Angelic Daily Tarot Spread

angelic daily tarot spread

I sometimes get asked about daily Tarot spreads to use. Many opt for a single card draw, some prefer a mind-body-spirit check-in and others look at morning, afternoon and evening. A long-standing favourite of mine is the über versatile situation-challenge-action advice three-card draw. In addition to making an excellent daily draw, it can be used to answer almost any question and help us move forward with a better understanding of the dynamic at hand. But then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Daily Angelic Tarot Spread that is slightly different for each day of the week? The spread can then be centred around a message from the Angelic ruler of that particular day of the week.

The Seven Archangels of the Days of the Week

Monday – Archangel Gabriel – Feminine health and fertility, intuition, life purpose, psychic development, magic
Tuesday – Archangel Camael – Masculine health and fertility, courage, combat, devotion, aggression
Wednesday – Archangel Raphael – Healing, communication, travel
Thursday – Archangel Sachiel – Career, success, expansion, risk-taking
Friday – Archangel Anael – Love, romance, heart-healing
Saturday – Archangel Cassiel – Discipline, organisation, limitations, usefulness, long-term goals
Sunday – Archangel Michael – Victory, vitality, self-expression, truth

The Angelic Daily Tarot Mandala Spread

As I pondered how to position the cards for an Angelic Daily Tarot Spread, the most natural formation to use for getting an overview of the energies of the day seem to be the first half of the Celtic Cross spread:

Angelic Daily Tarot Mandala Spread

So, for instance, today is Wednesday. The central card in my daily reading would answer the question posed to Archangel Raphael: What do I need to know about my health (or communication/travel plans)?

You start the reading with a brief prayer and/or angelic invocation and can also light a candle and/or incense if this feels appropriate. If you feel drawn to doing a mixed oracle reading, you may wish to choose an Angel oracle card for position one.


Angelic Daily Tarot Mandala

1. Angelic spotlight on the main issue of the day – Emotional health (Queen of Cups)
2. Main challenge posed with regards to this issue – Rest and meditation needed for balance between mind and heart (4 of Swords)
3. Your own energy – Wanting to achieve so much, propelled by desire (Strength)
4. What you are not yet aware of – Events that are likely to occur later on in the day (Wheel of Fortune)
5. What brought you here – Leaping without thinking (Knight of Wands)
6. What to expect next – A phase of more stability/accountability (4 of Pentacles)

Ideally, you should write a sentence about each card in your Tarot journal so that you have a track record. This is good for both learning the cards more in-depth and also actually getting to the true meaning of the spread before you as writing makes you dig a bit deeper than just looking and thinking about the cards.

Once you have entered the draw into your journal, you can look at the spread before you as a mandala for the day ahead to meditate on, as well as a gift that you can make the most of with a bit of help from the Angels. You may receive more information while you contemplate the cards this way. Now is a good time to turn any worries or anxieties over to your heavenly helpers. Complete the reading by giving thanks.

Bonus Tip

Instead of consulting the Angel of the day of the week, you can ask your Guardian Angel what they would have you be aware of for the day ahead. You may even wish to make the question for the position more specific to divine service, i.e. ‘How may I best serve God today?’

Looking for a Week Ahead Spread Instead?

If this feels like too much work on a daily basis, you may wish to check out the Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Spread instead!

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  1. Ooh this looks lovely, thank you for sharing. 🙂 I think this would be a great spread for people new to tarot wanting to advance a bit from the daily draw and trying out spreads bigger than 2-3 cards.

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