If you don't value your time, nobody else will either...

If you don’t value your time, nobody else will either…

“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.”
― Ayn Rand

There are a thousands of Tarot readers doing free readings online and they offer lots of different reasons for why they choose to read for free… One of the most common reasons I have come across is that they ‘just love helping people.’ However, there is plenty of evidence in support of the fact  that people rarely value what they have received for nothing.

For instance, this is the psychology behind why a man marries the bitch who makes him work for it rather than the loving, empathic woman who serves everything up for him on a silver platter. This also happens to be what Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki healing, learned the hard way. Those whom he had healed for free relapsed almost 100% of the time, whereas those who had engaged in an energy exchange (it didn’t always have to be money), seemed to stay well after. The subconscious mind is a funny thing and plays a bigger role in shaping our future than most people realise.

Many Tarot students who do practice readings for free also truly believe they are helping the Seekers… but until you are good enough to start charging for your readings, it is mainly you, the student, who is being helped – provided you manage to get constructive feedback from your Seeker, of course. It is all too easy to delude oneself without this all-important feedback and we all need a training period before taking the leap to go pro. While there is no set number of readings you should have under your belt, you should have had enough successful/helpful readings under your belt to know that you are ready to ‘graduate.’

Essentially, when you do free practice readings, you are using the people you are reading for as ‘guinea pigs’ to help you perfect your reading style and intuitive understanding of the cards. While useful information may transpire, you will also make many blunders (and that’s OK because that is how we learn!). There is a fair exchange if your ‘guinea pigs’ enjoy the experiments as well as giving feedback.

What is fair changes the day you become confident enough of your skills to say ‘I read the Tarot’ rather than ‘I practice reading the Tarot.’

Some choose to not charge for their services because they have been raised in a tradition of how it is wrong to charge for ‘spiritual services.’ This thought system obviously make it impossible for anybody to be a full-time Tarot reader since they would have no way of paying their bills or feeding their children. What these part-timers seem to gain (apart from the complete freedom from accountability) is a false sense of ‘helping.’ Again, I put it to you that most people aren’t actually helped by free readings… Some chronic freebie card throwers also like the sense of power it gives them and how it makes them feel special/chosen. You might want to ponder how healthy either of the latter two are for someone who is supposedly offering ‘spiritual’ advice.

The main reasons you should absolutely charge for our services as a professional Tarot readers are:

  • You have a calling to read the Tarot full-time and the only way to do this is to go pro
  • Professionals charge for their services
  • Charging for your services makes it possible to pay necessary overheads such as insurance, as well as contribute to society by paying tax
  • Your clients are better helped when there is a fair energy exchange in place
  • Money is energy – nothing more, nothing less. If you suffer from the delusion that money is evil, you are in no position to offer any kind of guidance
  • Nobody will value your time unless YOU do
  • Time that has no value produces readings that lack value to the Seeker
  • You are not the Messiah
  • Nobody will value YOU unless YOU do
  • People who don’t value you won’t value your advice

Inability or refusal to charge for readings at a professional level is usually dependent on one of two underlying conditions:

  • A Messiah complex… or
  • Low self-worth

Until you have conquered any underlying condition, you will only be moderately helpful to your clients. In the case of the Messiah complex, the clients exist mainly to boost your delusions of grandeur. In the case of low self-worth, ‘helping’ someone by doing a free reading serves to validate your very existence – something which needs to be validated from within. You are not free until you have learned this and you are not able to give readings that liberate people from their own limiting beliefs.

Offering a ‘free service’ also make people come to expect free readings and makes it difficult for professionals to make a living. A problem that follows from this is that Seekers who receive a lot of free guidance tend not to act on any of the advice because of the reasons mentioned above and this creates an unhealthy state of ‘guidance overload.’

Either way, free readings (other than for practice/feedback purposes) tend to create more bad than good karma and perpetuate thoughts of lack rather than abundance in both reader and seeker.

An energy exchange needs to be made. It’s up to you if this exchange is money or something else, but please make sure it happens or your ‘help’ will be more of a hindrance to the growth and learning of the other person. 

There are exceptional circumstances where a free reading may indeed by spirit-guided and helpful to the Seeker but that is the exception rather than the rule.

Angel Blessings