birth cards tarot spread

Birth Cards Tarot Spread

birth cards tarot spread

Your birth cards are based on your date of birth. The numbers calculated help you find your Soul (inner desire/motivation), Personality (similar to the Zodiac Rising Sign) and Shadow (Jungian term for repressed stuff) cards yet?

Do you wonder what these cards and archetypes have to do with your day-to-day life? Whether you are aware of it or not, these main archetypes continuously create lessons and scenarios for your soul’s growth. In order to find out what is happening with this right now, you may like to try out the little Birth Cards spread I created:

Check your tarot birth cards HERE!

Birth Cards Tarot Spread

Quickly brush up on the original meanings of your Birth cards if you have forgotten and then take a closer look at what is happening right now:

1.+ 2. Main current Theme/Challenge on your Soul path, i.e. shows your inner motivation levels
3.+ 4. Main current Theme/Challenge with regard to your talents and how others perceive you
5.+ 6. Main current Theme/Challenge when it comes to stuff you are projecting on others. Be mindful of the fact that this could also concern a ‘golden shadow,’ i.e. things you admire or are jealous of in others because of fear of owning your own power


birth cards tarot reading

This reading is for a 3 Soul, 21 Personality and 12 Shadow combination:

None of the original birth cards is present. This makes the message of this reading slightly less critical. However, the 3 of Swords resonates with the Soul card and therefore gets more ‘points’ in this reading.

Soul card theme/challenge: There is a sense of taking a new direction with the 7 of Swords and 8 of Cups. Temporary confusion is likely. A feeling of futility and wanting to give up completely may be present.

Personality card theme/challenge: The Moon here resonates with the 9 Numerology of this person’s year card. This tells us that it is both possible and likely that the inner changes indicated by the Soul card theme/challenge actually originate in interactions with other people and feelings of isolation, rejection and abandonment (reading the Moon and the 3 of Swords together).

The 3 of Swords here also resonates with the current constellation of Saturn in Libra.

Shadow card theme/challenge: These two cards (Ace of Wands + The Star) definitely speak of a golden shadow and a fear of owning one’s own power – especially when it comes to yang/masculine qualities, as represented by the rather phallic Ace of Wands. The challenge is to gain a bird’s eye perspective and restore hope about the possibility of a more balanced and integrated state of being (The Star).

Deck used in the sample reading: The Gill Tarot (affiliate link)

CLICK HERE for more information about the birth cards and how to do a (daily) birth card constellation check-in.

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  1. Whoops, never mind. I didn't fully post attention to the instructions. Thanks again, Lisa. Your blogs are awesomely informative and inspiring!

  2. How would I do this spread if my personality and soul cards are the same? Mine are the Lovers. (The shadow card was the easy one – the Devil.) Thanks for the help 🙂

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