Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread

angry couple
Was it the shadow of the eclipse or maybe Mercury retrograde? Whatever the excuse is, you messed up bad. Your temper got the better of you and you hurt the one you love the most. They hurt you right back and now you are reeling with pain. And it doesn’t matter who started it…

Relax and know that it happened for a reason. This shit needed to shift in time for the Shift… so it came out. Collateral damage was unavoidable. Forgive yourself and do the Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread instead of wallowing.

tarot spread image


1. That shit you said or did (if you’re like me you probably maxed out on both words and doing stupid shit) that caused damage to the relationship
2. The underlying reason for your action (indicates what has come up for healing)
3. How this put a wedge between you and your beloved
4. What reaction this triggered in your beloved
5. How he retaliated or withdrew 
6. Grace to be invoked from on High (pull an Angel card for this one)
7. Your best possible conciliatory move
8. Most likely outcome


tarot reading image Sakki Sakki Tarot and Romance Angels Oracle

Click to enlarge – Decks used: Sakki Sakki Tarot and Romance Angels Oracle

1. Death. The preemptive strike card in this position. End things before the other person gets a chance to do so. Say something so repulsive that they have no other option but to cut you out completely. I find it works every time.

2. The Queen of Coins. An indication that the real reason for the preemptive strike was a fear of a need to be nurtured not being met. The Queen of Coins is the Earth Mother. She always has a warm hug to go with the hot meal for those who have been left out in the cold – especially children and animals.

3. The Emperor. The heavy artillery was brought out and there is no going back once that has been done. Power dynamics were engaged in and fragile love was trampled by heavy military boots.

4. The Wheel of Fortune. Perhaps he thought it was all a trick by fate… Some kind of sick joke. Or perhaps he thought the timing was horribly off. Either way, he felt as if it was out of his hands.

5. The Queen of Swords. With her help he finished things swiftly. The bridges were burned. Adieu.

6. Conciliatory grace from on High would be found in Heart-to-Heart conversations. Quite aptly in the Romance Angels card though, she is the one doing the talking and he listens quietly. Pray for grace to open the channels of communication.

7. The Devil. More shadow work ahead before the smoke clears. Most likely without the grace aspect. This is harsh, brutal and probably necessary. Karmic even.

8. 9 of Cups. Joy restored. A completion of a cycle of lessons about the power of emotions. Phew!

Blessed be!