Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

full moon in libra tarot

The Full Moon in Libra puts the spotlight on relating, partnerships and relationship harmony. The trick is to find the balance between this energy and the opposing Sun in Aries ‘me, myself and I’ energy. 

9 Things to Do on a Libra Full Moon

  • Forgive yourself and others to restore harmony and free yourself
  • Clear out anything that is ugly or has jarring energy
  • Work with rose quartz for self-love
  • Plant or cut some white roses
  • Get a back rub and pay special attention to the lower back
  • Program a lapis lazuli for clarity about relationship fairness and boundaries
  • Cast spells for artistic endeavours, relationship harmony or a fair outcome in a court of law
  • Drink plenty of water and give your lower back a gentle rub to show your kidneys some love
  • Meditate with the Justice card

The Venusian energy of this Libra lunation is affected by the backward motion of Venus in Pisces. If anything in your life has been unfair, you will be less likely to feel OK with it. Your normal ability to be diplomatic and put up with stuff is likely to go out the window or, if you manage to still keep the mask, you can expect massive tension to start building in your body.

The usual Libran concerns about physical beauty, esthetics and how things appear aren’t likely to be at the fore as much as are the wounds of the divine feminine with Venus Rx conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer.

At the time of this full Moon there is also a grand cross in cardinal signs, thanks to Vesta in Cancer coming into play in a big way. This in turn means that one of the issues/challenges we will also face with this Libra Full Moon is how we nurture ourselves and others. Vesta in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

If you have previously been OK with giving/overgiving without receiving and merely surviving, as well as riding out all the recent harsher lessons, maybe now you’ll go ‘Hang on a minute, unless I make sure I get some TLC I may not be able to last the duration’ – and that would be a totally alright thing to be concerned about right now, especially if you carry more of the feminine energy than the masculine (which is not gender specific, by the way).

One way to go a bit deeper for this Full Moon, if you feel that your feminine energy is out of whack is to look at where in your own natal chart Chiron and Venus Rx are right now, as well as where the Full Moon and Vesta (or other aspects of interest) fall. For instance, in my case my own Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and in opposition to Vesta, and the Venus Rx/Chiron conjunction land smack on top of my own sensitive Moon in Pisces. Just being aware of things like this can help us from going into emotional overwhelm.

The Full Moon is a time of release and the two weeks after the Full Moon is a great time to let go of and clear out the things in your life that have been holding you back, whether it be your own thought or bad habits, or unwanted influence from external sources.

The exact time of the Full Moon is Tue 11 April 07:08 BST if you wish to create an events chart for the bigger picture.

To help us make the most of the opportunity presented by the Libra Full Moon and the cardinal grand cross, I created the Tarot spread you see above. The positional meanings are:

  1. What is unfair in your life right now
  2. What you are ready to release (already in your awareness)
  3. What you will need to release that you are not yet aware of
  4. Your overall wellbeing
  5. How you relate, how harmonious your closest relationships are
  6. How to better nurture yourself
  7. How to better nurture your relationships

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
~ Thomas Merton

If you do find that the scales don’t quite balance and you realise you need to spend more time on self-care, check out these 7 self-care tips for energy workers.

Love and Blessings,