angelic week ahead tarot spread

The Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Spread

angelic week ahead tarot spread

Do you like to sit down at some point during the weekend and plan the week ahead? But do you also find that once you start planning ahead, it is difficult to stay grounded and connected in the present moment? If that’s you, this Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Spread will help you plan and stay aligned!

In addition to providing a clear overview of the main themes in the week ahead, the Angelic Week Ahead Tarot spread is super easy to read. It also comes with the option of expanding for further information (more on that below). The spread divides your life into five key areas to pay attention to in the coming week. Each of these areas falls under the blessing and protection of a very special Angel.

The Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Spread

angelic week ahead tarot spread
  1. The central theme for the week ahead – A message from your Guardian Angel (Major Arcana)
  2. Problem-solving theme – A message from AA Raphael (Swords)
  3. Life purpose theme – A message from AA Michael (Wands)
  4. Relationship theme – A message from AA Gabriel (Cups)
  5. Health/wealth theme – A message from AA Uriel (Pentacles)

How to Read With The Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Spread

Set the mood and create sacred space. Since you only perform the Angelic Week Ahead Tarot reading once a week, make it a special time to connect with the Angelic Realm. This is also a way to ensure you stay centred and aligned with your Higher Self throughout the week. Our spirits require nurturing. Creating sacred space regularly is a good, nurturing practice.

Start by lighting a candle. Optional extras are smudging/lighting incense and playing some soft music in the background. You may wish to just centre yourself, using your breath, to make the energetic connection. Or you may wish to say a prayer silently or out loud. Do what works best for you and don’t be afraid to experiment. Most importantly, attune yourself to the shift in the energy that happens when you open up to Spirit.

For more ways to connect with your Angels through the Tarot, check out THIS POST!

Then divide your deck into the five suits: Majors, Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Shuffle each part of the deck separately. Alternatively, you can pull cards from the top until you find the first suit representative from each suit. That is the card you will use.

In the Circle

Take time to connect with each of the five Angels as you lay the cards out. If you really wish to connect to the energy of each individual angel, I recommend placing yourself at the centre of an Archangel Circle. Place the GA card in the centre, the AA Raphael card in the East, the AA Michael card in the South, the AA Gabriel card in the West and the AA Uriel card in the North. While placing the cards in their cardinal directions, you may invoke the blessing and guidance of each of the Angels in turn.

I like to place my hands on my heart to connect with my Guardian Angel.

Traditionally, you would lay the cards out clockwise, starting in the East (after laying out the first card). You would gather them back anti-clockwise, beginning in the North.

Oh, and don’t forget to thank the Angels when you gather the cards back up!

Variant for More In-depth Info

If you want a bit more information on each of the five positions, here is how. Reshuffle and pull the following cards from the top of the deck:

  • First, place a crossing card over each theme card in turn. This card represents the main challenge for the theme.
  • Next, place a card to the right of each of the five cards. This card represents the action advice for the theme.

If you decide to pull more cards, I still recommend starting with the first five. Sit with those cards and really get a feel for the themes for the week ahead. See what comes intuitively and make some notes. Only then proceed to pull more cards if you feel the need.

If you decide to only read with the five original cards, you can always pull the challenge and action advice cards later in the week if the need arises. So let’s say that a situation around money crops up. Then make the connection with AA Uriel and ask him to guide you as you pull the challenge and action advice cards.

Keep a Record and Take a Picture

After I give thanks to the Angels and before gathering the cards back in, I like to make some notes and take a picture with my phone. That way, I can carry the picture of the reading with me throughout the week as a reminder.

Pro Tip

More advanced readers may wish to take the quint. This can then be seen as a message from your Higher Self.

I hope you enjoy your time with the Angels! Have a magical week!

love raven liora

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