fall on my path.

Looking at the guidance before me intuitively (leaving the set positional meanings to one side for a minute). I feel some of the Tower experiences may well concern children. It’s good to be able to scan cards for intuitive guidance even when you read with a specific spread. It’s up to you whether or not you do that first or after you have interpreted the cards according to positional meaning.

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  1. Major card is the Moon. I’ve just started doing shadow work with the Tarot and I need to continue doing this and looking for positive and negative things I’ve pushed away to not think about or deal with. Also looking at illusions and for what’s hidden.

    Court card is the Queen of Wands. I’ll have to quote you, Lisa, above about the Q of W. That’s what I’m doing my shadow work for, to nurture my own passion and individuality and set better boundaries because I have lost myself. That’s the attitude I need to have.

    Advice card is the 5 of Wands. My life is full of people, mostly family I can’t cut off, with a lot of drama. I see myself as the lady in the red dress in this card. She’s standing in the middle of it all but she is setting her boundaries and not getting caught up in it all. I need to do this so I can focus on myself and my shadow work.

    Thanks for this spread! It perfectly describes my life now and going into August.

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